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Random WIP Meme

When you see this, share 3 random lines from 3 WIPs.

I have way too many WIPs, most of them stalled for years. Here are some snippets (not necessarily three lines) from three of them. All are Stargate SG-1.

1. Alternate ending of Continuum.

Having materialized, they looked around, seeing the familiar surroundings of an X-303.

"Yes! Saved!" O'Neill exclaimed, smiling.

"You are indeed safe," a familiar voice said from behind them, in the flanged tones of a symbiote. They quickly turned around.

O’Neill stared at him. “What?”

"Welcome aboard the Egeria - or welcome back I should perhaps say, to at least some of you," Malek said, smiling a little. "It was indeed fortunate we were close by when we intercepted your signal. You would not have lasted long down there."

2. Crackfic. Assuming Hathor spawned one more clutch using Daniel's DNA after she escaped Stargate Command in "Hathor".

Lya smiled apologetically. "I am here to serve Daniel with a lawsuit - we will need a..."

O'Neill and Daniel both interrupted her, before she could say anything further.

"What? A lawsuit?"

"You are here to do what?"

"We, the Nox, has been asked by Mr. Tavek, representing himself and his 497 siblings, to get a DNA sample from Dr. Daniel Jackson of the Tau'ri, to prove paternity."

3. Sort of crackfic. An alien device causes Jack to become a symbiote. In order for Jack to survive, Daniel agrees to be his host. At some point they talk about Freya/Anise. 

"I think maybe they'd have preferred it the other way around, It's your body they wanted, not your brain. I mean, sorry, I didn't mean it that way..."

"That's OK. I'd prefer it the other way around too. Ah, damn. That didn't come out too well either, did it?"

"No. Well, we'll just have to practice this."

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