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It was early next day when they neared the planet of Malkshur. It had originally belonged to Jolinar's family, and she had inherited it when her father was assassinated. Back then it had been the center of a small, but growing empire. Jolinar had quickly expanded her territories, and had swallowed up the domains of most of her neighbors, who had all either perished or surrendered, becoming her vassals.

She had once been among the most powerful of all the System Lords, and would probably also have succeeded in her war against Zipacna, were it not for his ally, Apophis, who joined the battle against Jolinar. That defeat had been the beginning of the end. It had taken a very long time, but eventually she had again only owned Malkshur, her original world. She - as well as her ally Egeria, and the first generations of Tok'ra - had been besieged. It had been a very near thing, but they had finally escaped.

Jolinar had not been back since.

This had happened almost 2000 years ago. The question was whether Sam would be able to recognize anything down there, from the memories she carried from her time as Jolinar's host. Even if she did, much would have changed in those 2000 years. The planet had been occupied by first Zipacna, and then Apophis. Later on he had given it to one of his minions, Tikna, who had ruled over it until the fall of the Goa'uld.

Now it had become one of the strongholds of the Lucian alliance - and it was populated by their henchmen and various other mercenaries and criminals they worked with.

Officially, the planet still belonged to the Goa'uld Tikna - or at least he claimed it did. While slowly growing in strength, he still barely had any forces and was completely unable to take it back from the Lucian alliance. He hoped this would soon change, when he got his hands on a queen. That was, unless the Jaffa screwed up and did not manage to secure the planet for him - or he did not find the queen.

"Our scans have confirmed that the chaapa'ai is well guarded. The Jaffa will not be able to get through it, so they must come by ship, like we do. It looks relatively peaceful down there right now - or as peaceful as a stronghold full of criminals can look. In any case, I feel confident this means the Jaffa have not attempted their attack yet. Though they may well have landed small forces, in order to scout out the area beforehand," Malek informed them.

"Can you transport us down unseen?" O'Neill wanted to know.

"Yes, but you will have to move about carefully. Our survey showed that there are many patrols down there, especially close to the largest city. Of course, we have no way of knowing if that is where the queen is hidden, but it is the location of the palace. We believe there might be some information to find there, so the idea is to put you down close to it."

They had changed to different clothing - a sort of paramilitary leather uniforms, similar to what many of the mercenaries wore.

Teal'c, Vala, and Mitchell would be the 'official' team. They would be sent down in a Teltac first, and contact the Lucian Alliance directly. Malek handed them all coded Tok'ra communicators, which they hid in their clothes, together with zat'nik'tels.

In this universe neither the Tok'ra, nor the Tau'ri, had had any dealings with the Lucian Alliance, except for Vala who were known to them as a reasonably reliable trader and small-time thief. This might prove to be to their advantage when they approached the leaders and offered their services.

Hopefully this approach would distract the Lucian Alliance, and give Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill a chance to get in through a back door, enabling them to search the palace without being disturbed.

It was doubtful they would be allowed to just walk around and look for something without being questioned, so a distraction was needed. Vala's group could hopefully provide this.

While it was morning on the ship, it was late afternoon down there where the palace was located. A suitable time for Teal'c, Vala, and Mitchell to approach the local leaders of the Lucian Alliance. They left in the Teltac as agreed on, and now they just had to hope all worked out.

Sam's group would transport down later, at night-time, just outside the walls of the palace. Once - hopefully - inside the palace, they hoped Sam's memories from Jolinar would prove useful, since the palace had once belonged to her.

Teal'c, Vala, and Mitchell had arrived on the planet, landing just outside the city that surrounded the palace.

They were bringing a number of gifts for the local leaders of the Lucian Alliance, hoping this would make them more receptive to negotiation, and allow Teal'c and the others to stay long enough for Sam's group to have time to search the palace.

Following Vala's advice, they first went into the city and hired some entertainers - musicians and female dancers, that would perform during the evening and hopefully keep their hosts occupied.

"All right, remember, I'm in charge!" Vala said.

"No you're not!" Mitchell told her.

"Of course I am! I'm the one they know, remember?"

"Yes, and you have joined our group and suggested these people here as our trading partners!" Mitchell insisted. "No deviating from the plan!"

"All right, but don't blame me if they don't trust you!" Vala walked ahead towards the palace entrance, and the others hurried after her.

Guards stopped them at the entrance, and they handed over the gifts they had brought, asking to be allowed to meet with the local leaders.

The guards took Teal'c and the others to a waiting room, and told them to stay there while their masters were appraised. After a while they were taken to meet with the local leader - or rather, be interrogated.

"So, Shaft, you and Vala and the Jaffa claim you have a very profitable future deal you want to make with the Lucian Alliance," the local leader, Refan, said.

"Yes, that is correct," Mitchell told him.

"Problem is, the only one of you I have heard of is Vala."

"And I can vouch for my friends here," Vala said, quickly.

"Sure, but you are a small time thief and trader. Why would you suddenly be involved in something important enough for the Lucian Alliance?"

"Would we have brought you such expensive gifts if we did not expect the prize to be worth it?" Teal'c asked.

"Very true," Refan admitted. "Those are worthy offerings. Perhaps, if you could give me some hint of what you are expecting to get out of this?"

"My colleagues and I are interested in trading a rare spice extracted from the kama-root," Vala said.

Refan shrugged dismissively. "We are already trading in kama-root. It is used for making a light aphrodisiac, as you know, and is very popular. That, coupled with the fact that it is, as you say, quite rare, means the price of it is high."

"We have access to a large source - a planet where it grows in abundance, and in good quality," Vala said.

"We'd offer you a sizeable cut of the profit. Sixty percent. I believe that is more than what you get now," Mitchell told him.

"It is, but why do you need us?" Refan wondered, suspiciously.

"We do not have a network suitable for selling it and so we need the Lucian Alliance for that," Vala explained.

Teal'c looked to Mitchell and Vala, then to Refan. "There is another matter. Personal."

"Ah, now we come to the real reason!" Refan smiled. "What is it?"

"My sister was kidnapped by a Jaffa named To'kal. I have strong reason to believe he is hiding on this world, and if you would let us search for him so I can take my revenge and free my sister, we would be forever grateful," Teal'c told him.

"How grateful?" Refan asked.

"Sixty-five percent?" Mitchell suggested.

Refan hesitated for a while, then nodded. "Very well. Dine with me tonight, then we can together enjoy the entertainment you have brought, and tomorrow we will discuss your business deal - and the personal matter."

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