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Chapter 3 of "The Return to Setona". Chapter 1 is here and chapter 2 is here and chapter 4 is here.

Note: This chapter is NC-17 for one sex scene.

Next day. After a quick breakfast they prepared to go to Zefina and put on their disguises.

Sam stood in the bathroom, looking at herself. She had just put on her lo'tar costume. The red bra-top and skirt fit her very nicely. It certainly did not conceal much! She blushed a little, wearing it. The slit went almost the whole way up one of the sides - to the upper part of her thigh. She did not really like the golden shoes, finding them a bit too flashy, but she had to admit they actually matched the rest of the dress well. Then there was this short cape. Finding it a bit ridiculous, she considered not putting it on, but eventually did so. She had better wear the clothes since Martouf said they were correct lo'tar dress style.

She swirled around a little, watching the cape. The colour was the same as the bra and skirt, but it was of a much thinner material. It was actually partly see-through. She studied the decorations on it. They were quite pretty - made with gold thread along the sides and bottom. The design was intricate - long snake-like dragons among some sort of flowers. It looked faintly oriental, yet not quite.

She picked up the gold armlets and wrapped one around each upper arm. They were beautiful, each shaped like a snake with eyes made of a sparkling, green stone. It appeared to be emeralds. Very pretty, actually. Sam sighed, then picked up the last piece of jewelry. It was the black choker. The material felt like velvet and it had a relatively large pearl pendant attached to it. She put it on and looked in the mirror. Great. She looked like...well, the clothing looked good on her, but she felt like she was dressed as a harem-girl or something. Why did lo'tar's have to wear such clothing? She sighed again and went into the room where the others were waiting, prepared for any comments they might make.

"OK, I'm ready to go." She blushed against her will and felt angry with herself for it.

"Wow, Sam." Daniel said.

"Yeah, very nice!" O'Neill grinned openly.

"Shut up! I look like a...like a...I don't know." She rolled her eyes at them.

"There is nothing wrong with your clothing. It is of good and durable quality, and very suitable for a lo'tar. Samantha...you look beautiful." Martouf said, earnestly.

*That's an understatement! I feel like ravishing her on the spot!*

*Lantash! Behave yourself!* Martouf admonished. 

*You were thinking the same. Do not try to deny it - remember, I can read your thoughts!*

Martouf mentally gave Lantash a long-suffering look.

"Thanks...I think." Sam smiled a little. He did not look bad himself, she had to admit. Not that she was going to tell him, but he looked very handsome in that dark outfit and the cape. It did not look silly on him at all, to her surprise. The white silk shirt was a nice touch. The short jacket he had left open, and he had not buttoned the top buttons of his shirt either. This gave her a nice view of the top of his chest. Very nice indeed. Maybe this would not be so bad after all.

They left the guesthouse and walked towards the palace. As they came closer, Martouf took a hand device from a pocket and started putting it on.

"Did you buy that yesterday as well?" Sam wondered. 

"No. A human merchant would never be permitted to sell any kind of Goa'uld weaponry or technology."

"That is correct. The false gods fear anyone should learn a way to use them. Even that which can only be used by themselves, they forbid access to." Teal'c said.

"Necessary, I guess, if they are to keep up the illusion that it's magic and not technology." Sam looked towards the palace a short distance away. There were very few people around, except for Jaffa guards. "We're almost there."

"Yes. From now on Lantash will be in control. We cannot risk switching control. Someone might notice and get suspicious." He dipped his head and when he looked up again Lantash was in control.

"I must pretend to be a Goa'uld, so I...apologize for some of the things I may have to say or do when others are present. Remember, you are my servants. Do not under any circumstances speak up against me or disobey any order from me. A Goa'uld would not tolerate such behaviour and I would have no choice but to punish you to avoid raising suspicion."

"Yeah, yeah, we know. Don't get used to it, though..." O'Neill grumbled.

Lantash merely raised an eyebrow, in a perfect imitation of Teal'c, making Sam and Daniel giggle.

Sobering, they got into their roles and walked up to the large entrance to the palace. Lantash told the Jaffa guards that he, Lord Alim, demanded to be taken to Lord Zefina as he had something valuable to offer.

As they were taken to a waiting room, Lantash heard Daniel snicker then quickly suppressing it. He sighed. Apparently he found Lantash's choice of name amusing.

*Maybe because it means 'wise and learned'?* Martouf suggested.

Lantash choose to ignore his host and sat down to wait for the Jaffa to return. They had gone to inform Zefina that she had a guest.

Just under an hour later they were brought before the planet's ruler.

"Ah...Lord Alim. I can spare a moment for you now..." Zefina arrogantly leaned back in her large throne chair and looked down at him.

"How dare you let me wait! Here I come - to offer you a chance at glory! And you let me wait, like I was one of your servants!" Lantash said angrily.

"Ah, yes, you mentioned some business. Tell me, does it perhaps include the shol'va you have brought here before me?"

Lantash took a deep breath and pretended to calm himself with difficulty. "It does indeed. I thought you might be interested in delivering him to Queen Nephthys. If you so wish, you can perhaps entice him to give you some information first. He may have...various useful knowledge...of course, you can also just torture him for the entertainment value." He grinned.

"Perhaps." Zefina agreed. "Why do you not keep him yourself, then, if he has so much valuable information, hmm? Or perhaps you could sell him to one of the System Lords directly. There is a good prize on his head, as you no doubt know. Why bring him to me?"

"Money isn't everything...and as you have many connections and are so much more trusted than I am...for now, at least..." he spread his hands.

"I see. What is your price?"

"Introduce me to Queen Nephthys. Let her know of the advantages she would gain from giving me a...reasonable position."

"You want favour, power, influence...I can understand. How horrible it must be not to have your own domain to use your talents on...yes..." She made a decision. "I shall introduce you to Queen Nephthys."

"Good. Now, I also happen to have some information, which I got from interrogating the shol'va myself. Would it perhaps be of any interest to you?"

"It might...why don't you and I withdraw to more private settings and discuss it? Then I can have some refreshments served for you as well, to commemorate this auspicious meeting."

Lantash nodded. "That would be agreeable."

"Good." Zefina turned to the nearest of her Jaffa. "Take the shol'va Teal'c to a holding cell."

"Not so fast. He is not yours yet."

"I merely wish to ascertain he does not escape. Surely you can see the logic in that?" Zefina looked at him as if she doubted it.

"Very well...but my servants will have to be appraised of his location and have access to him whenever they so wish."

"Of course." Zefina waved a dismissal in the general direction of her Jaffa, Teal'c, and Lantash's servants. "See to it." She rose and began to leave without waiting to see if her orders were followed. She knew they would be. As she reached the door she glanced back. "Lord Alim?"

Lantash hurried after her, signalling Sam to follow. "Yes, my Lord Zefina."

When they reached her, Zefina frowned slightly. "This meeting is not for human slaves - of any kind."

"Surely you will not deny me the services of my lo'tar?"

"Oh...is that what she is? Well, in that case...do bring her, if you cannot be without her services." Zefina turned and continued along a corridor towards her private chambers.

Lantash glared at the smirking Jaffa, who quickly paled and looked away after noticing the perceived god's hand device. It had started to glow a little.

*Now, now, Lantash - you're scaring him!*

*He deserves it! He grinned at the thought of Samantha being our sex slave - as Zefina dared hinting! I will get her for that, by the way. She's having far too much fun at our - and Samantha's - expense.*

*Calm down. Yes, you're right, of course, but the Jaffa does not know any better, Lantash. They believe Goa'uld perform all kinds of unspeakable acts.*

*Rightly so, I'm afraid. Now, let's see what Zefina can tell us.*

The door had closed behind them, and they all relaxed a little. Zefina had sent away everyone else, so there would be no prying ears.

"Lantash, Martouf, welcome." Zefina smiled at them.

"Thank you, Zefina - and Temma. This is Major Samantha Carter of the Tau'ri." He indicated Sam. 

"Pleased to meet you. You're the first Tau'ri I've met. I'm very pleased about the alliance between our peoples. The Tok'ra need friends." Zefina smiled at her. "Please don't mind my comments from before - they were only for the benefit of the Jaffa. I have to play a role, you know."

"I understand." Sam smiled back. She instantly liked Zefina. "Wow...you've been undercover here for more than 25 years, haven't you?"

"Yes. Almost 27 years. I must admit that both Temma and I are looking forward to this mission ending. My poor Temma - she almost never has an opportunity to be in control. It is simply too great a risk that someone should notice." She turned to Lantash. "I am sorry, but I'm afraid I have bad news. Your son has been picked as host for Nephthys's new favourite child. The implantation and coming-of-age ceremony will be held tomorrow night. I am expected to be there - in fact I will be leaving for it quite early tomorrow morning."

Lantash's shoulders sagged. "So it is going to happen - as we feared. You will not be safe afterwards, Zefina - nor will several other Tok'ra." He quickly looked down, attempting to hide the tears that threatened to fall.

Sam felt a stab of sorrow for him and felt an impulse yo hug him. Instead she patted him reassuringly on the shoulder.

"Perhaps..." She began, unsure of what to say.

"Hopefully a way will be found to avoid the worst. We might somehow manage to free Talan before he becomes a host, or we will take him afterwards and remove the symbiote. Do not despair yet." Zefina said.


"Yes. 'Lord Alim' wanted to meet Nephthys and present her with the infamous shol'va, right? What better opportunity for that than at such festive times! Nephthys will be most pleased!"

"We cannot hand over Teal'c to her - surely that is not what you mean!" Lantash sounded horrified.

"No, of course not. You, me, and the three Tau'ri will be there as well. Teal'c will stay on my ship until evening. With the help of Sira - a loyal Tok'ra pretending to be an underling of Nephthys's, stationed at her court - we will be in and out with both Teal'c and Talan before the ceremony has even started. At least that is the plan."

"A bit desperate, isn't it?" Sam said. "Frankly, it sounds dangerous and I'm a bit surprised that a Tok'ra would suggest it. Usually we're the ones with the mad, fool-hardy plans. What if we can't get to Talan in time? And what about you? There would be no way to hide your involvement in this."

Zefina grinned a little, then became serious again. "True, I suppose, but the ceremony is tomorrow. We have little time for anything but desperation."

"And your position?"

"Will be compromised, as you said, but that would be the result in any case. At least, this way no one will die and it will only lead to one agent having to be withdrawn from their mission." She smiled a little ironically. "And we will be able to return to the tunnels and not have to play a Goa'uld - for a while, at least. That will be most appreciated...even if there are some things we might miss..." She said with a twinkle in her eyes.

"We will try your plan, then." Lantash said, looking at Sam, who nodded her agreement.

"Good. That is how it shall be then. Wait here while I arrange some things and make a few calls. I will have a dinner prepared for you tonight, and you will get accommodations here, of course. We will have to leave early tomorrow, as I said."

"Thank you, Zefina. Please make sure Daniel, O'Neill, and Teal'c have food as well."

"I will have a room set aside for your 'servants' and I assure you they will be well fed. I am afraid that the best I can do for Teal'c is to make sure he gets food and that my people will treat him well - so he is in good shape when Nephthys gets him, of course."

"We appreciate it. Thank you." Sam said.

Zefina left and Sam slowly walked over to Lantash who stood at the window, looking thoughtful.

"Who do you think Zefina would contact?" Sam wondered.

"Nephthys would have to be informed that someone will be accompanying Zefina. Sira should, if possible, be informed of the plan so she will be able to make any necessary preparations."

"Of course." Sam was quiet for a little while, then thought of something. "It must be hard to be undercover for more than 25 years! Have you ever done that?"

"Not for such a long time - never more than a few months - half a year at most. I...do not like pretending to be a Goa'uld. Nobody does, of course, but some are more experienced at doing such missions than others. Since the missions should be done by those who does them best, I prefer attending to other duties for the Tok'ra." He smiled wryly. "Since I was the last born in Egeria's last clutch, I am every ones junior...so I guess everyone has more experience than I do."

"Is that why you seem to be doing all kinds of jobs? I've seen you as a guard, a diplomat, on missions with us. Even...um...sort of...an errand boy for the council, I guess. Sorry, I didn't mean it the way it sounded. I actually don't know what jobs most of the Tok'ra do."

Lantash sighed. "It is all right. I do tend to get some jobs others may not want. I help out in many different areas, whenever someone is needed. The reason why Martouf and I are often sent to the Tau'ri is, I believe, twofold. First; except for Jacob, most are...less than enthused with the prospect of visiting the Tau'ri. They often feel they are not treated with respect. Second; none of you seem to feel...quite as uncomfortable around me...or Martouf at any rate...as they do around many of the others. Though as far as me being a diplomat? Well, Martouf is still laughing at the thought of me attempting to play that role." Lantash grumbled.

"Sorry, it's just that you and O'Neill get along pretty badly." Sam wrinkled her brow. "Jolinar went on long missions, pretending to be a Goa'uld - did she not?"

"Yes, she did. Sometimes for centuries. However, she did not take any of the very long missions while we were mates."

Sam nodded. "That's understandable. Centuries! Wow! That must be hard! Hmm...I wonder what Zefina meant about 'some things we might miss'."

Lantash grinned a little and pointed out the window, down into the garden outside. "I'm pretty sure she meant her 'pets' - and don't worry, she meant it jokingly...mostly..." He winked at Sam. "You see, she is very fond of young men."

Sam looked to where he pointed. Three young men, seeming to be in their late teens, were working out on some training equipment in a corner of the garden. Sam frowned. 

"She is a Tok'ra! She shouldn't behave like that! Taking advantage of those young men - kids, almost. Keeping them here as...as sex-slaves. I'm sure they must be constantly terrified by the thought that they should not please her. What kind of life is that? How can she do that?" Sam sounded enraged.

Lantash sighed. "Samantha. Please understand that to be able to believably pretend to be a System Lord, there are certain things you simply have to do - especially during such a long undercover mission as this. Otherwise there would be suspicions. Besides, Zefina is not maltreating them. Look at them. They are smiling and happy - joking among each other. They are well fed and they have a warm place to stay. Is it really so terrible for them, that they must mate with Zefina from time to time? I find her very attractive. I am certain they do as well. You must also remember that life on most Goa'uld worlds are hard and short. Their lives could easily be much much worse. Do you really think they would rather work in the naquadah-mines, than be here?"

"No, of course not. I do realise you are correct. It's just...difficult to have to look at something which would be considered a crime on Earth...some parts of Earth at any rate."

"I can understand, but you must also consider something else...this is not the Tau'ri...Earth, and on many planets people may see things differently than what they do where you come from. That is something we, as Tok'ra, always must remember, as we travel around the galaxy and attempt to blend in. Most people here, for instance, would consider themselves lucky and feel that a life as Zefina's 'sex-slave' is a good life. In a few years they will be allowed to return home. They and their family will be paid a handsome stipend for life. Together with the...experience they have acquired, they make for quite an attractive package. I assure you, they will have no problems finding a mate. Of course, were Zefina not treating them well that would be different, but she is. I do know that on many worlds it would be quite a different and much more unpleasant matter, belonging to a System Lord and having to please him or her."

Sam nodded again, accepting the truth of what he told her.

Before they had time to discuss this further, Zefina came back and told them everything had been arranged. During the rest of the day Zefina played host to various entertainments, ending with a lavish dinner which dragged on for several hours. From her place behind Lantash's seat, Sam was able to look at all that was happening. Since Lantash was Zefina's only Goa'uld guest, he sat at her table. They had been served three appetizers, several main dishes, and two desserts. Not wanting to spend the night being sick, Lantash had wisely eaten sparingly of it all, except for one of the desserts which he obviously liked a lot. During and after dinner there had been entertainment; dancers, musicians, acrobats, even. Sam felt like she was on a visit to the Renaissance, during a banquet at the royal castle. It was quite interesting to see an example of a System Lord's 'daily life', she thought.

When the last course had been served, Zefina sent for her three 'pets'. They soon arrived, dressed in very little. Sam looked at them. She had to admit they looked good, even though she found them a little too young.  It was strange to see someone who was actually a sex-slave, whatever else you might call it. They did not seem troubled, though, but smiled and looked happily at Zefina. To Sam's surprise they actually seemed to be pretty infatuated with her, and she looked at them with affection in return. It was all very puzzling.

Zefina soon rose and winked at Lantash, before she floated out of the room, followed by her young men. Lantash snickered a little, then sobered and looked towards Sam.

"I have eaten my fill. I shall retire for the night."

Sam quickly went to him. She pulled back his chair as he rose, then followed him out of the room and through the corridors. She took care to walk slightly behind him, as a servant should.

"I must admit it was an interesting, if strange, experience." Sam said, as they were walking through the corridors towards the room Lantash had been assigned. No one else was in sight, so she felt she could risk talking, if she kept her voice low.

"I am sorry neither you nor any of the others from your team could sit at the table."

"It's all right. I realize that would have looked strange...the Goa'uld don't dine with their servants. Besides, standing there at the ready for your orders meant I got to experience everything that happened during a Goa'uld dinner - with entertainments, so I'm not complaining. And I got plenty of delicious food in the kitchen before the dinner, as well as some whenever I was sent out to fetch something. Zefina's servants were very polite towards me."

"Of course. You are the lo'tar of a Goa'uld who their Lord is treating as an honoured guest. The position of lo'tar is the highest a human being can reach, and the Goa'uld who own them would not look mildly on anyone else not treating them as their position merits. It would be an insult to the Goa'uld as well."

Sam nodded. Now she understood the slight fear that had been in the eyes of one of the kitchen slaves when she - jokingly - had asked if they were trying to kill her, when they had offered her a third portion of a very creamy and rich dessert.

She opened the door to the room Zefina had had prepared for Lantash, and let him enter first. She gave him a mock bow. "My Lord..."

He rolled his eyes at her, happy Zefina had told her servant they would not need to accompany him. His lo'tar would see to anything he might need.

The room was spacious and richly decorated. It was furnished in a slightly oriental style, and all was very luxurious. There was a small divan near the door. Further in there was a very large bed, with many pillows and blankets. There was a table with a few chairs, a coach-like piece of furniture, and a desk with a chair. All was inlaid with decorations. Apart from a closet and a drawer, there were no other furniture. There was a door near the divan. Sam opened it to find a large bathroom, everything within it made of marble and gold. She closed the door again and returned to the larger room.

Sam looked around and whistled. "Nice place! I assume this is yours? Where would I sleep? In a room close by, I guess, if my 'Lord' should need me to fetch anything during the night."

"Well...no. Normally, the lo'tar would sleep in a small, adjourning room, where he or she can immediately be called from, if needed. That is, unless their lord - for some reason - wishes for more privacy and sends them away. That is rare - normally a Goa'uld would not care that his lo'tar heard him entertain himself with slave girls, for instance. However, during visits to other Goa'uld the lo'tar would generally sleep in the same room as their master. This is not only to have a trusted servant nearby, but also for security reasons. I know we have nothing to fear from Zefina, of course, but we will have to keep up appearances..."

"So I sleep in here. OK, no problem." She looked around and noticed the small divan near the door. She pointed at it. "I assume that is meant for a lo'tar or other servant."

Lantash nodded an affirmative.

"It will do just fine." Sam suddenly thought of something. "Lantash...has Jolinar ever been to Zefina's palace? I seemed to recognize some of the places."

"Yes, she has. A couple of times, actually. The first time was when she was sent to Setona as an operative, to judge the reactions of the population. As Zefina is the local overlord, she reported to her first, of course. We took that opportunity to talk to Zefina about Jolinar and Rosha hiding here while being with child - and about hiding the child here afterwards."

"You went with Jolinar? How did you explain that two Goa'uld were travelling alone together, with no servants?"

"We did not. Jolinar pretended to be a minor Goa'uld - I went as...um...as her lo'tar." Lantash blushed a little.

"As her lo'tar! OK...that I would never have guessed. I didn't think any Goa'uld would have another Goa'uld as a lo'tar."

"They would not. Martouf and I pretended to be human. That is one of the advantages we Tok'ra get from not entering through the neck - there is no visible entry scar. Tok'ra can pretend to be human or Goa'uld as they like. It is often useful on missions. As long as there are no Goa'uld to detect us, of course, and here there were none."

Sam nodded. "So, what did Zefina say?"

"She was...apprehensive at first, but she has a rather anti-authoritarian spirit, while also being something of a romantic, so she ended up agreeing to help hide both Jolinar and Rosha, and later protect our children."

"Lucky...she is a nice person."

"Yes. She is. We have been friends for a long time."

Sam had noticed some bags of clothing standing on the bed. "Do you think these contain the nightwear Zefina said she would lend us?"

Lantash looked into one of them. "Yes. They do. I think I will bathe and get ready for the night." He looked at her with a sudden naughty glint in his eyes. "Prepare the bath and be ready to assist me, lo'tar."

Sam looked at him, momentarily in shock. "Eh?"

"Well, we did say no to the slaves Zefina suggested tend to my personal needs, and that means the duty falls to my lo'tar..." He managed to keep the serious expression for a moment longer, then he started laughing. "I apologize, Samantha, but your expression was priceless. Do not worry, I was not being serious. I can bathe very well on my own." Still grinning, he left for the bathroom, picking up the sleepwear Zefina had had sent there, on the way.

Sam rolled her eyes at him "Very funny!"

While Lantash and Martouf bathed, Sam examined the room more thoroughly. It really was luxuriously decorated. After satisfying her curiosity, she went to try and sit on the large bed. It was very comfortable. She slid up on it and decided to lie down just for a moment...

Lantash wasted no time and took a quick bath. When he came back out he was wearing something that worked as much as relaxing lounge wear as sleep wear. They had not brought anything to sleep in, so Zefina had supplied them with something which she found fitting. What Lantash wore just now was made out of high-quality black silk. It was very chest-revealing, as it was open at least half-way down to his navel. Martouf was not too happy about it, but Lantash reminded him that they had worn far worse - supplied by Zefina as well, by the way.

Sam had dosed off on the bed, but quickly jumped up when she heard the door opening. Seeing what Lantash was wearing, she just gaped at him, forgetting what she had been about to say. She admired him for a moment before realising what she was doing. Immediately pulling herself together she got entirely off the bed and ran to the bathroom, past Lantash who smirked at her. Flushing slightly from embarrassment, she snatched the bag with nightwear and hurriedly closed the door after her.

After bathing, Sam dried herself off and looked in the bag. She did not know what a lo'tar wore to bed, but she was feeling faintly worried, especially since it was Zefina who had picked it for her. Taking it out and looking at it, she saw that it resembled her day wear in many ways, just made of a flimsier material. Even the colour was very close to being the same. There was a small, short top, covering not much more than her breasts and fastened with thin strips. Her whole midriff and most of her back was bare. Sam sighed and put it on, knowing that Goa'uld were not exactly known for their conservative outfits, so she should not have been surprised by this. She then picked up the skirt and put it on. It was made of some thin, soft material which fell nicely along her body. It was a little shorter than what she had worn today, and it had a slit in both sides instead of just one. This outfit had sandals instead of slippers. She put them on and looked at herself in the mirror.

She had to admit the clothing fit her well, enhancing her figure in a very flattering way. Zefina had picked the dress well, even if Sam wished she had just given her a normal nightgown or perhaps a pajamas. She combed her hair quickly, then put on the thin, translucent robe which completed the outfit. It was embroidered with a simple golden pattern. She then left the bathroom.

She did not see him at first, but then she noticed him standing near the window. Lantash had turned off most of the lights in the room, and what little was still on were at the opposite end. This meant he was only visible because of the full moon. This planet apparently had at least one, and it was reflecting as much light as a full moon on Earth, if not more.

"Lantash?" Sam said, as she walked towards him. It took a little while before he turned to look at her, quickly wiping his eyes. Had he been crying? His facial expression was unreadable - it was as if he was hiding his feelings behind a mask. "I'm sorry - you wish to be alone." She had started to turn before he spoke.

"Samantha...no...I...we would like you to keep us company."

"Of course...listen...I'm sure everything will turn out for the best. We'll get your son before he's made a host..."

"Martouf and I very much hope you are correct, but we fear this mission will end in failure."

"Even if - and I say if - Nephthys's son takes Talan as host, then surely you can remove the symbiote? We just need to get him back to the Tok'ra."

Lantash was quiet for a while. "No..." He finally said. "The council deems it too risky. Yes, of course they can remove the symbiote, but if Nephthys's son learns anything about our operatives...finds out what Talan is - and he will - then nothing is stopping him from reporting it to Nephthys or others. The implantation itself will happen in a private room, heavily guarded. Nephthys will be there. There is no way for us to free Talan from that room, and afterwards it would be too late. No, if we cannot rescue him before, then..." Lantash's voice faltered, "...then...it is my assigned duty to assure that the threat is...is eliminated. Permanently. Regardless of the cost."

"What! No - they cannot expect you to do that. Not to my...I mean your son...they cannot want you to kill him! And how would you get away?"

"He is my responsibility...and we cannot risk..." He closed his eyes for a moment. "As for getting away...they do not expect me to. As long as I succeed..."

"So, you're just going to 'eliminate' him! And that...that doesn't bother you? I mean..." Sam said with an unsteady voice, close to crying. She hated herself for reacting so strongly to what might happen to Talan. She knew the memories of him were Jolinar's, but she felt them just as intensely as if they were her own. How could Lantash be so cold about it?

Suddenly Lantash turned back towards her, eyes glowing and tears glistening on his cheeks. "Doesn't it bother me? Of course it 'bothers' me! Don't you think I would do anything to save him? Give my own life to save his...if there was any way I could..."

"Sorry, I...sorry. Of course..." Sam looked down for a moment, then up at him again. He looked so terribly sad and it pained her to see his anguish, even more than she would have expected. She wanted to say something, but suddenly it felt as if her throat constricted. Instead, she just put her arms around him and held him close.

For a little while they just stood there, then Lantash put his arms around her as well and embraced her tightly. They continued standing in silence like that for several minutes, comforting each other. Finally, Lantash loosened the embrace a little and stepped back enough that he could look at her.

"Thank you. It has helped us...we are feeling somewhat better now."

"I am glad...Lantash...I apologize for what I said earlier. I was not myself. I have been having memory flashes regularly during these two days...more than I have had in all the time since Jolinar."

"I am sorry about that. I should not have asked you to accompany me." He smiled, a little sadly. Then he lifted a hand to her cheek and caressed for a moment.

Sam shook her head slightly. "It is only right that I am here." She smiled back, suddenly feeling very strongly for him and Martouf. Reacting to the emotion without thinking, she leaned in closer and gently touched her lips to his.

Surprised, he just stood there for a few moments before returning the kiss. Gently at first, but soon with more force. His arms had been holding her in a loose embrace, but now they drew her into a close hug. They continued kissing, and his hands began to roam across her back, touching and caressing her everywhere.

Sam just closed her eyes and gave in to the sensations and her feelings. It was not until they took a much needed break for air from their increasingly passionate kisses, that Sam's brain cleared enough for her to realise she was actually kissing Lantash and Martouf. And from the look in Lantash's eyes they would soon be doing much more than just kissing.

Before Sam had time to think about whether she really thought this was a good idea, and not something she would regret later, Lantash pulled her in for another drugging kiss and Sam again forgot everything else. Nothing that felt this good could be a mistake.

Lantash ran his tongue along her lips and she opened her mouth again. He quickly deepened the kiss. Sam moaned and dipped her tongue inside his mouth as well. After a little while, Lantash begun kissing and licking a trail from Sam's mouth down towards her throat - then further down and back to her neck.

Sam moaned again, louder this time, and slid her hands under his shirt. She enjoyed the feeling of his skin under her hands - and now she felt Lantash's hands directly on her skin as well. His hands had moved up to where her robe was fastened and soon it fell at her feet.

"My sweet Samantha..." Lantash murmured against her skin, as he alternately kissed and nibbled his way from her neck to her breasts, pulling at the top to get better access.

*Lantash, maybe...maybe it is time to move to the bed...* Martouf managed to suggest.

*I was thinking the same, dear friend.* He lifted up Sam and carried her quickly over to the bed, putting her down on her feet just beside it. He stood back a little, holding her hands while admiring her outfit and Samantha in it.

"You look beautiful, my Samantha," he gave her a kiss. "I think maybe we should persuade Zefina to give us that night dress - it looks very attractive on you."

"Thank you...I like your clothes too."

She smiled and ran a hand down from his throat to where the shirt stopped. Seeing his reaction she smiled wider and began opening his shirt. There were only a few buttons and his shirt was soon hanging open, giving her full access to both his chest and his stomach. She caressed him and leaned in to kiss him again, first on the mouth, then on his throat. She continued on downwards and kissed his chest.

Lantash quickly kicked off his sandals and picked Sam up in his arms again, smiling seductively at her. He gave her a long kiss before he put her down on the bed.  He immediately joined her on it, and pulled Sam close.

"I think you are a bit over-dressed, Lantash-sweetie..." Sam cooed as she pulled his shirt completely off him and admired the parts of him that was now naked. He did not do anything, except observe her. When she had peeled off his shirt she began touching his naked skin, exploring every part now accessible to her. After a little while she pushed him down on his back and lay down over him, kissing him deeply.

A low moan escaped him, and he closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations. Sam now began kissing and licking his chest, while using her hands to caress him as well. She then zoomed in on his left nipple and flicked it gently with her tongue. Lantash gasped. Feeling encouraged, Sam began nibbling on it. When she was satisfied with its hardness, she gave the other one the same treatment. She then began trailing kisses down to his navel and further on until she reached his pants. Looking up, she smiled wickedly at him, before she loosened his pants and pulled them down and off.

"Now you are the one that is over-dressed..." Lantash smirked. "We need to do something about that!"

Before Sam had time to react, he had grabbed her and turned them over so he was now on top of her. Deftly, he untied the straps holding her top up, then proceeded to undo the fastenings of her skirt. They could now easily be moved out of the way by his eager fingers.

She had lost her sandals before, when Lantash carried her to the bed, so she was now only wearing panties. Sam blushed a little, lying there almost naked, while Lantash looked at her with lust and admiration in his eyes. It was very obvious he liked what he saw.

"So beautiful..." he murmured, reaching up a hand to fondle her breasts. He massaged them gently, then laid down on her and kissed her, slowly but deeply, entwining his tongue with hers. Sam wrapped her arms around him and pulled him even closer, caressing his back.

Lantash freed himself a little and his mouth now repeated what his fingers had done before. He kissed and sucked her breasts, making her nipples hard and very sensitive. His fingers moved further downwards, until he touched her through her panties. She was already so wet he could feel it easily through the fabric. He began caressing her, stroking slowly.

Sam moaned again, loader this time, and she arched her body up towards his fingers.

Lantash grinned and decided it was time to remove the last barrier between them. He pulled off her panties and Sam was finally naked. Taking advantage of the better access, Lantash again started touching and caressing her, now and then sliding a finger inside her. He again laid down on top of her, kissing her deeply, while his fingers continued pleasuring her.

Sam whimpered a little and threw her arms around him. She felt his hard shaft pressing into her stomach. Still a little breathless from the kiss, she spoke unsteadily. "Lantash...please...I need you...I want to feel you inside me..."

*Great idea - what are you waiting for? We are in need as well.* Martouf complained. Their manhood was so hard it was almost painful, and he could think of nothing but the release from being inside Sam.

Lantash agreed whole-heartedly, but before he had time to do anything Sam surprised him by taking charge and rolling him over onto his back.

Panting slightly, she kissed him and touched him all over, before straddling him. He gasped as she slowly lowered herself onto him. Sam closed her eyes and focused entirely on the feel of him inside her. She really needed this - she could not remember when she had last felt this horny, if ever. If she had had any doubt left over as to whether this was a good idea or not, it was completely drowned out by her desire for him.

She was very wet, but it had been a very long time since she had last been with anyone. He was also quite big so she moved slowly at first. Having taken almost all of him, she wiggled a little. Finally she slid the last of the way down, settling herself on him. At first, she just rocked slowly against him, but soon she began to glide up and down, still at a leisurely pace.

Lantash looked dazedly at her, mesmerized by the sight of his Samantha. Naked and riding him. She had closed her eyes and had an expression of bliss on her face. Feeling his control beginning to slip, Lantash desperately tried to restrain himself. He wanted this to last as long as possible, but at the same time all he wanted was for her to move faster, harder...

Sam leaned down to kiss him, rubbing herself against him at the same time. Lifting herself up a little, she began playing with one of his nipples with one hand. The other hand she slid around to his neck and began to caress him there. Suddenly she felt a slight movement under her fingers. Probing, she realised she was feeling Lantash and a memory appeared from Jolinar. She immediately knew just how to touch Lantash to best pleasure him directly. Acting on the memories, she began caressing and massaging him with her hand, while she continued riding him.

"Samantha...no!" Lantash said hoarsely. "...do not...please...I'm barely controlling my...self as it is."

"Who says I want you to control yourself?" Sam cooed at him, smiling naughtily. She continued stroking him as well as slowly sliding up and down over his shaft.

With a groan Lantash grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down, hard, at the same time he thrust upwards. Sam gave a small yelp, but clearly appreciated his reaction. Grinding against him she moaned softly. Unable to control himself anymore, Lantash started to thrust upwards, then after a few moments rolled them over so he was now on top. He immediately began ramming into her, hard and fast.

Sam met his thrusts, while her hands kept touching and pleasuring him. One hand rowing all over his chest, the other on his neck, continuing to stroke Lantash. She had again closed her eyes and made small sounds. She was so very close to coming.

Lantash was trying desperately to hold back for just a few moments longer, but Sam kept touching him; she kept moaning and writhing under him. His eyes flared briefly as he gave in and lost control. Slamming hard into her it only took a few more thrusts before he came, burrowing his shaft in her as deeply as it would go as he spilled his seed. He pressed his eyes shut and moaned deeply.

Sam came, only moments later, clinging to him and rubbing herself against him. Afterwards, they lay on the bed, exhausted and with arms and legs entangled. Sam felt happy and more satisfied than she could ever remember having felt before. She just wanted to snuggle close to Martouf and Lantash and stay there for the foreseeable future.

Lantash kissed Sam before he gently moved off her, afraid she was being squeezed uncomfortably. Rolling over on his side, he pulled her to him, then drew a blanket over them. It did not take long before they fell into a light slumber.

Martouf awoke maybe an hour or so later. He lay there for a moment, thinking about what had happened. Lantash and Sam were both fast asleep. He looked at Sam and smiled happily. He hoped very much she would not regret this in the morning.

The only light in the room was from the moon and the small lamp over in the corner near the door. It was enough, though, for him to be able to admire Sam's naked body. She had moved a little and the blanket had slid off her. Martouf felt his pulse quicken and his body react to the sight of Sam, and to the memory of what they had been doing not long ago. He very much wanted to make love to her again - and perhaps be in control some of the time, though he knew they had to be careful while they were pretending to be Goa'uld.

Sam moved around a little, turning over unto her stomach. She made a small sound in her sleep. Martouf could not stop himself from reaching out and caressing her buttocks. They felt so soft and firm. He felt his shaft harden even further and he now had a very strong urge to mate with her.

Throwing the blanket off himself, he carefully slid on top of her. He lovingly began to kiss her back, very lightly at first. He then began to use his hands to fondle her as well - starting his caresses at the top of her back and moving downwards. Sam made louder noises, whimpering softly and shifting on the bed. It was obvious her dream was erotic.

Martouf felt another strong rush of desire. He let one of his hands glide all the way down her back and over her ass, down between her legs. He gently fingered her folds. She was very wet. Martouf groaned loudly and unable to wait any longer he spread her legs and entered her with one thrust.

Sam awoke immediately from her dream about Martouf and Lantash. Her mind was still somewhat foggy, but her body was already reacting to what was happening. She gasped as Martouf now moved a hand underneath her and began to rub her clit. He kissed her neck. "My lovely Samantha..." he murmured before he resumed thrusting into her.

Sam alternately tried pushing against his fingers and up towards him. Her writhing under him, the sounds of pleasure she made, her hands grabbing at the blanket in passion - all spurred Martouf on. He grabbed her hips and rode her furiously, realising he would not be able to hold back much longer. Moments later Sam moaned and thrashed under him as she orgasmed hard. Martouf, who was already very close, groaned and bit her shoulder to avoid crying out as he, too, came. 

He lay on top of her, panting for a little while, until the world cleared again around him. Then Lantash, who had awoken around the time Martouf mounted Sam, told him to roll off her before they became too heavy. Martouf did so, and they curled up after kissing. It did not take long before they fell asleep again, snuggling close under the blankets. 

Next morning. Sam and Martouf/Lantash still slept peacefully when Zefina quietly opened the door. She snuck inside and closed the door noiselessly behind her before she walked over to the bed.

"Lantash?" She said in a low voice.

"Mhpfh?" Martouf said sleepily, then awoke enough to realise that Lantash had better be the one speaking. He gave Lantash a mental 'push' to wake him. The symbiote took control, flashing his eyes.

"Yes. What is it?" Lantash said, trying to clear his brain of the last of the sleepiness.

"I am afraid we will have to change our plans. I have an idea, but please just listen to me, as we don't have much time ."

Lantash nodded. "Proceed."

Just then Sam woke up. Shortly after remembering that she was naked - and in bed with Martouf and Lantash - she realised there was someone else in the room with them. A little confused, she quickly grabbed the blanket and pulled it tighter around her. She blushed deeply.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded of Zefina.

Zefina smiled at Sam before turning serious again. "Good morning to you too, Samantha. I have just received important information necessitating us changing our plan."

Sam relaxed a little and nodded, leaning back into the pillows to listen.

"Sira contacted me this morning with some unfortunate news. She had just learned that Nephthys's daughter, Neela, will be at the implantation ceremony tomorrow."

An expression of pain crossed Lantash's face. "I see. Then I cannot go."

"Not as a Goa'uld looking to serve Nephthys, no, but I have another idea."

"Wait...why can't Lantash go?" Sam wondered.

"Because he - or rather Martouf - would be recognised. Neela's host is Svala, Martouf's sister."

"Oh...I see..." Sam looked at Lantash and Martouf. "I'm sorry. I didn't know..." She felt very sorry for him and put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it.

"It happened long ago - almost 27 years ago - before Martouf became my host. It is not something we like to think about, but I will tell you about it later, if you wish." Lantash said.

Sam nodded.

Zefina continued. "I suggest that we still go there - all of us. I will pretend to have found out you are Tau'ri, and a Tok'ra, and that I will hand you all over to Nephthys."

"Wait a minute...that's not a good plan.." Sam began.

"Let me finish, please. You will only be in her holding cell for a short while and she will be much to busy to interrogate you. Sira has learned that the locks on Nephthys's cell doors are sealed with an electronic lock, which can be disabled by sending out a signal with a very specific frequency. She knows what this frequency is and has sent me this information."

"That is certainly useful, but would we not be searched and any devices we carry be confiscated?"

"Yes, if one of you were carrying the device, then that is surely what would happen. However, it is possible to make it quite small, and it can also be taken apart. I had thought we could hide a piece of it under the skin of each of you. The device will have no detectable energy signature when it is taken apart. You would most likely all be put in the same cell, and you would then be able to assemble the device again and use it to unlock the door."

"It might actually work..." Sam admitted.

"Then we could sneak out, find Talan, and free him. All without anyone suspecting you, Zefina. Your position would not be compromised, so the Tok'ra would still have all their operatives in place. That is truly a good plan!" Lantash said, appreciatively.

"Thank you. Now, we need to hurry. I have the device here." Zefina gave them a very small instrument together with a healing device. "You must get dressed quickly and go to the others, so you can get all the parts hidden before I send my guards to capture you." Zefina winked at Lantash. "I hope you got some sleep tonight. Today may well be a long and hard day."

She left as Sam again flushed a deep red.

"She won't tell anyone, will she?" Sam wondered, when the door had closed behind Zefina.

"If you are worried because she knows we mated tonight, then you have no reason to be concerned. She will not tell anyone."

"Thank you." Sam looked relieved.

"Samantha...you wish to keep what happened tonight a secret...do you regret it?" Lantash asked, his expression troubled.

"No...no, I do not regret it. Don't think that! I...I just need some time..."

"I believe you are aware how we feel. We both love you and would want nothing more than to claim you as our mate...but we will of course give you all the time you need...and hope very much you will eventually chose to become ours."

"I...I think I will. I'm pretty sure I love you. It's just...confusing for me, with Jolinar's emotions and all. I have had so many memory flashes these last days that I am no longer absolutely sure which parts are me and which are her. There is also the issue about us living on different worlds - that's one hell of a long distance relationship."

"I am sure we will find a solution to that." Lantash gave her a small, hopeful smile. *She loves us!*

*Yes. Probably. Hopefully she will chose to be ours, then.*

*That is very much my hope as well.* He gave Martouf a hug. *Now we need to hurry before Zefina has to send her people for us.* Lantash began to get out of the bed. "Samantha...there will hopefully be a time to discuss this later, if all goes well. For now, we must be quick and follow Zefina's advice."

"Of course." Sam gave him a smile before she quickly kissed him, then hurried out to the bathroom before him.

Later. They had taken quick baths and were again dressed as a Goa'uld and his lo'tar. After a very short breakfast they hurried to find Daniel and O'Neill. They briefly explained the changed plan. Neither of their friends liked it, but they ended up agreeing to it anyway. Afterwards, they all went to Teal'c's cell.

Teal'c was unharmed, as Zefina had promised. He needed no time to consider, but immediately agreed to the new plan. The small scrambling-device was split into 5 smaller parts. Each of them hid a part on their bodies, under the skin on their inner upper arms. Using a sharp knife they cut a small incision which Lantash later healed, using the healing device Zefina had given them.

Not long after they had returned to the upper rooms of the palace, first O'Neill and Daniel, then Sam and Martouf/Lantash were arrested by Zefina's Jaffa. They immediately brought them before their lord.

"Traitorous scum! You come here, attempting to curry favour and offering your services to me and Lord Nephthys...and what do I learn!" Zefina sounded enraged. "You only wished to ingratiate you so through my good will you would get invited to appear before Queen Nephthys - for what nefarious purpose I do not know. 'Lord Alim'...you are Tok'ra...heretic scum." Zefina spat. She got up and walked closer to Lantash. "You are a disgrace to your species - and collaborating with humans no less, Tau'ri enemies!" She said with scorn, giving the three members of SG-1 a disdainful look.  

"The days of the Goa'uld System Lords are numbered - false gods all of you!" Lantash hissed.

"Take them to the cell with their shol'va friend. It's fitting company for such as these!" Zefina ordered her Jaffa.

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