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8. Next Morning

Sam drowsily rolled over and snuggled even closer to the pleasant warmth she felt.

Someone made a sleepy sound and wrapped an arm around her. It took some moments for Sam's groggy mind to make the connection and realize the pleasant warmth was a body pressed against her, then another moment to remember where she was and that it was Martouf.

As her mind slowly cleared from the sleep, she noted that she had her back pressed against Martouf, and that he had an arm wrapped around her.

That was certainly an interesting way to wake up!

Yesterday, they had decided that they would share the bed, there was no reason not to. It had still been a little strange crawling into the same bed, and she had to admit she had taken the opportunity to look at him in his nightwear. Which she had briefly regretted buying for him, since he might have chosen to sleep naked otherwise.

She had caught him looking at her as well, and had been happy she had brought a fairly attractive - if modest - nightgown. And even happier she had a more sexy one that she might wear tomorrow. If things turned out as she was starting to hope.

Yes, it was definitely time to admit she had a crush on Martouf and Lantash, perhaps more than a crush.

She did not move from where she was lying, but opened her eyes and noticed that there was not much light in the room. It was probably still early. She was feeling warm and comfortable under the blanket, and did not feel like getting up yet.

Or rolling away from Martouf, she admitted to herself a moment later. She focused on the feeling of him against her. His body felt really nice against her, and she nudged a little closer to him.

She closed her eyes again and enjoyed the feeling of his warm body pressed against hers, his arm wrapped around her - and the bulge nestled against her that was growing larger even in his sleep as he reacted to her proximity.

She felt a stab of lust and a wave of memories from Jolinar suddenly washed over her, making sure she knew exactly how it felt to be kissed by him, to feel his hands over her body, to feel his body on top of her as he thrust into...

Sam quickly pushed those memories aside, feeling embarrassed by this look into someone else's private life. Lying her, snuggled against him, she wondered how he really felt for her. He did feel something, she was sure of that, since he was not exactly subtle, but she did not know how much of it was for her and how much was because she had been host to Jolinar.

Sighing, she took a deep breath and allowed herself to relax and let those thoughts slide for now. It was too early to get up, and so very nice to lie here in his arms. She felt a little guilty about it, but decided to stay where she was.

It was not long before she was fast asleep again.

It was several hours later when Martouf woke up. To his surprise he felt a warm body against him, and he opened his eyes. He smiled at the sleeping Samantha in his arms.

A groggy Lantash woke up as well, and pointed out that she probably had rolled over to their side of the bed accidentally - and that they had better let go of her before she woke up and got angry at them.

Martouf was about to argue that Lantash was just being unreasonably grumpy and negative because he was not a morning person, when a telephone rang.

Sam made a sleepy sound, but did not give any signs of reacting otherwise. The telephone rang again, and she groaned softly and eventually tried to sit up, but could not since Martouf still had an arm around her.

"Sorry!" Martouf quickly pulled his arm out from under her.

Sam sat up and flashed him a somewhat sleepy smile before scrambling for her cell phone which was lying on the night table, charging.

"Hello?" she said into the telephone. "This is Major Samantha Carter."

Martouf remained in the bed, watching her, as she had her communication. It was fairly short, and it was obviously someone who needed help with some sort of technology.

She hung up and sighed deeply.

"Do you have to return to the base?" Martouf asked, clearly hoping that was not the case.

She shook her head. "No, not at all. Stargate Command hired a guy, Doctor Bill Lee, recently. He was taking a look at some of the stuff you brought - despite the fact that I had told him not to touch it - and he has managed to activate one of those, uh, Tacluchnatagamuntorons."

"Was anyone hurt?" Martouf asked, alarmed.

"No, but there is now a hole in the wall where my coffee machine was." She shook her head again. "I told him how to use the remote control linked to it to turn it off. From outside the lab."

Martouf nodded. "Good." He sighed. "Samantha, I, ah, I apologize for the situation we woke up in. I must have... embraced you during the night."

"Given that we were well over on your side of the bed, you have nothing to apologize for," Sam said. "Forget it."

"Thank you." He looked relieved.

Sam pondered briefly if he was relieved she was not angry - or because she did not insist on talking about it. She again wished she knew how he felt for her.

"It's almost 10AM. We'd better get dressed if we want to get any breakfast."

"What would you like for breakfast?" Sam asked, looking at the menu. "Toast? Corn flakes? What do you eat at home?"

"I usually eat porridge and some fruit and berries for breakfast."

"Um, I think they have oatmeal. Oh, and they also have waffles and pancakes. Would you like that, perhaps?"

"For breakfast?" Martouf looked surprised. "If that is traditional, then I would like to try that, yes. Waffles sounds good."

Sam smiled. "I'll order some waffles for us both, with fruit and berries, and maple syrup. It's good, I assure you."

"It sounds very good." Martouf looked at the menu. "May I have a glass of milk with the waffles?"

The server showed up shortly after and Sam made an order for two servings of waffles, as well as a cup of coffee and a glass of milk.

The food was placed on the table before them some time later, and they dug into it with good appetite.

"You seem to like it?" Sam observed, smiling.

"Very much. Lantash claims it's too sweet, but I assure you, he loves it!" Martouf winked at her, then grimaced as his symbiote yelled at him.

Sam grinned. "He's always like that! I remember one time on Situs III where we had gotten this huge cake, and he kept ranting..." She stopped, a little embarrassed. "Um, that, that wasn't me. It was Jolinar who went there with you guys."

Martouf nodded. "Yes - but you are quite correct. Lantash kept complaining about how sweet the cake was, and that we shouldn't eat it - but then he ate a huge slice of it in the middle of the night, when he had woken up and felt hungry."

Sam smiled. "And he claimed he only ate the cake because that was the only thing available without waking up the people we, you were staying with."

Martouf dipped his head, letting Lantash take control - after he had been insisting, and threatening to just grab it, for a while.

"It would seem I am being slandered," Lantash said sternly, using Martouf's voice. "Did either of you think I wasn't listening?" His expression softened and Sam noticed the twinkle in his eyes. "Or did you perhaps forget about my presence?"

Sam laughed. "Never, Lantash!" She put her right hand over his left. "I could never forget about you."

"Good." He smiled. "I suppose I did like that cake."

"And the waffles."

He nodded. "Yes, even with the maple syrup. Particularly with that." He took the glass and drained the last of the milk. "It does not mean I don't think it's really too sweet to be healthy..." He smiled.

"And you're right." Sam drank the last of her coffee. "The reunion doesn't start until 4PM. It's not yet noon. What do you say we take a walk in the city, or maybe the nearby park before we go change for the party?"

"It's an excellent idea." He got up. "Lead the way!"

She smiled, letting her gaze slide over him from the top of his head down to his feet. He was wearing tan khaki pants and a white t-shirt. "I forgot to tell you before, but those clothes really suit you well." She rose from her chair.

"Thank you, Samantha." He smiled at her as he took in her appearance, clearly enjoying the sight of her in jeans and a small top. "I very much like what you are wearing as well."

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