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 13. Partying

"If you'll help moving the furniture back against the walls, we can get ready to dance quicker!" Wanda said into the microphone.

Jackie leaned in and added, "We've got some great music from back then, so prepare for a nostalgic trip to the eighties!"

People cheered loudly, and quickly began moving the furniture aside, clearing the dance floor.

"Two drinks are included in the price you've paid - use the tickets that you got at the bar! Oh, and the bar will be open all night, selling quality booze cheaply!" Wanda grinned, having clearly already partaken.

"What does these pictures signify? I don't mean the big version of the class photos, but the others. The big colourful ones with text," Martouf asked, when they had finished moving the furniture and was waiting for the music to start.

"It's movie posters, and posters of various popstars and rockstars," Sam explained. "Um, I guess that didn't make sense, but movie posters are sort of an advertisement for the movie - and also pretty popular to have as decoration if you liked a certain movie."

"What are 'popstars' and 'rockstars'? It shows people in... unusual clothing, not celestial bodies."

Sam laughed. "Here, a star can also mean someone who is really great at something - or really popular. In this case popular players of the two types of music called 'pop' and 'rock'."

"I see." Martouf frowned, and clearly did not completely understand. He looked at some of the movie posters. "What does 'Back to the Future' mean? I did not think your people had perfected time travel."

"We haven't! It's the title of a movie. Fiction, but about time travel. It's a comedy."

Martouf nodded and looked at another poster. "That person reminds me of someone..."

"MacGyver? It was an action-adventure series. I remember watching some of it."

"He resembles Colonel O'Neill somewhat."

"You think so?" Sam looked at the picture. "You're right, he does!" She laughed. "Perhaps it's his long lost brother!"

"O'Neill has a missing brother?"

"No - well, not that I know. It's just something you say."

Martouf nodded. "I have a lost brother."


"My twin brother. He disappeared when we were barely two years of age."

"Oh, that's horrible! What happened?"

"I was sick from some childhood malady, and so did not go to the... children's care facility where my brother and I were while our mother and father worked. The place was attacked, almost certainly by Jaffa. They abducted all the children, and all the care personnel as well, except for one, who managed to hide."

"I thought your world was free of the..." Sam looked around, and found to her relief no one was near. "...Goa'uld until you were a teenager?"

"It was, but there were infrequent raids."

"I'm so sorry." Sam threw her arms around him and gave him a warm hug.

"It was a long time ago, but thank you." He hugged her back.

While they stood like that, the light in the room was lowered, and music started to play. They slowly let go of each other.

"What are those?" Martouf indicated several glittering, spherical objects, that was now spinning slowly and reflecting the light shone at it. A myriad spots of lights flowed over the walls and floor.

"Those are 'disco balls'. It's a ball with lots of little mirrors, that reflects the light you shine at it - giving the effect you see now. It's just meant as decoration."

"They faintly reminded me of large long-range communication balls at first." Martouf smiled wryly.

Sam smiled. "I assure you, they're not. Come, let's go get something to drink."

"Class photo! Time to get a class photo - before people start getting too drunk and wandering off!" Jackie told them over the loudspeakers. "Come on, guys! Against the big screen!"

Sam rolled her eyes. "Well, I guess I better get over there, then - they'll probably insist on all of us being in the shot."

"You are the most beautiful woman in here, so the picture would be sadly lacking without you in it," Martouf said, pulling Sam close and giving her a warm kiss. "Do you think you could convince them to take a picture of just you? I would like one."

"Charmer." Sam smiled. "I'd like a picture of you dressed like that too, actually."

"Perhaps we can dress up and have one of your teammates take a picture when we return to Colorado Springs?"

Sam snorted. "I'd never hear the end of it, but I guess I could ask Janet."

She walked over to where the others were lining up, with Martouf following along to watch. Light had now been turned on, flooding the area.

It took fairly long to get everyone to stand in a good position, but finally the photographer for the evening - Jill - was happy.

"Say 'cheese'!" she encouraged.

"Cheese!" everyone said - except a few who insisted on saying the names of various specific cheeses, causing the already fairly drunk people to laugh.

"Try again! I got one good picture, and then one where everyone is laughing like maniacs. Can't have that as our legacy, can we?" Jill instructed.

Another attempt, and finally a success.

"Okay - back to the booze!" James said.

"No, no! Not yet!" Jill told them. "I want a picture of you guys with your dates too! Come on!" she said, when people grumbled.

"Come over here and stand beside me, Martouf!" Sam urged.

"Of course, Samantha," Martouf said, smiling.

Sam put an arm around his waist, and he immediately wrapped an arm around her shoulder in return. He gave her a warm kiss.

"That's the spirit!" Jill grinned and snapped a photo. "Come on, guys! Follow Sam and Martouf's lead! I want some cute photos!" She took several more pictures of them while people started to position themselves.

Martouf carefully ate a couple of the thin potato chips he had picked up, then tried some of a different kind, which were quite spicy. He then took some that were shaped like little spirals, instead of flakes.

"Do you like it?" Sam asked, smiling.

"Some of them. I like the consistency, and the weird crispiness. The flakes are better than those shaped like spirals. Or those." He pointed to a bowl of cheese puffs.

Sam laughed, and took a long drink from her glass. "They're also pretty fatty and unhealthy. What does, ah, your inner voice tell you?"

"My inner voice?" Martouf raised his eyebrows, then grinned, understanding. "He agrees with you, but he also likes the thin flakes." He picked up a few peanuts and ate them. "And the nuts, or whatever they are."

"Legumes, actually." Sam took some popcorn. "I'm guessing you've never tried anything like any of it?"

"I do recognize the popped el'ohtl... I'm sorry, I do not know the word in your language."

"Corn. Or Maize. You've tried popcorn?" She ate a few, then emptied her glass of the drink.

She was not normally the type to eat snack food and get drunk on cocktails, but she was actually having fun at the reunion, something she had not expected.

Of course, Martouf's presence was a big reason for her enjoying herself, she knew that.

"Yes, during a short mission to the realm of Cinteotl. They had these... popcorn."

"Interesting. Any other types of snack your people eat? Snacks, you know, small bite-sized foods."

"Cookies. Fruit, like grapes and cherries. Nuts and dried fruit. Some also like small hard-baked pieces of a type of bread made out of... maize. In Goa'uld they are called cal'totopo'chtl." Martouf went back to the long table by the bar, with many bowls of different snacks, and picked up a few tortilla chips. "They resemble these somewhat."

"Ah, makes sense." She leaned in and gave Martouf a kiss. "Relax and enjoy yourself! You're way too unaffected by the alcohol!" She giggled.

He raised an eyebrow. "And you are getting drunk. He made sure to check no one was nearby before he whispered in her ear, "You are forgetting, I may look human, but I am not. Lantash is very good at filtering out alcohol and at neutralizing it. We would need to drink a very large amount to be affected."

"Well, tell him not to! I don't want to be the only one who is drunk!" Sam pouted a little.

"You are not. Most people in here seems to be getting fairly intoxicated," Martouf observed sardonically.

"You know what I mean!" Sam playfully hit him over the shoulder.

Martouf raised an eyebrow and smiled at her, amused. He discussed the situation with Lantash, since he did not feel it would be prudent to become drunk among strangers, and perhaps risk saying or doing something that proved him an alien. On the other hand he very much wanted to make Samantha happy.

Lantash agreed with him, but thought getting a little 'tipsy' would probably be harmless - and not to mention fun.

Martouf agreed, and bowed his head to Sam in acquiescence. "In that case I suppose I had better get another drink. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Care to dance? Or would you like to get more to, to drink first?" Sam asked, feeling happy and silly - and more than a little drunk. She wrapped her arms around Martouf and kissed him.

"Smile!" Jill exclaimed, snapping a photo using the flash, since most of the light had been turned off and only the disco balls and coloured decorative lights were on.

"God!" Sam grumbled. "That's really unpleasant!"

"Sorry!" Jill smiled, clearly not sorry. "I'm the assigned photographer, and I didn't take many pics during the earlier part of the evening, so I'm totally going to do so now. Of everyone!" She grinned, clearly drunk. "Smile?" she asked, raising the camera again.

Martouf made his most charming smile, and Sam could not keep being angry. She smiled as well.

"Okay, take some photos, then!"

Jill took several of Sam and Martouf, including a few where they kissed.

"Thank you, guys! I'll make sure you get copies!" She grinned and went over to surprise some other hapless people with her flash photography.

"Well, what do you say? More alcohol, or dance?" Sam wondered. "Or both. We can totally do both." She grinned, pulling him towards the bar. "And I'm drunk!"

"So you are," Martouf observed, smiling. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. "So am I," he confided. "And, ah, feeling libidinous. So is Lantash. I want you so much, Samantha. I am very much looking forward to getting back to the hotel..."

"So do I." She kissed him again, and slipped a hand to his neck, stroking Lantash gently through the skin.

"Samantha..." he murmured, his low voice suddenly the rougher, flanged voice of Lantash. "We look forward to spending the night pleasuring you, beloved." He let one hand slide down her back, down to her butt, which he fondled daringly, lovingly. His other hand he glided up her side, cupping her breast.

Sam moaned softly and swayed towards him, and they kissed again, deeply. Lantash slipped his hand into the slit of her dress, and caressed her thigh.

She pressed herself harder against him, rubbing against the hard bulge in his pants. "I want you too."

Lantash pushed her up against the wall behind her, and kissed her wildly, one hand on her thigh and another sinking into one of her breasts.

"Maybe you guys should get a room?" James suddenly suggested nearby, laughter in his voice.

Sam and Lantash untangled themselves and looked at him. A few other people were nearby, and smiled at them.

"Why did you interrupt us?" Lantash asked, irritated - and thankfully remembering to use Martouf's voice.

"Sorry!?" James grinned and raised his glass to them. "Cheers!" He stumbled away from them, his date hurrying after him and sending Sam and Lantash an apologetic look.

Sam giggled and gave Lantash a kiss on the cheek. "Let's get something to drink. I want one of those cocktails I saw, with fruit and little umbrellas!"

Lantash followed her willingly, and she bought one for them each, handing him one.

"Thank you, Samantha." Lantash tasted it. "This is quite good."

"Very good!" Sam insisted, taking a large gulp. She giggled and picked up a cherry, which she popped into her mouth and ate seductively, looking directly at Lantash.

He did not take his eyes off her, but took a big drink from his glass. He picked up the little umbrella that was stuck into a piece of fruit, and looked at it. "Interesting." He tried to place it in Sam's hair, but it would not stick. "Too bad, I think it would look... cute."

Sam grinned. "You're silly! Besides my hair is too short." She drained the rest of her drink. "I mean silly in the best way possible. Cute, adorable!" She giggled and put her glass down on the table, before pulling Lantash close and giving him a passionate kiss, tangling her tongue with his. "Dance?" she suggested in a low voice.

Lantash quickly drank the rest of his drink, and set the glass aside. "You are naughty!" He flashed his eyes - which no one else but Sam fortunately noticed. He smiled. "I like it!"

He gave Martouf control, and he swallowed hard, before speaking hoarsely, "Yes, by all means let us dance, but I warn you - I do not know the rules of any of your dances."

"That's okay! I don't think anyone else in here does either!" She laughed and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the dance floor, walking on slightly unsteady legs. "What I mean, what I mean..." She giggled. "The dances people are dancing for these kind of things isn't exactly formalized. More like... swaying and... or... shaking to the music, and sometimes against each other."

"That sounds interesting. I believe I will like that," Martouf said, looking at the people dancing. "I can see what you mean."

There were fairly many on the dance floor, though small groups, sometimes couples, were also hanging about along the sides of the large room. Some were drinking and joking, and some were kissing.

"Just put your hands on my hips or something," Sam instructed. "Then follow along."

Martouf did as he was told, and Sam put her hands on his shoulders. She started swaying before him, following the rhythm of the music.

He tried to do the same, but kept getting caught up looking at her. Sam giggled and moved her body as suggestively as she could, enjoying his mesmerized look.

"Samantha, you are so beautiful," he said. "So very attractive." He looked at her swaying hips and her deep cleavage, and swallowed thickly.

"Like what you see?" Sam asked, teasingly. She was fairly drunk, very much caught up in her feelings for him, and also more than a little horny.


The music changed, and a softer tune started playing.

"Good." Sam closed the distance between them and whispered into his ear. "I love you in that suit. And the other clothes you've been wearing here. And your Tok'ra uniform. And nothing, oh, especially nothing! I have had such interesting dreams, from Jolinar, and I can't wait to have you naked in my bed." She blushed furiously at having told him this. "And I shouldn't have said that!" She took a step back and looked worriedly at him.

"You definitely should! Thank you for telling me, Samantha." Martouf smiled seductively at her and pulled her back. "I very much look forward to being naked in your bed - or anywhere else - with you." He kissed her softly. "I hope I can be as good as in your dreams."

"Mmm, I'm sure you can," Sam said in a low voice, leaning against him and hiding her face.

They danced closely, their bodies flush against each other, swaying softly to the music, and now and then exchanging long, hot kisses.

Sam was feeling dizzy and aroused, and happier than she could remember feeling in a very long time. She rubbed her body against his, enjoying the feeling of the large bulge that seemed constant in his pants while they were dancing.

"Perhaps we should go back to the hotel soon," she suggested.

"I was just about to suggest it," came Lantash voice, close to her ear.

She turned to press a kiss against his neck. "I'll go call a cab." She walked off, her legs still a little unsteady from the alcohol.

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