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"How will we get to your brother's place?" Martouf wondered. "I saw the lights from the city from above when we landed, and it looked very large. I assume we cannot just walk to where he lives?"

"No, that would take a long time," Sam said, looking at the various bags going past on the baggage belt. "They live out in the suburbs. We will take a cab - uh, taxi." She shook her head. "It's a type of car you can hire, with a driver, for shorter distances."

Martouf nodded. "I understand." He was quiet for some time. "Do you think they have misplaced our bags? A large number of people have already gotten theirs."

"It will come, I'm sure," Sam said, hoping it was the truth. A few moments later she smiled and pointed. "See? That's your luggage!"

He looked towards the hole in the wall where the bags came out. "You are correct." He smiled. "And your bag is there too!"

They picked up their luggage, then went to ground transportation to catch a cab.

"I know we talked about it before, but it's important to remember while we're with Mark and his family, either Martouf stays in control, or Lantash uses his voice and pretend to be him, okay?" Sam told Martouf/Lantash in a low voice. She threw a side-ways glance at the taxi-driver, but he could not hear them where they sat in the backseat, not with the fairly loud music he had on.

"I will remember, Samantha."

"Also, about your backstory; don't mention other planets, or the Tok'ra - or the Goa'uld. Keep it vague. The cover is that we have a secret alliance with your people, but for reasons of national security it must be kept secret who you guys are. It's more or less the truth, anyway. Also, our common enemy attacked your country when you were a child, or something. Okay?"

"Since the Goa'uld is our common enemy, and since they attacked my planet while I was still a... teenager? Is that the word? Then that is not far from the truth."

"Right - and yes, that's the right word. Okay, just be careful. Oh, and also remember that Lantash is supposedly your family name."

"Do not worry, Samantha. We have been undercover before, and we have together rehearsed this cover story."

"Of course. I do know that, it's just that Earth is, well, different, in many ways - for instance, anything that has to do with other planets or aliens is secret."

"Sam just sent me a text message. They're in a cab from the airport, and will be here soon," Mark said.

Jacob looked up from the newspaper he was flipping through. Now when he was offworld and spent much of his time fighting the Goa'uld, it was amazing how uninteresting and unimportant Earth news seemed." Sounds good." He put the newspaper down.

"Did she say if the wanted something to eat? It's almost 11PM, but they've been travelling for around 5 hours, so they could be hungry," Mark's wife said.

"No, she didn't, but they probably do want something. Travelling always make people hungry," Mark answered.

"That's what I thought." Marian smiled. "There's plenty of left-overs from the Spaghetti Bolognese. I'll go and reheat that."

*So, who do you think it is who is coming here with Samantha?* Selmak wondered.

*I have no idea, and I really don't understand why she's bringing him here at all, if he's just a friend and colleague, unless they intend to work, but that would be stupid, since they couldn't do that here and also keep whatever alien gadget it is secret. And if the guy is more than a friend? Well, I'll at least get the chance to talk to him.*

*Please remember to be nice! You can be somewhat... abrasive, and you do not want to scare him away. I think it would be good for her to find someone.*

Jacob mentally snorted. *Good for her! We don't even know who it is!*

*You ought to have confidence in her ability to chose a suitable mate,* Selmak chided.

*Did I ever tell you about Jonas Hanson?* Jacob asked, rhetorically.

*Yes - and that was years ago! Besides, she left him!*

*Hm,* Jacob grumbled, noncommittally.

*At least it is someone who has clearance! He will know of the Tok'ra or be allowed to know, at least.*

*Yes, that is true. It would certainly make things easier - both for her and us. Though I'm guessing it really is just a colleague and that Sam intends to find some way to work in her holiday. She does that, you know.*

*Yes, I know. As commendable as that is, she really needs to get a life. Do something outside of work.*

*As a Tok'ra who has dedicated her life to fighting the Goa'uld, you are really not in a position to say. You're not exactly spending much time on recreation!* Jacob pointed out.

*Well, we fight the Goa'uld, as you say, so that has to be most important. The same is the case for Samantha, of course. We still have more of a life than she have, as far as I understand. Or... was it a complaint you made? Do you want to spend more time on recreation?" Selmak wondered, then continued, mirth in her mental voice. "In that case we could pursue Garshaw. She has made it clear she is interested.*

*That was not what I meant! I'm good!* Jacob quickly told her. *Though, actually, what I would like is some better, more interesting news!*

Selmak 'smirked' internally. *Sorry, but I cannot help you with that!*

Jacob grumbled and turned his attention to the comics on the back of the newspaper.

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