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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 3/21

3. Gathering Supplies


The members of SG-1 had snuck from where they had parked their car, to some large buildings they had noticed in a mostly deserted part of the city. There they had spent some time checking out the place.

"Looks like storehouses of some kind - and no one's around, except for one guard who passes by on his rounds once every 30 minutes. Let's see if we can get inside and find out if there is something we can use," O'Neill suggested when the guard had disappeared around the corner.

"Wait!" Teal'c told them. "The area is under surveillance!" He waited until the guard had gotten further away, then picked up a rock and weighed it briefly in his hand, then threw it hard at a camera on the wall.

The rock hit the camera, and smashed it.

"Good job, Teal'c! It was pointing directly at the entrance, so we'd have been caught on it otherwise," O'Neill said, relief clear in his voice.

They spent a few more minutes surveying the area, but none of them discovered anything else. As silently as possible, they snuck up to the back entrance of the warehouse.

"Locked," Daniel told them, after trying the handle. "Figures."

"And I don't have my lock-picking tools on me," Sam said.

"Damn! We can't get the door open before the guard returns!" O'Neill exclaimed. He threw a look at the guard's car that was parked at the edge of the lot. "I may have an idea - it's a bit crazy."

"Right now crazy is good. What?" Sam asked, rubbing her arms in the cold, taking care not to touch the area around where she was injured.

"You probably won't like it..."

"You're damn right I don't like this!" Sam told them, as they all stood beside the guard's car. "It's cold, foggy, and my arms are bare. I'm freezing and you want me to seduce the guard?"

"Just keep him distracted until we can knock him out, okay?" O'Neill insisted, then added, "Sorry."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Okay. He'll think I'm crazy, though."

The others hurried to a nearby container and hid behind it, while Sam leaned against the guard's car and tried to look suave and alluring - which was pretty hard when you were cold, wet, and in pain.

The guard appeared around the corner a few moments later, and he spotted Sam almost immediately. He stopped for a moment and stared, clearly surprised by the sight of a woman leaning against his car in this weather and time of night.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, walking towards Sam.

"Hello... big boy," Sam said, feeling like rolling her eyes at herself. "Could you give me a ride?"

"A ride?" The guard looked at her, frowning. "Are you all right, miss?"

"I hurt my arm," Sam said, truthfully, desperately looking for a way to get him close enough that her teammates could surprise him.

"Your arm? Let me take a look at it," the guard said, his expression softening as he walked up to her.

He had only just reached the car when Teal'c silently appeared from behind the container and put an arm around the neck of the guard, strangling him. The guard struggled briefly, then went unconscious. Teal'c lowered him to the ground.

"Very nice. Let's tie him up before he wakes up," O'Neill said. "And get his keys - there's probably one for the back entrance to the warehouse, if we're lucky."

"Seems peaceful enough," Sam whispered. "Come on."

Daniel followed, as did Teal'c - carrying the guard who was by now squirming.

"Okay - and no windows." O'Neill pulled the door closed after them. "We can turn on the light without anyone getting suspicious." He felt for a switch by the door, and after a few moments the complete darkness was exchanged for brilliant electric light.

"We should probably hurry up before he's missed," Daniel observed, looking at the guard that Teal'c had placed on the floor, against the wall by the door.

The guard was gagged and blindfolded, and his feet and hands were bound, so there was little risk he would get free.

"I will remain here and make sure he does not escape," Teal'c said, anyway.

"Good idea, you can never be too careful. We'll be quick," O'Neill said.

"What kind of warehouse is this?" Daniel wondered, looking around at the crates and shelves.

They all started checking the shelves, as well as some of the crates that were not nailed shut.

"Looks like sporting goods," Sam offered. "And general outdoor gear."

"Yeah, and hunting and fishing equipment - including clothing. Pretty lucky, considering we need something warm and dry to wear!" O'Neill added. "We better hurry - no way of knowing when the guard is supposed to check in."

They quickly went through the shelves and picked out suitable clothing for all four of them. There was both clothing specifically for hunting and fishing, and clothing that look more like regular clothing. In the interest of fitting in, SG-1 choose from the latter type. They picked a couple of changes of clothing, as well as both boots and shoes.

"What about weapons?" Daniel suggested. "Shouldn't we see if they've got something we can use to defend ourselves with?"

"Absolutely," O'Neill agreed. "We should get knives and guns."

"I need something to use for lock-picking as well - and whatever else we need if we're going to steal another car," Sam said.

They found what they needed, including first aid kits, camping gear, and even some emergency rations and other food.

"Hey, guys?" Daniel called.

"What is it?" O'Neill asked.

"Come see this," Daniel said.

"We don't have the time to hang around - we don't want to risk someone showing up!" O'Neill warned, going towards where Teal'c were watching the guard. .

"I really think you wanna see this," Daniel said, taking something from the wall and walking over to O'Neill.

Sam joined them, and looked at what Daniel had. "A calendar!"

"Yes." Daniel nodded. "And it's opened on 'October 2000'."

"We actually hallucinated fifteen years?" O'Neill asked, disbelieving.

"Impressive," Teal'c said.

"It does fit with what we've learned," Sam said.

O'Neill groaned. "And it also means almost every Goa'uld - and most of our other enemies - are still alive!"

"It did seem as if we were being far too successful at killing them off - given how long the Tok'ra and the Asgard had fought the Goa'uld, I mean," Daniel observed.

"Well, maybe we were just that good? Or lucky. Lucky is good too," O'Neill said. He sighed. "But you're right. In hindsight it did seem a bit unlikely, I guess."

"Not to mention that Earth went from being completely overpowered to being a major galactic player, in just fifteen years. Yeah, I agree. It just doesn't make sense that anyone could do that." Sam shook her head. "We must have been crazy to have believed it."

"Let's finish gathering the stuff we need, then we can discuss this later," O'Neill decided. "We should grab some backpacks as well, in case we need to ditch the car later."

Overloaded with stuff, they returned to where they had parked their car. It was by now early morning, but they were lucky and did not meet anyone.

"Where do we find another car?" Daniel wondered.

"Maybe along one of the streets in a residential neighborhood. It's still early, and there aren't many people out," Sam suggested.

"It is very quiet, but I think we should get out of town before people start waking up. We'll hide somewhere, lie low until tomorrow night, and then see what we can find," O'Neill suggested. "Daniel - grab us some of those energy bars we found at the store."

"Sure." Daniel handed them each one of the bars, and they wolfed them down while O'Neill drove the car out of the city, and onto a road going through a heavily forested terrain.

They had found a secluded spot, and had spent much of the day sleeping. After performing his kel'no'reem, Teal'c had kept guard.

When darkness was falling, they were all feeling much better than they had the day before, though Sam's arm was aching badly.

"We should get going. It's probably not a good idea to stay too long in the same place," O'Neill said.

"You really think they're still looking for us?" Daniel wondered.

"Oh, yeah. That I'm sure of. We know about their little operation, and they're not about to let us get away and tell someone."

"If there's anyone left to tell," Daniel said. "Maybe everyone else has already been captured and replaced."

"Could you be any less optimistic?" O'Neill grumbled.

"We know the guard was human, at least," Sam reminded them, as she found some pain killers in one of the medkits they had gotten the night before.

"Can we be sure?" Daniel asked.

"Yes, he cut himself on the hand, and I saw the blood. He's human," Sam insisted, swallowing a pill with some water.

"Of course he is! If those aliens had already taken over everyone everywhere, they wouldn't care if we got away! In fact, they wouldn't care to keep any of us captured. They'd just kill us! They only need us for infiltration purposes, which means they must still be putting their occupation into work," O'Neill said. "We just need to avoid those people who are really alien infiltrators, then we should be good."

Sam nodded. "I agree."

"I wonder why they kept you and Teal'c?" Daniel said. "I mean, it was only because you guys woke up that the rest of us could escape."

"Yes, if it's like it was the first time, then the aliens couldn't clone our minds, or tap into our personalities and memories. Something to do with the presence of a symbiote in Teal'c's case, and with changes done by Jolinar in my case," Sam observed.

"Right. So why keep you?" Daniel wondered.

"Presumably because of that shared hallucination - or simulation, or whatever. If Teal'c and I just disappeared, it might make someone suspicious, and maybe the aliens couldn't risk that. Perhaps it could make you guys... I don't know, agitated? Cause you to wake up easier? Make it harder to tap your minds?" Sam shrugged helplessly, then winced as pain from her injured arm seared through her.

"They'll be unhappy now, then! With all four of us missing!" Daniel said.

"Which is one more reason they'll be trying their damndest to capture us. Come on," O'Neill decided.

"Teal'c?" Daniel asked, suddenly noticing how quiet their friend was. "What's wrong?"

"My people are no longer free - or to be more precise, they never were free. There is no tretonin," Teal'c said. "It was all a... dream."

"I'm sorry, Teal'c," Daniel said, realizing.

O'Neill slapped him on the shoulder. "It doesn't mean the Jaffa will never be free."

"General O'Neill... I mean, Colonel O'Neill." Sam gave him a sheepish smile, "is right, Teal'c. The Jaffa will become free. It may just take a little longer."

"Thank you," Teal'c said, eventually.

They were all back in the car, and O'Neill started it. "Never thought I'd be demoted."

"What?" Sam asked.

"Didn't think I'd ever be a General either." He smiled "Not that I ever was a General, not really. I'm a Colonel." His smile grew wider. "It feels good, actually."

Sam nodded. "Yes. And I'm a Major." She half-smiled. "I'm not in command of a large warship with the ability of intergalactic travel."

"Many things to get used to," Daniel said. "It's certainly confusing." He was silent for a long time while they drove on. "But I must admit that being back on a mission with you guys is great. Despite the situation, I mean."

"Daniel! Our planet is in danger!" Sam exclaimed.

"But he's right. It's good to be back together," O'Neill said, grinning.

"Indeed," Teal'c added.

Sam shook her head at them, then smiled. "It is. I missed you guys!"

"You think you can pick the lock?" O'Neill asked.

"Absolutely. It's not the newest model, so it should be pretty easy," Sam insisted. She worked for a few moments on the car, using some of the equipment she had gotten from the warehouse the night before. The lock knob suddenly popped up and she opened the door. "What did I say?"

"Amazing!" Daniel said, grinning.

Sam got into the seat beside the driver's seat, and unlocked the other doors, then started working on the ignition. She grimaced when her injured arm throbbed worse when she tried to loosen a screw. "Teal'c, could you remove the plastic trim?" She pointed at the steering wheel and held out a screw driver. "I can't get to the ignition switch."

"Certainly." He leaned over and tore off the piece of plastic with little problem.

"Um, thanks." She looked at the broken plastic. "Okay, I guess it doesn't matter."

"We are in a hurry, are we not?" Teal'c asked, mock serious.

O'Neill grinned. "You heard the man! Get working!"

"Yes, sir." Sam shook her head as she loosened a couple other screws, including those that mounted the ignition switch to the steering column. A short while later she inserted a flat-head screwdriver into the keyhole and turned it. The car started on the second try.

"Wonderful! Let's get going!" O'Neill said.

"Quickly!" Teal'c added. "Someone is coming!" He slid into the driver's seat.

Daniel and O'Neill hurried into the backseat, shutting the door behind them as an angry voice shouted after them. Teal'c accelerated the car and they left the angry owner behind.

"We lost them," Daniel said, after looking out the back window.

"We'll still need to change cars again soon," O'Neill observed. He sighed. "It's well after midnight. It's doubtful we're in any danger until tomorrow."

"In which direction should we go?" Teal'c asked, slowing down when they approached an intersection.

They studied the signs, showing distances to the nearest or larger cities.

"Fairbanks, I guess?" O'Neill suggested. "We're going south in any case."

"We should head for Colorado Springs, eventually, shouldn't we?" Daniel said.

"Agreed, but it may not be an easy trip - depending on how much of the country the aliens hold," O'Neill said.

"Well, in any case, it looks as if they still have to keep under the radar, using the mimic devices and infiltration," Sam observed. "Which brings me to something else. We need to see if we can build an interference device. Like the one we used to expose them before."

"Right. Where do you think we could get the equipment? Radioshack?" O'Neill asked.

Sam nodded. "Most likely, yes." She hesitated," There's one thing, though... the aliens have probably made changes to avoid anyone doing what we did. We may not be able to get it to work directly, but I am confident we will eventually."

"Okay, well, as long as you get it to work, it sounds good."

"Which also means we need to capture someone to test it on," Sam said, slowly.

"That... could be a problem," O'Neill said.

"Particularly since we do not know who is human and who is not," Teal'c added.

It was early morning when they approached Fairbanks, after another change of cars. This time no one had seen them, and since the car was of a very common make, they hoped they would not be discovered.

"Well, everything looks normal," Sam said. "I was here years ago... I mean, um, months ago, with dad. After Netu, you know." She smiled sheepishly.

"Right. You did go to Alaska after that trip." Daniel nodded.

"I wish we knew someone it was safe to contact!" O'Neill said. "As it is, we should stay as inconspicuous as possible, and gather all the intel we can."

"Maybe we should begin by finding a newspaper, then?" Daniel suggested. "It might give us some idea of what's going on."

"Good idea. Too bad we don't have any money," O'Neill observed.

"Maybe we do. Wait a moment while I check the glove compartment," Sam said. Finding it locked, she broke it open with little trouble, using a screwdriver. She still winced when a stab of pain seared through her upper arm.

"Anything useful?" Daniel asked.

"Possibly..." Sam rummaged around for a little while, taking care to only use her good arm. She pulled out a couple maps, a notebook with a pen attached, an owner's manual, and some other papers. She next found a bag of hard candies, a flashlight, and finally a small purse, which she opened. "Let's see..." She poured out the contents, mostly small bills and coins. "21 dollar and 79 cents," she told them, when she had counted the money.

"Great! More than enough for a newspaper!" O'Neill smiled.

"And maybe some bagels and hot coffee for breakfast later?" Daniel suggested.

"As wonderful as that sounds, it's probably better to save the money for later. Don't forget; we've got emergency rations." Sam grimaced. "And we need the money for electronics I can use to build a device that can interfere with the aliens mimetic devices."

"Emergency rations, then. Yummy," Daniel said, sighing.

"Oh, we've got a whole box of energy bars as well!" O'Neill grinned.

Sam rolled her eyes, but smiled. She handed O'Neill the money, and he got out to pick up a newspaper from a newspaper vending machine nearby.

"Look! You've become an advisor to the president, Jack!" Daniel exclaimed, pointing at the news article.

O'Neill stared at the picture in disbelief, then reread the headline before glancing over the text of the article.

"If that's one of the aliens, then we're in serious trouble," Sam said.

"What do you mean 'if'? Of course it's one of the aliens! It's obviously not me!" O'Neill exclaimed. "We're so screwed if they've even got people there! I wonder how many they've got in the Congress?"

"Who knows. Several, probably," Sam said, somberly. "We should probably assume the Air Force is infiltrated as well." She shook a couple painkillers out of a bottle and swallowed them with some water.

"Oh, and we know the exact date - today is October 5th, 2000," Daniel pointed out.

"There is a man standing at the corner of the street. He has been looking at us for several minutes," Teal'c suddenly said.

The others looked up and out through the front window of the car. There was indeed someone looking at them, maybe 50 feet away. He left hurriedly when he realized they had seen him.

"Damn!" O'Neill exclaimed. "We'd better get out of here, and quickly!"

Teal'c started the car, and they left, in the opposite direction of where the man had gone.

"Do you really think that guy was looking for us? That they've got a warrant out for us or something?" Sam asked.

O'Neill considered it. "Not by name, they can't do that - and probably not for me, if I'm the president's advisor."

"Unless you're reported as abducted by the rest of us," Sam suddenly suggested.

"Yeah..." O'Neill looked unhappy. "I suppose that's possible."

"We better hope not! Wouldn't that mean they can call in the national guard to catch us?" Daniel said, horrified.

O'Neill shrugged. "Don't know. In any case, we should assume our likeness have been shared with a number of people who are on the look-out."

"Time to get yet another car?" Sam asked, rhetorically.


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