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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 4/21

4. On the Run


"I never thought I'd be an infamous car thief," Daniel grumbled, when they were driving through the outer parts of Fairbanks in yet another car.

"I don't think you're qualifying as 'infamous' just yet," Sam said with a half-smile. "Colonel, we should try to get hold of components to make a disruption device as soon as possible. We need to be able to tell if someone is a human or not."

"I agree - especially if we are going to try and make contact with anyone we know," O'Neill said. "We should see if we can find an electronics store we can, uh, 'borrow' from."

"Too bad we can't just fly to Colorado Springs," Daniel observed, noticing a sign for the airport.

"Over there - a Radioshack!" Sam exclaimed, pointing. "Turn back, Teal'c!"

"Of course, Major Carter." Teal'c turned the car around.

They drove into the dark, deserted parking lot of the store, and parked the car at the far end of the lot, behind some containers.

"Okay, let's take a look," O'Neill decided. "What's a little breaking and entering, after all the card thefts?"

They slowly, cautiously, walked up to the building. They could see no one else nearby, and it did not look as if there were any surveillance cameras.

On the back of the building, they found a door, which Sam started picking the lock of.

"Can you get it open?" Daniel asked.

"Of course," Sam insisted. She worked for a few moments longer, and then she smiled as she unlocked the door. "Open."

"Nice!" O'Neill grinned and entered the building first, cautiously and with his weapon and flashlight raised.

Sam followed, then Daniel, with Teal'c making up the rear.

They went through a short corridor, with several doors leading out from it. The first one they entered lead to what was obviously a break room.

"There's a refrigerator. Why don't we check and see if there's any food?" Daniel suggested. "Rations and energy bars get boring real fast."

"Agreed. Check the shelves too," O'Neill said. "Teal'c, stay here and help him, and watch out for anything - Carter, come with me. We'll see if we can find those electronic components you need."

"Okay, Jack," Daniel said.

"Yes, sir." Sam followed him out the room, and into the one across the corridor.

"Some sort of storage, I think," O'Neill observed, letting his flashlight play over the many shelves that could be seen from the entrance.

Sam entered after him. "Looks like I might find what I'm looking for here." She began checking the shelves for the needed components.

"Okay, I'll stand guard." He looked around uncomfortably. "Please hurry up. I have a bad feeling about this."

Perhaps five minutes later, Teal'c entered the room, walking briskly. "O'Neill, I hear sirens, possibly from police cars."

"Dammit!" O'Neill exclaimed. "We must have triggered some sort of silent alarm! Carter! Grab what you've got. We're leaving!" He rushed out the door to see Daniel packing some stuff into a grocery bag in the room across. "Daniel! Hurry up!"

"I know! I heard! I'm just..."

"No, now!" O'Neill ordered.

They could all hear the sirens approaching now

Sam appeared from the storage room carrying a large box. "I have one more box with some stuff I need."

O'Neill grabbed the box from her. "Get it then. Quickly!"

She did, and they all ran for the back entrance. O'Neill pushed the door handle with his elbow and kicked the door open with his foot, not wanting to waste time by putting the box down on the floor.

The door hit something, and there was a loud cry of pain. When SG-1 exited the building, they saw a policeman sitting on the ground, holding on to his nose. He looked up at them, pain and anger in his eyes.

"Lucky," O'Neill said. "I mean, oops!"

Teal'c grabbed the policeman, who had just managed to stagger to his feet, and quickly put an arm around his neck and squeezed, rendering him unconscious. He lowered him to the ground.

"That's a nice touch you have there, Teal'c!" O'Neill had put his box down on the ground, and now snatched the policeman's sidearm. "Come - let's get out of here before any more cops show up."

They grabbed their stuff and hurried to the car. They had only just loaded the boxes and the bag into the car, when an angry voice shouted at them from the backdoor of the radio store. It was another policeman who had parked at the front of the store, and had made it to the back when he heard noise.

"Stop immediately and surrender yourself!" he shouted.

O'Neill fired a few shots in the air above him, and the man ran for safety. SG-1 took the opportunity to get into their car and leave.

"That cop got a good look at us. With today's newspaper containing a huge picture with me and the president, I think we can safely assume he recognized me and will report it," O'Neill said, as he turned the car out from the parking lot and onto the road.

"Probably," Sam agreed. "If that's the case, we're in trouble. As you said, if the aliens report it as you having been abducted by Daniel, Teal'c, and myself, then the police will be looking for us. Everywhere. It won't be easy to get to Stargate Command."

O'Neill nodded. "Exactly."

"We should exchange this vehicle for a different one," Teal'c said.

"Another car theft?" Daniel groaned.

"At least I got all the parts I need to construct a disruptor to cause interference in the mimetic devices," Sam said. "As soon as I can get one put together, we should find someone to test it on."

"Capture an alien?" Daniel asked. "How will we know it is an alien?"

"Well, I guess that is a problem." Sam sighed. "Unless we get lucky, somehow."

Daniel nodded. "By the way, when I went through the shelves and cupboard in the store's lunchroom, I found some money in a jar. Probably the place they're saving funds for cookies, or candy, or whatever. Fairly much money too - I counted it to thirty four dollars and twenty seven cents."

"That's great! Together with the money we have from before, we've got more than fifty dollars!" O'Neill commented, pleased.

"Right. That's more than enough for one night at a cheap motel. We could get some sleep in a bed, get a bath," Daniel suggested.

"I believe there is a car following us," Teal'c told them, interrupting their discussion.

O'Neill quickly made a sharp turn, almost too late, onto a sideroad. "Check if he follows."

"He does."

"Damn!" O'Neill made another turn, and the car again did the same. "I better see if I can lose him." He sped up and turned back onto a larger road, where there was some traffic. Hopefully that would help block their follower, or at least slow them down somewhat.

"I think we lost him," Daniel said, relief in his voice.

"Maybe..." O'Neill said, hesitantly. He looked in the mirror. "On second thought, no!" He quickly turned off the highway and onto a smaller sideroad. He turned several more times, and they were now following a road along the west side of the river. It was significantly less trafficked out here, especially as late at night as it was.

They had quickly passed through some sparsely populated areas outside Fairbanks, and now drove through a terrain dominated by birch forest and wetland.

"The car is still behind us - and it is accelerating!" Sam warned.

With no other traffic on the road, it was difficult to evade the other car, which was newer and could drive faster.

"We shouldn't have left the city!" Daniel exclaimed when the car behind them was suddenly almost upon them. It sped up further and rammed into them from behind. "We definitely shouldn't!"

O'Neill stepped on the speeder, attempting to go faster, but their enemy was soon at their side, trying to run them off the road.

"Careful, O'Neill!" Teal'c warned. "The road is curving sharply up ahead."

"I know, Teal'c!" O'Neill uttered from between clenched teeth. He turned haphazardly, but made it through the curve without driving into the ditch. It was a near thing, though.

The enemy car kept driving dangerously close, now and then outright ramming into them, and they swerved back and forth across the road. It was fortunate there was no other traffic, or they might have hit another car.

"Watch out!" Sam suddenly shouted. "A deer!"

O'Neill narrowly avoided the animal, but was not able to get the car under control in time to stop them from driving off the road. He desperately tried to steer them back, but the enemy car prevented that. Soon they were going at a high-speed over bumpy terrain, on a collision course with a dark mass which quickly revealed itself to be low trees and bushes.

"Stop!" Daniel exclaimed. "We're going to hit..."

Sam groggily woke to the sound of an angry voice. It was followed by other noises, and then a scream. She opened her eyes, but could see little in the dark, overcast night. She tried to sit up straight, and cried out when she moved her injured arm. It was hurting even more than before.

"What?" a voice asked nearby. It sounded confused. "What happened?"

"Colonel," Sam said. "Daniel? Teal'c?" she asked, starting to remember.

"Teal'c is fighting our attackers," Daniel told her, from the back seat.

"Our attacker. There was only one," Teal'c said, approaching outside in the darkness.

Sam tried pushing her door open, using her good arm, but it was stuck.

"You okay, T?" O'Neill asked, opening the door on his side.

"I am fine, O'Neill," Teal'c said. "The attacker, however, is not. He was unwilling to yield, and attempted to stab me with a knife. He is dead."

O'Neill nodded. "I understand." He sighed. "It wasn't your fault Teal'c, but we'd better get out of here before anyone he might have informed comes to find us."

"Teal'c, was he human?" Sam asked.

"He was," Teal'c confirmed.

"Okay, let's grab as much as we can carry, and then get out of here," O'Neill decided, getting out of the car. "Euch, the car is sitting in a swamp, or something!" He pulled his foot out of the mushy ground outside.

"Right. I think there's a river or something further from the road. I saw glimpses of it earlier," Sam said.

The car was pressed up against a thicket of low birch trees on the right side, so Daniel had to scoot across the backseat and out on the other side. "Are you coming, Sam?" he asked when he was outside.

"Yeah, I am." Sam groaned. "Just a moment."

"Problems, Carter?" O'Neill wondered, concern in his voice.

"No, sir. It's just that my injured arm got bumped when we hit those trees. Makes it a bit harder to crawl across the front seats." She used her good arm to lift herself across to the driver's seat, where O'Neill and Teal'c helped her the rest of the way out.

"We'd better take a look at that wound," O'Neill said.

"Not now. As you said, we're in a hurry, and it's not that bad," Sam insisted.

O'Neill gave her a sceptical look, but nodded. "Okay. Grab your gear, folks! We're moving out in five!"

"We need to bring the components for the disruption device," Sam reminded them, when they handed her one of the backpacks.

"Pick out the ones you absolutely need, and we'll see if we can fit them in the bags," O'Neill said.

"There's also the food I found in the lunchroom," Daniel reminded them.

"Sorry, Daniel. Emergency rations and protein bars will have to do. They take up less room," O'Neill decided.

They quickly packed, and soon they were ready to leave.

"Where are we even going?" Daniel wondered.

"Away from here," O'Neill said, looking at the compass they had gotten in the hunting store. It was a good thing it was fluorescent, given how dark it was. "The river is east of here, and we don't want to get back to the city, so I guess south is the only option."

They set out across the wetland, trying to steer clear of the most swampy areas and stick to the forest.

They had walked maybe ten minutes when they heard sirens in the distance.

"The police," Teal'c said.

Sam shook her head and mumbled to herself, "I never thought I'd be running from the police! Like a criminal!"

"Hurry up! It looks like the forest is denser up ahead!" O'Neill urged. "We can hide in there."

Daniel made a gasp as he stepped in a hole. "It's pitch black! I can't even see my feet! Who cares where we hide? Why can't we just, oh, stand out here in the open? No one would know anyway!"

"Dawn is only maybe three hours away," Sam reminded him. "We don't want to be caught out in the open then."

"Especially not with Teal'c being the only one who isn't weak as a kitten," O'Neill grumbled, mostly to himself, since he was angry over being out of breath after such a short walk.

There was the sound of a branch snapping and then Sam let out a surprised cry, fortunately managing to keep her voice down. She fell face-first into the mud. "Ouch!"

"Sam?" Daniel asked, worried.

"You okay, Carter?" O'Neill wondered. He and Teal'c had gotten a bit ahead, and now returned to check on their teammate.

Sam groaned as she slowly got back on her feet, helped by Daniel. "I'll be fine, sir."

They hurried further into the forest, just as rain began to fall. It was denser here, and a mix of birch trees and pine trees.

As unpleasantly wet and cold as it was now, it might be to their advantage, since it meant their tracks would be hidden.

Sam shivered and looked up from where they had all huddled together under the root of a fallen tree. The rain had stopped, but a thick fog lay now over the area. The Sun had risen a short time ago, and had not yet been able to chase it away.

"It's cold," Daniel complained, pulling the blanket closer around him.

Sam nodded. "Yes, I think the temperature only needs to fall another few degrees, and then it would have been sleet instead of rain."

"We'd better get up and get going," O'Neill said. "Teal'c?"

"Here, O'Neill," Teal'c said, walking over to them from where he had been keeping guard.

"Don't you need to kel'no'reem?" Daniel asked. He was almost warm as long as he stayed under the blanket and close to the others, and just like Sam and O'Neill, he was weak from their time with the aliens, and got exhausted quickly. Right now he wanted only to sleep, and he was almost at the point where he did not care if the aliens caught him.

"It can wait," Teal'c told him. "I have not heard anyone nearby. It is my belief that we are safe, at least for now."

O'Neill nodded. "Good. Carter - let's take a quick look at your arm before we leave."

"It's really not necessary," Sam said. "You changed the bandage a few hours ago. We should get going." She shuddered. "Maybe we can get these damp clothes dry if we move."

The bump she had gotten when their car crashed had caused the wound to reopen, and the bandage had been soaked in blood - and mud from when she fell - when they changed it several hours before, when they had found the tree root where they had hid.

"All right," O'Neill said, hesitantly. "Let's get going, then. Right now we just need to get as far from here as possible - and preferably in a mostly southern direction."

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