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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 9/21

9. Rescued?


It was very early morning when Teal'c woke up O'Neill.

"Uh, what?" O'Neill asked groggily.

"I believe our destiny is being decided. The alien masquerading as police chief received a phone call from the alien leaders. Someone will arrive to pick us up at 8 o'clock."


Teal'c got a worried expression. "It would seem they have decided Major Carter is no longer required, and the people in the simulation will be lead to believe she died a hero."

"That sounds bad! What will they do to her, if they won't return her to the simulation with the rest of us?"

"From what I heard, they will report to the public that she has died during apprehension - but she will in reality be interrogated first, then killed."

"We need to get out of here!" O'Neill gave Daniel a push. "Wake up!"

"What? What's going on?" Daniel looked sleepily at O'Neill.

There was some noise from the anteroom, sounding like someone entered from outside.

"Just a moment!" O'Neill said. "I need to hear this!"

"...our leaders are most pleased with your apprehension of SG-1," someone said.

"I am always happy to be of assistance," the police chief said. "I had not expected you so soon, but the sooner they are out of here the better. You will take them off my hands now?"

"I will. My people are waiting in a van outside, so please bring SG-1 there quickly."

"Chain the prisoners!" the police chief ordered.

Moments later, several guards entered the room. They went directly to the cell, unlocked it, and began putting the members of SG-1 in chains.

"Hey! Careful!" O'Neill complained, when one of them ungently cuffed him.

Teal'c knocked the heads of two of the guards together, and they fell unconscious to the floor.

"Do that again and you are dead, Jaffa!" the police chief said warningly, pointing at them with a gun. "Since you are incompatible with the mimetic devices mindlink you are very much expendable - just as the injured female!"

"Do as they say for now - there'll be other chances later," O'Neill whispered to him.

Teal'c nodded briefly and sent the police chief a cold look, but he let the guards handcuff him and lead him out after O'Neill and Daniel.

"What about Sam?" Daniel asked.

They had her in handcuffs as well, and roughly dragged her out after them. "Move!" the lead guard ordered.

They were taken outside, to the back of the building, where a large unmarked van was parked. Beside it stood a man wearing an Air Force uniform.

O'Neill stared at him for a moment, sure he recognized him, which only made things more confusing.

"Put them in the back," the man ordered.

The guards did as they were told, and the door soon slammed behind SG-1, who found themselves on a bare floor. The walls were steel, and there were bars in front of the small window in the back of the car. Benches were placed along both sides.

The van started almost immediately, and soon accelerated.

O'Neill checked on Sam, who was still unconscious. "She's alive, but she badly needs treatment."

"Did that guy not look like..." Daniel began.

"That Tok'ra... Malek, yes he did." O'Neill shook his head. "It doesn't make any sense. I mean, we didn't meet him until long after we started hallucinating, ah, you know what I mean! We never met him!"

"Perhaps not, but Major Carter may have memories of him, from Jolinar," Teal'c said.

"You're right. If that's the case, and he is Tok'ra, then we may be safe!" O'Neill said.

"Of course, it could just as well be that he's an alien who's masquerading as someone who just looks like a Tok'ra Sam dreamed up!" Daniel suggested, morosely.

O'Neill sighed. "Possible, but for now I am going to hope my version is the right one, okay?"

One month earlier.

"Jacob, I understand why you want to do this, but the Tau'ri made it quite clear they would have nothing to do with us," Garshaw said. "Even your daughter could not spare the time to meet with you."

"You were in fact one of those sent there, who returned with this information," Delek reminded him. "Why would we want to contact them again?"

"As I told you back then, something seemed off. I also don't believe they'd just tell us to forget about it all - only a few weeks before we were to sign the official treaty!" Jacob said, frustrated. "And Sam would never just have someone else tell me 'sorry, I don't have time to meet you. Ever again. Bye!', That's just not her style."

"I agree with Jacob. It does sound strange," Malek said.

"Since you have never met the Tau'ri, you cannot tell what is strange behaviour for them," Delek pointed out.

"Nor have you. Jacob is the only one here with actual inside knowledge of these people, people who have reportedly shown great interest in becoming our allies. I believe he should be allowed to lead a small expedition there, to see if all is well."

"George Hammond is an old friend of mine, and thinking back, I believe his behaviour was wrong," Jacob added. "I suspect he has been... brainwashed, maybe?"

"It sounds unlikely," Ren'al said. "Selmak, what is your opinion?"

Jacob dipped his head, and gave Selmak control.

"I agree with my host. On afterthought, the people at Stargate Command behaved somewhat unusually - and the fact that they told us the Tau'ri were suddenly no longer interested in any cooperation with us was very strange. At the time, Jacob believed there might have been a change in government, but all General Hammond said was that the decision had been made. He apologized, and asked us to leave immediately, not even allowing Jacob time to go and visit his son, or talk to his daughter."

"Whatever their reasoning, they may not wish for our interference," Garshaw said.

"What if they have been brainwashed in some way? Or maybe their government has been infiltrated by the Goa'uld. If so, we need to know - for our own safety," Selmak argued.

"Did you not report the Tau'ri had ceased exploring the Galaxy through their chaapa'ai?" Malek asked.

"That is so. In fact, the Tau'ri chaapa'ai no longer accepts our iris code."

"Which could mean nothing more than they no longer wish our visits."

"There are many possibilities, but I agree that there is reason to look into it further. Selmak, if you and your host wishes to take the mission, then you may do so. Bring a small team with you. If the planet has indeed been infiltrated by the Goa'uld - or worse - then there is cause for concern," Garshaw said.

"Thank you, Master Garshaw," Selmak said. She bowed her head and gave Jacob control.

"I have a teltac parked on Rol'ah. From there it should only take about a day to Earth."

"I will join you, Jacob," Malek said.

Jacob nodded. "Thank you. You're very welcome. I've got two others who will be going with us as well." He looked to Garshaw. "We'll bring a secure long-range communicator, and report back as soon as we know anything."

"Good. While I hope no Goa'uld has conquered the Tau'ri, I must admit I also hope they have not just decided to break off contact with us. I had high hopes for this cooperation," Garshaw said. "You may leave."

They had driven maybe an hour when the van stopped. The door was opened moments after.

O'Neill, Teal'c, and Daniel were all prepared to try and overtake the people outside and escape, if it turned out it was not their allies who had come for them.

"Jacob!" O'Neill exclaimed, surprised.

Jacob was wearing a green BDU, so they were clearly pretending to be from the Air Force, just like Malek had claimed to be.

"Hello, Jack." He looked past him to Sam, who was lying on the floor in the back of the car, propped up with a jacket as well as her teammates had been able to. "How's Sam?"

"Not so good. She needs antibiotics," O'Neill said, as he stepped out of the car.

Daniel and Teal'c got out as well.

Jacob looked worried. "We'll have to see if we can get some - if a healing device isn't enough."

Another man appeared behind Jacob, this one young, and with brown hair.

"I have a healing device. Let me see if I can help Samantha."

"Martouf!" Daniel exclaimed. "You're alive!" He looked in shock at the Tok'ra, wearing a green BDU, just like Jacob.

Martouf raised an eyebrow. "Of course I am alive. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Uh, long story," Daniel said.

"Very long," O'Neill agreed. "We'll explain later. Can you do something for Carter?"

"I believe so." Martouf went to where Sam was lying, and gently removed the bandage. She moved a little, but did not wake up. Martouf studied the injury, concerned. "The wound is badly infected, and the infection has spread."

He took out his healing device and slipped it on, then activated it. He slowly ran the beam over Sam, then let it focus on the wound on her arm.

"Are we safe here?" O'Neill asked.

"For the time being. We should not stay longer than necessary," Jacob said, turning to see Malek approaching. "Did you catch anything useful on the radio?"

"Only that they have realized we were not the ones who should have collected the prisoners," Malek said. He turned to the members of SG-1 "Hello, my name is Malek."

"Yeah, we know," O'Neill told him.

Malek frowned. "To my knowledge, we have never met."

"That is correct, we have not," Teal'c said.

"However, we... kind of have," Daniel said. "It's... complicated."

"I'll bet." Jacob shook his head. "It looks like there's a lot of things we need to talk about."

O'Neill nodded. "Yes. How much do you guys know about the aliens that have infiltrated Earth? Or the US, at least."

"From what we can tell, it's mostly the US. For now. They've started infiltrating various international organizations, and possibly one other government, but only a very few people in other countries are affected," Jacob said, his gaze sliding to the back of the van where Martouf was still working, concentrated, at healing Sam.

"All right. Do you know how long the aliens have been here?" O'Neill asked. "We've kind of been out of the loop."

"Yes, according to Janet you were most likely captured in an alien machine, which enabled the aliens to masquerade as you," Malek said. "She said that the aliens arrived in late June, according to your calendar."

"Late June! That means we've been in that hallucination for more than 3 months!" Daniel exclaimed. "Wow! That's a bit longer than we thought!"

"Indeed. Major Carter speculated that we most likely were not in it for more than a month, at most two," Teal'c said.

"Oh, and Janet is free? She's with you guys?" Daniel asked.

"She is," Malek confirmed. "We met her shortly after arriving on your world, and she has been a great help to us."

"Wait... Janet?" O'Neill said. "Did you call her Janet?"

"Yes, that is her name, is it not?" Malek asked, confused.

"He means why are you using her first name," Jacob clarified. "Last names aren't used much on most worlds, besides, we've been living closely together." He threw a quick glance at Malek. "Some closer than others."

"Uh... you and Janet...?" Daniel wondered, looking at Malek.

"Janet is a kind and very competent person. I also consider her a, ah, close friend," Malek said, quickly.

Martouf made an amused sound from inside the van. "Yes, you seemed very friendly to each other the other evening." He took a deep breath. "I have healed Samantha's injury, but there is still some infection in her body."

"Can't you do something about it with that thingie?" O'Neill asked, indicating the healing device.

Martouf shook his head, a concerned look on his face. "I have done what I can with this. However, with some help, I believe her own body will be able to overcome the remaining infection." He took out a small bottle from a pocket.

"What's that?" O'Neill asked, when Martouf uncapped it and poured some liquid from it into Sam's mouth, making her drink it.

"Why is she still unconscious?" Daniel wondered.

She coughed, but Martouf held her mouth closed, and she swallowed the liquid. She still did not wake up.

"What did you give her?" O'Neill demanded, taking a step closer to Martouf.

"I gave her something called ta'el shel'mel. It is a strengthening drug - meant to help you recover your strength and recuperate faster. As for why she is still unconscious? I used the healing device to tell her body to remain asleep for now. It will help her heal."

"Okay," O'Neill said, looking only marginally mollified. "Is it even meant to be used on humans? The drug, I mean. Or just on snakes?"

Martouf frowned at O'Neill's hostility, but did not answer immediately. He held his hand above Sam's head, evaluating her energy signature, like the Tok'ra did with each other. "Yes, of course it is intended for use on Tok'ra. It helps the symbiote so it can better heal itself and its host, if they are in a bad shape and cannot easily get help from someone with a healing device, for example."

"I get that, but Carter isn't Tok'ra," O'Neill exclaimed. "Do you have any idea what it will do to her?"

"At least it should not harm a human, and Lantash believes it will help Samantha," Martouf said, getting annoyed at the other's continued suspicion.

"He's right, Jack." Jacob sighed, and went over to look at his daughter. "If it doesn't help, we'll attempt to get some antibiotics from a pharmacy, but right now we should continue. It's not safe to remain here for very long."

"Okay, but as soon as we get back to wherever it is you guys are staying, I want to hear all you know about these damn aliens!" O'Neill insisted. "No holding back like you guys always do!"

Jacob gave him a surprised look, clearly not understanding why O'Neill was behaving the way he did. "You will," he finally said. "Get into the car."

Martouf got out, and SG-1 got back into the back of the van, and Jacob closed the door after them.

"Um, Jack..." Daniel said.

"What?" O'Neill looked up, from where he was obviously lost in dark thoughts.

"Didn't you notice Jacob's and Martouf's reaction?"

"What do you mean?"

"To the way you behaved. You were suspicious of Martouf's treatment of Sam, and basically told him and the other Tok'ra you didn't trust them."

"Well, I don't! And? They've got to be used to that by now!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Are they? I talked to Sam about it, and I've thought about what she said. All that hostility between us and the Tok'ra, it all happened after the time when we got stuck in that hallucination. In short, it never happened in reality!"

"Daniel Jackson is correct," Teal'c said.

"That can't be true! I clearly remember..." O'Neill hesitated. "That is, I think I remember." He shook his head. "Those damn aliens! I can't tell what's really happened and what's not."

"No, it's pretty confusing," Daniel agreed. "But we did learn that it's mid-October 2000 now. Anything and everything after that hasn't happened - and according to Jacob, we got captured in late June, so anything after that hasn't happened."

"Unless Jacob and the other Tok'ra are really aliens. I mean, those other aliens."

"I do not believe so. We know from earlier that symbiotes hinder the alien mindlink," Teal'c said.

"Besides, they rescued us, didn't they?" Daniel pointed out.

O'Neill nodded slowly. "Yes, they did, and you're probably right. I'd still feel better about it if Carter was awake and could tell me she senses a symbiote in them!"

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