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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 12/21

12. Preparations for a Mission


"You hacked their systems?" Sam asked, impressed.

"Yes, I believe that is the word your people use. We needed information about the alien bases, and the aliens movements. Unfortunately, we can only access the lowest level of the secured systems," Martouf said, sitting down before a computer.

"But you don't know anything about our computers!"

"We have been here a month, Samantha. Tok'ra learn quickly." His expression became somewhat arrogant. "We also have knowledge of much more advanced computer systems than your planet has."

Sam rolled her eyes. "Of course you do! What's the problem getting into the more secure levels?"

He hesitated for a moment. "We are not completely sure, but we believe that there is some sort of telepathic signal involved, which is necessary to authenticate for higher and more secure levels. A signal that possibly are sent through a network that connects all the aliens in some way."

"Oh." Sam frowned. "Well that could certainly make things more difficult. How are we going to avoid the alien giving away our location then, if we do capture one?"

"Jacob and Aldwin returned to the Tok'ra in our teltac to report, about two weeks ago. When they came back they brought some devices we will need, including a stasis chamber. The alien will be placed in that until we learn how to block their transmissions."

"Okay. Sounds good." She sat down on a chair beside him. "Let me see what you've found on their computers until now."

"Okay, I give up! You're right - there doesn't seem to be any way of getting through to their more secure levels!" Sam exclaimed, sending the computer a disgusted look.

"We do not have any means of authenticating, no, and that seems necessary. Perhaps we will when we capture one of the aliens," Lantash said.

Sam nodded. "Let's hope so." She sighed. "These computers seems weirdly old and outdated."

Lantash raised his eyebrows. "It does seem slow compared with our computers, but I had thought it was a fairly new computer for your world?"

"Oh, it is." She shook her head. "Never mind, it's just me comparing it to the fancier computers I - or some of the others - had dreamed up in the hallucination."

Lantash nodded. "I understand."

"Hi, guys! Found anything useful?" O'Neill asked, sticking his head into the room.

"Not a lot, sir," Sam said. "We did confirm that we're wanted, after our escape - and that they've got Malek's picture too, but we knew that."

"No signs of the Targs knowing where we are? Or that the Tok'ra are here?"

"There is no indication of that," Lantash said. "We are safe. For now, at least."

"Okay." O'Neill nodded. "Keep an eye on it regularly." He went and closed the door. "One more thing..."

"Sir?" Sam asked, confused.

"Before we go further with this, and send people off on their own - I really need to know that everyone can be trusted. And in this situation that means knowing that no one is a Targ. Marty showed us he bleeds red, and I trust SG-1, but the rest? Carter, do you sense their symbiotes?"

Sam nodded. "Yes, I do. Well, except for Janet, of course, but I'd assume the Tok'ra know she can be trusted and have checked her out." She looked to Lantash.

"We have." He turned to O'Neill. "I understand your concern, sir. It is certainly valid. However, I assure you no one here is an impostor. We also make sure no one leaves this place alone - or is left behind here alone."

"Good," O'Neill said, relieved. "Then we're good. Carry on."

"Sam?" Jacob asked. "What is it?"

"I... just wanted to talk to you," Sam said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"About what? Can't it wait?*

Sam nodded. "Sure. Actually, I just wanted to, well, tell you to take care." She smiled.

"Of course. I always do." He frowned, then sighed. "Selmak reminds me you've spent some time hallucinating that I was dead. Sorry."

Sam shook her head. "No worries. By the way - do you know how Mark and his family is doing?"

"I know they're alive. We decided it would be too risky to contact them, all things considered, but Janet called them for me. She talked to Mark's wife, pretending to be calling for you, since she's your friend. It's soon Lisa's birthday, so Janet said you wanted to know if she wanted something."

"Sneaky," Sam agreed. "She's... uh, Four...? Six?" She groaned. "I'm sorry. Damn hallucination! She's five."

Jacob nodded. "Right. Anyway, Marian sounded perfectly normal and told Janet what Lisa wanted - and a boy shouted something in the background about wanting a gift too."

"Great, so William is okay too," Sam said, relieved. "Wait! It just was Lisa's birthday!"

"Yes, and we sent her a nice gift from you - and one from me. And something for William too." Jacob smiled, then spotted Aldwin and Teal'c in the doorway.. "Okay, honey? I'll have to go now."

"Good luck." She gave Jacob a hug.

"Make sure to keep the hat on at all times. A Jaffa is going to stick out like a sore thumb," Jacob reminded Teal'c.

Teal'c inclined his head. "I will." He adjusted the hat.

"Well, I guess we take a walk, try to lay low," Jacob said, pulling the hood of his jacket up. "We don't want to risk being recognized."

They had flown their teltac to the forests just outside Colorado Springs, and cloaked it. After stealing a car, they had driven into the city.

They parked the car behind a bar, and got out. The place was known as one of the bars frequented by Air Force personnel, including those from Stargate Command. Hopefully they would see someone there whom Teal'c had noticed at the alien facility in Alaska.

Of course, it was a dangerous gamble, since someone could recognize Teal'c - or maybe even Jacob. However, it was now late Friday evening, there was a lot of people, and both Teal'c and Jacob were dressed in a way that concealed them quite well.

They entered the bar, without anyone paying attention to them. Instructed by Jacob, Aldwin went to the bar and ordered beer for himself and Jacob, and a ginger ale for Teal'c.

The place was crowded, but they managed to find a spot by the wall, from where they could overlook the bar.

"Do you really think an alien would go to a bar, or get a drink?" Aldwin wondered in a low voice.

"Given that we're all - one way or another - aliens here, then I guess the answer to that is yes," Jacob whispered, a wry smile on his face. "Relax, I know what you meant, and you're right, maybe not, but they may feel they have to, in order to... blend in."

Aldwin nodded and took a drink from his beer. He grimaced. "This is quite bitter."

Jacob grinned, and just took a long drink from his own bottle.

"Is it not unusual for humans to go to a bar and not drink alcohol?" Teal'c wondered, when they had left the bar, without spotting anyone he had seen at the facility.

"Well, no. There's some people who for one reason or another doesn't drink alcohol. You don't, for instance."

"I am a Jaffa," Teal'c said.

Jacob nodded. "Yes, and you're right that it's strange how many we noticed not drinking. They could be aliens, but we can't just walk up to them and ask. Not in such a large group of people such as this. It could be very dangerous. We just need to be sure."

They got back into their car.

"Where should we go now?" Aldwin asked.

"Dinner?" Jacob asked.

"Indeed. It has been many hours since we ate," Teal'c said.

"Okay, anyone up for pizza?" Jacob suggested.

"I am 'up' for pizza," Teal'c answered.

"Aldwin? You've tried it - that's the flat round breads with various toppings that we had during the first week we were here."

Aldwin nodded. "I remember. Yes, that would be agreeable."

"General Carter, if you continue to the end of this street, and then turn left, there is a pizza restaurant where we got pizza's when..." Teal'c stopped what he was saying. "My apologies. That event... did not happen in reality."

"Well, maybe not, but there is a pizza place there," Jacob said. "I vote we try it. No reason why it can't be good in reality too - someone in the simulation probably knew about it."

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