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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 13/21

13. Capturing an Alien


"Stop!" Teal'c whispered, when they were about to get into the car after getting pizza. "Major Ferretti."

Jacob and Aldwin looked in the direction Teal'c was indicating, seeing a man enter the pizza restaurant.

"He's one of the people you saw at the alien facility?" Jacob asked.

"He is," Teal'c confirmed.

"Then he is likely a, a Targ," Aldwin said.

"All right. We follow him, and see if we can grab him." Jacob looked around. It was quite late, almost midnight, in fact, and not many people were nearby. "No car parked here - either he's walking, or he's parked somewhere else.

They put the pizzas into the car and went to stand where they would not be seen when 'Ferretti' exited the pizzeria again.

Some time later, 'Ferretti' left the pizza place and walked down the street. Jacob and the others followed, trying to seem like they were just three friends out for a walk.

"He has bought several boxes of pizza. No doubt he is meeting someone," Teal'c observed.

"In which case we need to get to him before he reaches those people," Aldwin added.

'Ferretti' turned left, into an alley. No one else was around.

"Now!" Jacob whispered.

They all rushed forward, closing the distance between them and 'Ferretti' quickly. He heard them running towards him, and turned around, dropping the pizza-boxes. He reached inside his coat, and brought out a gun.

Teal'c was on him before he could use the weapon, and they fell to the ground together.

"Help! Assault!" 'Ferretti' got out, before Teal'c had knocked him out.

After making sure no one else was watching, Jacob shot 'Ferretti' with a zat'nik'tel when Teal'c had jumped off him.

"Do we know that will work on such a creature?" Aldwin asked.

"No, but what choice do we have? Don't forget that the aliens are probably able to communicate telepathically - and call for help," Jacob said. He bent down and snatched the gun from 'Ferretti'. "Let's get out of here - quickly."

A door slammed open. "What is going on here!" an angry voice demanded.

Three more angry people spilled from the door.

"You don't want to get involved!" Jacob threatened, aiming the gun at the approaching people.

"On the contrary - it is you who do not wish to be involved!" the front man hissed menacingly, as he grabbed for his weapon.

His two compatriots were drawing their weapons too. Aldwin fired his zat'nik'tel at the leader, but there was no reaction. Jacob, who was armed with a gun, shot at the leader, causing purple blood to leak out.

The leader fell to his knees, and uttered something in the guttural language of the mimetic aliens, and the two men with him fired immediately at Jacob and Aldwin, who jumped for safety.

Teal'c had quickly moved behind a container when it all started, and so their enemies did not seem to have noticed him. He now took advantage of that, grabbing a heavy rock from the ground and hurling it towards the nearest of the two men shooting at Jacob and Aldwin. The rock impacted hard, and the target fell over, unmoving.

This gave Jacob and Aldwin the opportunity to finish off the other guy, and the street was silent again.

"Well that answered that," Jacob said. "Zat'nik'tels doesn't work on the aliens."

"And they are, ah, aliens - all three of them," Aldwin pointed out.

The purple blood was flowing from the two dead aliens, who had turned back into their natural form. Blood was also seeping from the head of the alien Teal'c had hit with a rock, but he still looked like the human he was masquerading as.

"He... it is still alive, but unconscious," Aldwin said, hesitantly leaning down to check on the injured alien. "What do we do about him?"

"He's seen us, and we can't take more than one anyway. Only one option," Jacob said, firing a shot at the alien's head, killing him. "We only have one stasis chamber. Come on - we need to get out of here before someone shows up!"

They heard sirens approaching. It was clear someone had called the police.

"What if 'Ferretti' wakes up? The zat'nik'tel did not work on them," Aldwin reminded them, when they were hurrying back to their car, with Teal'c carrying the unconscious alien.

"There are other ways of rendering someone unconscious," Teal'c said.

No one seemed to want to stop them, and they reached their car moments later.

However, they had barely turned out on the street, before two police cars appeared at the other end.

"Damn!" Jacob exclaimed, stepping hard on the speeder.

"The alien is waking up," Teal'c said.

"Keep him unconscious! I don't care how!" Jacob ordered, turning into another street. "Just don't kill him!"

The police cars were still after them, and the road they were going down now had more traffic, meaning it was harder to steer when going fast, overtaking the other cars.

"The zat'nik'tels may work against the police vehicles," Teal'c said, rolling down the window. He reached out and aimed at the nearest of the followers, then firing.

"No! Wait! We don't know if..." Jacob began.

Blue light enveloped the police car, and its engine stopped. The car continued for a while longer, then slowly stopped completely.

"I was successful," Teal'c announced. "The other vehicle is still pursuing." He fired at that one too, with the same result.

"Well done, Teal'c!" Aldwin exclaimed.

Jacob continued at high speed until they were out of the city. More sirens could be heard, but they were distant now . He let out a sigh of relief as he turned onto the road into the forest, towards where they had parked their teltac.

"Sorry, Teal'c. I was worried the police officers inside the cars would be affected. If they'd become unconscious with the cars still running, it could have resulted in a nasty accident, with many dead and injured."

"You are correct. However, I remember Major Carter telling me electricity cannot enter a car. I merely... assumed the same would be true for the energy of a zat'nik'tel shot," Teal'c explained.

"Well, it worked, and we got away. What about the alien?" Jacob asked.

"Unconscious, but alive," Teal'c said.

"I wonder if it is a natural feature which makes them immune to zat'nik'tel fire, or if it has to due with their suits. It looked like they had some sort of exoskeleton, in addition to the armor they wore," Aldwin said.

"Unknown. It would be nice to know, though, so it's too bad we didn't get a chance to bring one of the dead aliens," Jacob said.

They continued along a forest road for maybe ten minutes, then Jacob parked the car behind some bushes.

"The other Targs will probably be in trouble when the police finds the dead aliens, since they look so... well, alien," Aldwin said.

"Unless the police are not human," Teal'c said.

"And if they are, the police officers will probably be killed off before they get a chance to say anything." Jacob sighed. "I have a feeling the Targs have Colorado Springs very much in their grasp."

They decloaked their teltac and got inside, Teal'c carrying the alien who was by now waking up again.

"We need to get him into stasis quickly!" Teal'c warned.

Teal'c put the Ferretti-impostor inside the stasis chamber and Jacob and Aldwin activated it.

"All right, that should stop him from regaining consciousness and reporting on us," Jacob said, relieved.

"What about the Tau'ri vehicle we used?" Aldwin wondered.

"The car?" Jacob considered it. "We're leaving it. It's more than likely someone saw it and can recognize it. We'll fly back to the others in the teltac, all of us."

"Day is breaking," Teal'c observed.

"Right, we'd better get out of here before someone shows up and starts searching the area. We don't know how technologically advanced the Targs are - if they can detect our ship," Jacob said.

"I believe we have all the components we need now," Martouf said.

Sam nodded. "I agree."

"Okay, let's get the Hell out of here, then," O'Neill said, throwing nervous glances around the place.

"Dad said they had gotten stuff from this place before, and that no one is guarding it," Sam said, taking a look at what was in a box on a shelf. "It's storage for Boise State University - old stuff one step away from getting thrown out, so probably not something they check on every year." She picked something out of the box and added it to the box of stuff she was taking.

"Good. I'll still feel better when we're out of here," O'Neill said. "And back in Janet's sister's cabin. It's about 120 miles from here - 3-4 hours drive, so we should get going."

"It is also the middle of the night," Martouf reminded him. "Not many people will be out on the roads."

"Maybe, but that also means we stick out more," O'Neill said. "Come on."

They left the storage building, making sure the door locked behind them, and then they loaded the stuff into their car.

"We possibly need an extra power supply," Sam suddenly said. "Maybe a small generator too."

"We have brought several extra liquid naquadah power cells, so it is more than enough," Martouf said.

Sam nodded. "Okay, great!"

They got into the car and O'Neill drove out onto the small road leading from the place. They met no one, and soon they could turn out onto a larger street. He let out a sigh of relief when no one was there to notice them.

It was after noon when they got up the next day, after returning very late night.

"I wonder how my dad, Teal'c, and Aldwin are doing," Sam said, worried, as she sat down to eat breakfast - or rather late lunch.

"I am certain they are well, Samantha. They are all experienced operatives and warriors," Martouf told her.

"I know. I just don't like sitting here, not being part of it." She poured herself a cup of coffee and took a slice of toast. "Let's hope they capture one of the aliens, so we can test the disruption device - when we get it built."

"Targs. I wonder how many there are of them. The facility we were in seemed pretty full, so if that's any indication..." O'Neill said. He grabbed the box of cereal and poured some into his bowl.

"Martouf, you guys said you'd found out that the aliens were concentrated in five localities - aside from Colorado Springs and Washington. Do you know it there are any more facilities like the one we were in, among them?" Sam wondered.

Martouf nodded. "We are fairly certain there is at least one more. Possibly several more. We have the locations, but we have not yet had the opportunity to send someone there to find out." He took a drink from his glass of milk.

"Hi, guys!" Daniel said, going to sit down with the others. "I thought I'd grab a cup of coffee with you sleepyheads."

O'Neill snorted. "You didn't spend the night robbing storerooms and driving through half of Idaho!"

"That's maybe a bit of an exaggeration..." Sam said.

"Malek says he just got a message from Jacob - they've caught one of the aliens and have him in a stasis chamber," Daniel told them. "The alien was masquerading as Ferretti!"

"Ferretti? Really?" O'Neill said.

"They won't come back here until tonight, because they don't know if the aliens will be able to detect the teltac, even if it's cloaked."

Sam nodded. "That makes sense. A ship with an active power signature, particularly while flying through the atmosphere, can be detected. Even if it's cloaked. " She smiled. "I'm glad the mission was successful."

"Agreed. We should get to work on the disruption device as soon as we have eaten," Martouf said.

"Great!" O'Neill smiled. "Soon we'll be able to kick the Targs asses, I'm sure!"

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