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After giving a sleepy Martouf and Lantash several more kisses, Sam had snuck back to her room early in the morning, since she did not want to risk her father knocking on her door and discovering no one was there.

With a smile on her lips, she crawled into her bed. She spent a few moments thinking fondly about what she and Martouf/Lantash had spent the night doing, and looking forward to the next many days, where he would be in her house, with her.

Soon she fell asleep, dreaming sweetly about Martouf and Lantash.

"I think Jacob knows - or suspects - that we spent the night mating," Martouf said, when they were in the air, flying back to Denver.

"Uh," Sam looked around at the other passengers, but no one seemed to have heard. "Don't talk about that so loudly," she whispered.

Martouf looked bashful. "Sorry."

"Why do you think dad knows?" Sam asked, keeping her voice low.

"Well, he pulled me aside to talk, shortly before we left..."

Sam winced. "Ah, I thought that was just about the possible leak in the Stargate program. He talked about that yesterday. I'm sorry if he's giving you a hard time."

Martouf shook his head. "It is not a problem. Apparently he had, ah, passed by in the corridor tonight, and heard us, I presume."

Sam sighed. "What did he say?"

"He... merely wanted to know what my intentions were towards you, and to... ah, assure me that I would not want to know what would happen to me if I ever 'broke your heart', as he called it." He looked confused, and very worried. "He does not think I would ever do you harm, does he?"

Sam groaned. "No, he's just being overprotective. He's been that way since... well, since I was engaged to a controlling idiot named Jonas Hanson. Come to think of it, dad would probably be that way anyway, but me being engaged to Jonas sure didn't help." She sighed. "Breaking someone's heart means to cause them emotional pain - of the devastating kind."

Martouf nodded, still looking unsettled. "Samantha, I would never do anything to cause you harm or pain. Neither would Lantash."

She smiled softly at him. "I know, Martouf. I guess fathers are just supposed to worry - and when the father in question is also a retired general, well, I guess this is what you get." She took his hands in hers. "Martouf, please don't let my dad scare you. His bark is worse than his bite - if you get what I mean."

Martouf smiled. "I believe I do. Lantash reminds me that Jacob has used that particular figure of speech before."

Sam nodded. "All right." She gave him a smile and leaned in to give him a quick kiss. "I look forward to having you alone with me, in my house," she whispered. "Just the three of us."

Martouf's smile grew wider. "I very much look forward to that as well, my Samantha!" He returned the kiss, then contentedly pulled her as close to him as he could, sitting as they did in the plane seats with their seat belts on.

"It's dinner time. What do you say we buy pizza or something, and eat at my place?" Sam asked, when they drove into Colorado Springs.

"That is most agreeable," Lantash said. He grinned. "As long as we will soon be alone together in your house."

Sam rolled her eyes at him, but smiled. "Okay - I'll buy pizza from the place my team usually get them. It's on the way to my house from here."

"Pizza, that is the flat breads with cheese, tomato, and other toppings, is it not?"

"Yes. Right, you tried it when you joined SG-1 for a team night, didn't you?"

"I did. We also watched two Tau'ri movies."

Sam laughed. "Oh, god, yes! I remember now! Teal'c and the Colonel had picked a movie each, and you, me, and Daniel kept commenting on stuff that made no sense."

"They were not pleased," Lantash said, a wry grin on his face. "I believe I owe them an apology."

"I think you owe them more than that. I believe the Colonel said that as punishment, you're in charge of arranging a team night - including the food!"

"He did." Lantash nodded. "Perhaps he will enjoy trying some Tok'ra dishes."

"Perhaps." Sam smiled. She turned off the road and into a small parking lot. "The pizza place is here. Do you want to come in with me?"

"Certainly." He frowned. "I believe Martouf and I would like a pizza without, ah, anchovies?"

Sam laughed. "Sure. I don't like them either, so that's not a problem. I'll get two different pizzas, then we can share, if you want."

Lantash sniffed the pleasant aroma coming from the boxes of pizza. "Martouf and I are suddenly very hungry. We look forward to eating."

"So do I. It's hardly surprising, since we haven't had any food since lunch."

She drove the fairly short distance to her house, while Lantash looked out the window at the city and the streetlights, very interested in it all.

"A small amount of snow has fallen, but not very much," Lantash observed, when they walked from the garage to the front door.

"Yeah, we rarely get much down here. If you want, we can maybe take a trip up in the mountains - there will be more snow." She opened the door. "Come on - let's get the luggage inside before the pizza get cold!"

They carried all their stuff inside, then went to sit down in the couch to eat their food.

Lantash had looked at everything in the kitchen and living room with interest. "I like your house. It is much more pleasing than your brother's."

"Thanks," Sam said, smiling. She poured diet coke in her own glass. "I assume you still want regular coke?"

"Yes, please." He opened the first of the pizza boxes. "This is the one with sausages on."

"Pepperoni, yes. The other pizza is just cheese, tomato sauce, and basil. That's what you said you prefered, right?"

Lantash nodded. "It is. I find the sausage a bit too salty."

"Suits me fine." Sam smiled, grabbing a piece of the pepperoni pizza. "I usually don't eat it either, since it isn't really healthy, but once in a while I like it."

Lantash picked up a slice of the pizza he preferred, and ate it slowly.

Both Sam and Martouf/Lantash were hungry, and neither said much while they ate their food.

When Lantash had emptied his glass of cola, his gaze fell on the fireplace. "Would you like me to build a fire? I believe it would be... pleasing to look at."

"Build a fire?" Sam looked surprised. "Sure, why not? It's actually a little chilly, and I agree it would be nice and cozy. It's just not something I do very often." She grinned. "Actually, I can't remember when I last did, but at least it should be okay. I had the chimney checked out early December, like I do every year."

"All right." Lantash got up, and went to the fireplace, and studied it.

"Remember to open the damper - so the smoke will go up the chimney instead of in here," Sam told him.

"I believe I have found it," Lantash said, opening it. He proceeded to build the fire, using tinder and kindling first, and then adding logs.

When he was satisfied with the setup, he lighted the fire. It caught quickly, and burned nicely. He smiled, pleased.

"Very nice!" Sam told him. "Now come back here and keep me company!"

"I just need to wash my hands," Lantash said, going to the kitchen to do so. "I will be with you in a moment."

Meanwhile, Sam had moved the pizza boxes away from the low table by the couch. She had then gone to her winerack, and was holding up a bottle. "Do you want a glass of wine? I thought it might be nice to sit here in the pleasant warmth and drink a glass together."

"That sounds very nice," Lantash said, sitting down in the couch again. "I would like that."

Sam opened the bottle and grabbed two glasses, then joined Lantash on the couch. She gave him one of the glasses, and then poured for them both.

"Cheers," she said, clinking her glass against his.

"Cheers," Lantash replied, drinking from the glass.

He put an arm around Sam and she leaned against him with a contented sigh.

"This really is nice," she said, sipping her wine. She snuggled closer to him.

Lantash nodded and took another drink from his wine, then turned to kiss Sam.

She returned the kiss, deepening it almost immediately. Lantash put his glass on the table, and took hers, putting it there as well.

"I thought we should take advantage of the room being warmer, and perhaps remove some of all these clothes?" he suggested, a naughty expression on his face.

"Great idea," Sam murmured, as she leaned in to kiss him again.

It would be quite late before they made it to the bedroom.

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