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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 16/21

16. Progress - and More Happiness (NC-17 for sex, Sam/Martouf/Lantash)


The next day passed with one group working on creating an effective disruption device that would work "in the field", and the other group working on a telepathic scrambler.

Since the forceshield that protected the mimicking device was integrated in the aliens suit, they had to do part of the work on the teltac.

When it was time to eat dinner, they had constructed a disruption device which worked with a radius of maybe 30 feet, and it would just be a matter of power to make it work in a larger area.

Meanwhile, Sam and Martouf/Lantash had succeeded in creating a telepathic scrambler, meaning it would no longer be necessary to keep the alien in stasis, in order to avoid compromising their location.

"All right," O'Neill said, when they were all sitting down to eat. "It looks like we're getting closer to being able to strike back!"

"Yes, if we set up disruption devices and telepathic scramblers near all the large congregation of aliens, we should be able to keep them occupied and in hiding while we free their prisoners and destroy their mindlink machines," Jacob said.

Malek nodded. "That should be enough to cause the majority of the aliens to vacate the planet. The rest can hopefully be found and taken care of, when there is no longer a concern about anyone's identity."

"Great, then the plan is clear. You guys just need to produce a bunch of those disruption and scrambling thingies." O'Neill smiled. "On that note - while you guys have been doing your sciency stuff, Teal'c, Daniel, Janet, and I went shopping and got some wine and other stuff. We thought we'd celebrate a little. Keep up morale, or whatever." He shrugged. "Not that you guys probably need it, since you've been fighting the Goa'uld for ages already."

"It is most appreciated," Martouf said. "The Tok'ra does that too, O'Neill. Even we need to relax and enjoy life sometimes."

"What do you know! Maybe you're not so bad anyway." He grinned. "Come, Teal'c - let's get the good stuff."

Teal'c inclined his head. "Yes. There is also fruit juice, for myself - and anyone else who prefers that."

Martouf nodded in greeting at Malek, when he saw the other Tok'ra by Janet's door. Her door opened, and Malek snuck inside, sending Martouf a loopy grin.

After that, Martouf remained in the corridor for a few moments. He had just finished getting ready for bed, and briefly considered knocking on Sam's door. They had been kept very busy all day, or been around the others, and so had not had the opportunity to either discuss the kisses on the teltac, or - something he very much hoped would happen - continue their interrupted kisses and caresses.

Lantash urged him to knock on Sam's door, but Martouf was worried she might already be asleep, or that she would not want to risk her friends finding out about their - possible - relationship.

He had just decided to wait until the morning, when the door to Sam's room opened.

"Are you going to come in, or do you want to stand out here all night?" she asked.

"How did you know I was out here?" Martouf wondered.

"You were pacing. Also, I can sense you." She smiled. "So? Do you want to come in?"

"Yes! Definitely." He quickly stepped inside, not wanting her to change her mind. He let his gaze slide over her, taking in the fact that she was only wearing a short, rather flimsy nightgown.

"Good!" Sam shut the door, locking it. She looked at him, as he stood there, wearing a Tau'ri pyjamas, "Did my dad give you that?"

"Janet did, actually. She kindly procured nightwear - and Tau'ri clothing in general - for all of us."

Sam nodded, then threw her arms around him. "I was really hoping you would come," she added, before kissing him. "That I hadn't, well, scared you off or something."

"You could never do that," Martouf murmured before kissing her softly.

He deepened the kiss and let his hands slide down over her back, down to her ass. Sam made a soft sound and slipped one of her hands up under his pyjamas top, letting her other hand slide to his firm butt.

She kissed him again, then pulled back enough that she could look him in the eyes. Normally pale, they were now dark with arousal.

"I want you," Sam said. "I... I know we haven't really talked, but I don't want to wait. What we're going to do, this upcoming mission... it's dangerous. If anything should happen, I don't want to live with the regret of not, well..." She blushed.

"I feel the same, Samantha. Our lives are dangerous, and we should embrace any chance of happiness." He pulled her closer again. "Let us spend the night giving each other pleasure." He looked her deeply in the eyes. "Lantash and I do very much hope there will be many more such nights - and days - and we wish to talk to you about that. About a possible shared future. Later."

Sam swallowed, suddenly very sure she loved him. Instead of replying in words, since she did not know how to even begin, she merely nodded and threw her arms around him, kissing him almost desperately.

She pressed her body against his, wrapping a leg around him and rubbing herself against the large bulge in his pants. Martouf gasped and pushed her up against the wall, kissing her passionately.

She pushed his shirt up, and slid her hands over the soft, naked skin of his back. Martouf pulled off his shirt entirely, and threw it in the general direction of a nearby chair, before turning his focus back to Sam. He let his hands glide up her sides, to her breasts, cupping them in his hands.

He licked and kissed his way from her mouth, down over her jaw, down to her throat, then further down towards her breasts. He pulled at her flimsy nightgown, not wanting anything in his way.

Martouf's eyes flashed as Lantash took control, and immediately removed Sam's nightwear, pulling it over her head and dropping it carelessly on the floor.

He filled his hands with her naked breasts, fondling them. He took one nipple between his lips, and flicked his tongue over the sensitive tip, feeling it harden. He repeated the treatment on the other, making Sam moan and close her eyes, and lean back against the wall behind her.

Lantash trailed kisses down over her stomach, kneeling in front of her and peeling off her panties. He placed a kiss on her mound, then on her inner thighs. Sam made a gasp when he spread her folds with his fingers, and grazed her clit with his thumb.

He slipped a finger into her. "You are very wet, my Samantha," Lantash said, a pleased expression on his face. "Wet for me." He gave her a naughty grin. "I will make sure your anticipation does not become disappointment." He made a long lick from her opening to her clit, which he sucked on. He flicked his tongue over the sensitive spot, using his fingers to pleasure her as well.

Sam moaned and entangled her fingers in his hair, pulling softly on it as he continued his mission to bring her to a satisfying climax. He was very skilled, and it did not take long before she came with a cry. She would have collapsed from the intense orgasm, if Lantash had not immediately picked her up and carried her to the bed.

She looked on with a sated smile while he quickly divested himself of his pants, and joined her on the bed. "Mmm, you are wonderful, Lantash, did you know that?"

"Of course." He gave her a self-assured smile. "But I am still pleased to hear you say it."

Sam rolled her eyes, but smiled. "Naughty scoundrel!"

"Perhaps," he agreed, lying down on top of her. "But I am quite certain you prefer me that way." He kissed her deeply, sliding a hand down between her legs.

Sam quickly responded to his caresses, and soon she was moaning and writhing under him. Martouf was urging Lantash on, since their shaft was so hard it was beginning to hurt, and they both desperately wanted to thrust it into Sam.

Unable to wait any longer, Lantash spread her folds and positioned his cock, thrusting into her. Sam made a soft gasp, and bucked up against him, causing him to sink in deeper.

"Yes! Take me!" she pleaded.

Very willing to do just that, he pulled back a little, then pushed forward again, repeating it again and again, each time a little faster, harder. She was so tight and wet, and it was driving him crazy with lust. He was constantly just on the edge of losing control and ram into her hard - which would probably cause him to come moments later.

Lantash gave Martouf control, and he continued thrusting into her, almost without missing a beat. He paused, briefly, just as much to try and control himself, as anything else.

"My beautiful Samantha," Martouf said, hoarsely. He kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth.

Sam moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around him, losing herself in the passionate kiss. She wiggled her hips under him, rubbing herself against him, desperate for even more stimulation. Martouf raised himself a little, just enough that he could get a hand in between them, and rub at her clit.

She gasped, and tried to push harder against him, so very close to coming. "Fuck me!" she begged. "Take me hard." She bucked against him again.

He forgot all plans he might have had about making her come one more time before he did, and started to ride her hard, his focus now only on his impending release. It did not take long before he climaxed, spilling his seed in her and calling out her name. Moments later, Sam joined him, coming hard.

Sated and happy, they fell asleep, snuggling closely together.

Sam had been a little worried about what her team mates might say - not to mention her father - but they had only given her and Martouf/Lantash amused looks. Perhaps they had not been as subtle in their interest for each other as they had thought.

However, Jacob had pulled Martouf/Lantash aside after breakfast, saying he wanted to talk to him about something.

Later, when Sam inquired, Martouf/Lantash insisted Jacob had just wanted his guarantee that his 'intentions were honourable' - something Martouf had happily assured him.

The next couple of weeks passed by quickly, with the days full of work. Since everyone knew anyway, Martouf/Lantash had taken to sleeping in Sam's room, just as Malek slept with Janet.

When the first week of November had gone by, they had finished enough of both the mimetic disrupters and the telepathic blockers, and even combined them into a small disruptor-blocker combo. The idea was to plant the devices on the largest alien facilities and bases at the same time, so as to cause chaos and disrupt communication for long enough to free the human prisoners.

Divested of their possibility to use the mindlinks, the Targs would have a much harder time pretending to be human, particularly the specific individuals they had been impersonating. In addition, SG-1 and the Tok'ra hoped the majority of the aliens would attempt to escape - or maybe even surrender - if the mimetic devices could be kept from working for a longer period of time.

Using the knowledge they had gleaned about the aliens and their telepathy, Sam and Martouf/Lantash succeeded in getting through to more secure levels of the aliens computer systems. They had learned that what the Targ masquerading as Ferretti had communicated when he was briefly awake on Earth, had just been a sort of authorization code - a means to identify who he was. Aside from that, he had informed the other Targs that he had been captured by someone with a spaceship. That was all, but it had helped immensely in cracking the aliens computer systems.

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