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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 17/21

17. Preparations


"That means we know with certainty that the Targs have five major bases, three of which have facilities like the one we were in nearby," Sam said. "Two large ones, and one smaller."

"Each of the large facilities hold about 250 humans, all of which are mind-linked to one of the aliens," Martouf added. "The smaller one has around 100."

"That... is a lot of aliens!" O'Neill said.

Martouf nodded. "Yes. As far as we have been able to tell, all the Targs are linked to someone."

"So about 600 aliens." Jacob looked stern.

"All of whom are pretending to be humans, many in sensitive positions." O'Neill shook his head.

"Well, hopefully we can take them down now?" Daniel said. "What about Stargate Command?"

"Everyone there is a Targ," Sam said.

Jacob nodded. "Makes sense. They can't risk letting humans work there among them, in a place that holds their only means of escape."

"What about Colorado Springs?" Daniel wondered. "I mean, there's a lot more people there, they can't all be Targs."

"No, they are not, but some of those in influential positions are," Sam said.

"You've got a list of them?" O'Neill asked.

"We have partial lists of those who have been replaced, but not complete lists, no," Sam admitted.

"However, since we know where all the mindlink-facilities are, we will know all who are really Targs when we free the prisoners there," Martouf said.

O'Neill nodded. "True. Okay, anything else you've learned?"

"Well..." Sam looked to Martouf. "We actually found some reports on us. SG-1, I mean. Much of it we already knew, or guessed, though."

"Apparently the leader of your country had taken some interest in SG-1 after you saved the planet. More than once, even. The interest seems to be particularly in you, Colonel O'Neill," Martouf said. "This meant the Targs could use your likeness to get someone into a position of power, as military advisor to the president."

"Yes, we already know that," O'Neill said.

Undeterred, Martouf continued. "Your persona in the simulation would have become suspicious if the rest of SG-1 was dead, or otherwise not there. That would apparently cause problems with the mind-link, perhaps not enable the alien pretending to be you to behave satisfactorily."

"In addition, Teal'c and I were needed for our knowledge of the Goa'uld - to create realistic scenarios involving them," Sam explained. "Of course, by now the hallucination - or simulation - has gotten to the point where the Goa'uld are almost entirely removed from importance, so we are no longer as important. Also, since Teal'c and I can't have our minds linked to the aliens, we aren't worth a lot otherwise to the Targs."

"They do wanted as many as possible of you back in the simulation - if it was not too troublesome," Martouf said. "At least until they could, well, manipulate the simulation so that you were no longer needed."

"Wonderful - and how would they do that? They can't enter the hallucination, can they?" O'Neill wondered.

Martouf shook his head. "No, but apparently they had some help."

"Some humans appears to have known who the aliens were, but cooperated with them for personal gain," Sam explained.

"Damn traitors!" O'Neill exclaimed, angrily.

"We have their names on lists, so we can capture them later, when we have removed the Targs from the planet," Sam said.

"Are the aliens only here in the US?" Daniel asked. "Or are there some outside as well, like you thought?"

"There are some, but the aliens are mainly here in the US. They have only begun to infiltrate other countries. In fact, they're currently building a facility in the UK," Sam said.

"Well, it's time we stop them. If you don't have any other information, then we should get some rest. Tonight we leave for the first part of the mission," O'Neill said.

"Okay, so to recap - first we go to Colorado Springs, and plant some of the disruption devices, etcetera. We also go down that access shaft Carter used last time these nasty critters were here, and put up a bunch of the devices there, covering the place," O'Neill said. "Then we spread out. Go to the four other bases and set up things there. Then on to the three facilities with the human captives and prepare to free them when we activate the devices."

"Sounds about right," Jacob agreed. "Sam - you sure about that access shaft? It's not been filled in?"

Sam shook her head. "No, but I suspect the security has been strengthened. I think a digital lock may have been added to the hatch, but it could also be something I've... hallucinated. In which case I don't know the code. Sorry."

Jacob nodded. "No problem, we'll bring something in case it's there and the code has been changed - or whatever."

"It's almost completely dark outside. I propose we get something to eat, then get going," O'Neill said.

"Take care," Janet admonished Malek, as she hugged him tightly.

"I always do, Janet." He smiled at her and gave her a warm kiss. "I will see you soon."

Malek then hurried to the others who were waiting in the teltac. As soon as he was inside, they took off.

"We'll land in the forest west of Cheyenne Mountain," Jacob said, checking the readouts. "About five klicks out, just to be safe."

O'Neill made an unhappy sound. "I hope that's near where you left the car last you were there."

"Even if it hasn't been found, it wouldn't be safe to use it. Someone probably saw it, and regardless, it has been reported missing by now. No, we don't want to drive around in something that will get the police after us."

"It's the middle of the night," O'Neill grumbled.

"Sam, Martouf, Aldwin - have you packed all the devices and other stuff we need, in the backpacks?" Jacob called from the flight deck.

"Yes, dad!" Sam answered, walking onto the flight deck. "Everything is under control."

"It'll probably take most of the night setting up the disruptors both at Stargate Command and in much of the rest of the city," O'Neill said.

Sam nodded. "Fortunately, all the other alien bases should be quicker. We'll be ready for the attack on the mind-link facilities in a few days."

"I know, but I don't like that they have that long to detect what we're doing."

"They won't. The devices are very small. We split up the naquadah power cells, still giving each disruptor combo enough power to run for years, but making them no bigger than a little finger, in total."

"All right. Yeah, I know that's true. Doesn't change that I'll feel a Hell of a lot better when this is over!"

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