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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 19/21

19. Setting Up the Devices


"Okay, Aldwin and I will go to the alien base just outside Washington and plant some of these devices. It's one of the smaller bases, so I think we've got enough to cover it," Jacob said, checking through the boxes they had prepared.

"Teal'c and I take the small base near the facility in Alaska where we were prisoners," O'Neill grimaced. "Not exactly the right time for a trip up there, but I guess it can't be helped."

"Martouf and I have the base in California, in Cleveland forest a bit east of San Diego. You got the other base in Alaska, don't you Daniel, Malek?" Sam asked.

"We do," Malek confirmed.

"Great, then we all know where we're going," O'Neill said. "Since there's no way out until Jacob picks us up in the teltac, we've all got to be careful. We're only two people each place - or three, if we're counting the Tok'ra as two." He grinned. "Or four people, in the case of your group, Jacob and Aldwin! Anyway, you've got no backup, so don't do something stupid, and don't get caught. Get in, do the job, get out. Got it?"

"Yes, Jack. We're all experienced operatives or soldiers here." Jacob looked at Daniel. "Mostly, anyway."

"That reminds me - Malek, if you see some weird alien thingie, make sure Daniel doesn't touch it, okay?"

"Jack!" Daniel complained. "I don't run around touching strange alien... contraptions. Well, not always."

"Right!" O'Neill said, sarcastically. "Okay, guys - let's get going. Jacob?"

"Yes. Sam - did you bring the printout of the maps of the bases you downloaded?"

"Of course, dad. We didn't spend several days digging through their systems to then not bring the maps we found!" Sam said.

"Good. Get ready - I'm dropping you and Martouf off first."

"Wait! Someone's coming!" Martouf whispered, pulling Sam back to safety behind the low wall.

"Damn!" Sam grumbled in a low voice.

They made themselves as small as possible, to avoid being seen. The guard walked across the open area ahead, getting closer and closer to them.

Sam and Martouf both held their weapons ready, should the guard notice them. He was almost upon them, when someone shouted at him from a door across the yard.

The guard turned around and looked towards the other person, who had just come through a door in the main building. Apparently deciding it might be important, he went to talk to him.

Sam and Martouf could relax for a moment, and they looked to each other with relief.

Not waiting around for the guard to come back, they crawled along the wall until they were out of his line of sight, then climbed over the wall. It was darker here, and only a single window in the nearest building were in their direction.

"Okay, in order to make sure the whole compound is covered, we need to plant at least another four devices, in locations close to here, here, here, and here." Martouf pointed at the map.

Sam looked at the map, then at the buildings nearby. "I think placing one up in that tree should work." She pointed.

"I agree," Martouf said.

After a quick look in the direction of the dark window, they hurried over to the tree.

Sam looked up into the crown. "I guess we should put it on one of the branches nearer to the top, so it's less likely anyone will see it." She looked at the tall stem, with no branches near the ground.

"We should." Martouf let his backpack slide off, and took one of the devices and put it in his pocket. "I will climb up."

"Let me help you." Sam clasped her hands and held them so he could step on them.

With Sam's help, he could reach the lowest of the branches, and he pulled himself up. As he climbed, Sam let her gaze slide over his ass, enjoying the sight.

After a few moments, during which Sam nervously kept guard, she heard his voice from above.

"Done. I am coming down." He landed beside her with a soft thud.

Sam smiled at him and handed him his backpack. "Okay, only three more to go."

"Damn it's cold!" O'Neill complained, keeping his voice down. He rubbed his hands together. "These gloves feel like they were made of paper!"

They were lying behind some bushes, waiting for a group of men standing before the entrance to the compound and talking, to leave.

"It is ten degrees Fahrenheit. We are fortunate it is not minus eight, like it was yesterday," Teal'c said.

"You checked the weather report?" O'Neill shook his head. "Of course you did." He sighed. "Well, at least there's almost no snow. That's damn lucky, or we'd have made tracks everywhere. No way we could have done this undetected."

"Indeed." Teal'c looked at the group of people who had not moved from the spot.

"Why aren't they moving? If we have to stay here much longer I'm going to freeze solid!"

Just then, the group broke up and the men left, some for their cars, some to go inside the compound again.

"I believe we will soon be free to move."

"Finally!" O'Neill let out a sigh of relief. "Ten devices - that's what we need to cover the whole place, right?"

"It is. Have you forgotten?" Teal'c asked, concerned.

"No, it was a rhetorical question, Teal'c. You remember what rhetorical means?"

"I do," Teal'c said, his expression less than pleased.

"Sorry. It's the damn cold. It's getting to me."

"All done!" Sam smiled. "Let's get out of here."

"Yes. I believe it would be safest to follow the wall all the way to the back of the compound, then go through the small forest there," Lantash said. "Then across the rocky area to the larger forest."

"I agree, even if it's something of a detour." She checked her watch. "My dad won't be here for another couple hours. At least - and that's assuming everything went to plan, for everyone."

They made as little noise as they could during their escape. Sam was trained at stealth, but she again got reminded that the Tok'ra was on a completely different level. Lantash moved so silently that Sam felt she was making a lot of noise in comparison.

Soon they were far enough away from the compound that they could move more freely, and so they could increase their speed.

After maybe thirty minutes, they had made it back into an area that had somewhat denser forestation, and to the spot where they had agreed with Jacob that he would pick them up. By then the wind had picked up a lot, and it was getting colder.

Lantash looked at the sky. "I think it is going to rain."

He had barely spoken the words, before a lightning bolt tore across the sky, followed by a clap of thunder some time later.

"Crap." Sam sighed. "I'm guessing... that thunderstorm is maybe four or five miles away?"

"That is my estimate as well." He looked around. "We should find a safer place to wait for Jacob and the others."

"No kidding!" Sam looked around in the darkness, and at the trees around them. Most of the area was mountainous and covered in low bushes, with the occasional thicket of trees, like the one they were standing in.

"I think I noticed something that might have been the opening of a cave, some quarter of a mile back," Lantash said. "I cannot be absolutely sure, though. It is quite dark, even though the moon briefly broke through the clouds back there."

Sam nodded. "Okay. Sounds like our best bet. Let's go take a look."

They had seen several more flashes of lightning while they had talked, and the rumbling of thunder had grown much closer. It was almost completely dark now, since the moon and stars were totally hidden behind the clouds.

"Follow me. I see better in the darkness than a human." Lantash took her hand, and together they started walking back towards where he thought he had seen the cave.

They had walked for maybe five minutes when it began to rain. The thunderstorm was very close now, and lightning flashed almost constantly.

"Wonderful," Sam grumbled. "Dad won't be here for nearly two hours. By then we'll look like drowned mice - unless we've been fried by the lightning."

"That will not happen, Samantha. The cave mouth is just over there. See?" Lantash pointed when the area was again briefly lighted. "It looks like it will be deep enough for safety, at least."

They hurried the last bit of the way, and ran into the cave. Lantash was right, it was actually quite deep - more than enough to provide safety for lightning, and cover for the rain and the wind as well.

Sam let out a sigh of relief, and turned to Lantash, smiling in the darkness. "You were right. This is a great place to hide."

"Yes." He took off his backpack and rummaged around in it, finding a flashlight and turning it on, shining it at the walls of the cave, and into the deepest corners. "I do not see anything dangerous in here." He returned the flashlight to his backpack.

"Right, there could have been snakes - or even mountain lions or bobcats. Though I guess if there were any large predators in here, we'd have heard them when we entered." Sam took off her backpack too, and put it on the ground.

"Exactly." Lantash smiled, and put his arms around Sam from behind. "So, it's just the three of us." He buried his face in her hair, and made a contented sigh.

Sam turned in his arms and embraced him too, giving him a kiss. "Yes." She leaned her head against him and closed her eyes. "It's nice and warm, standing so close." She took a deep breath, drawing in his scent. She smiled and snuggled even closer to him.

They remained standing there, close together, for a long time. Now and then they would kiss, or change position a little, or talk together in low voices. Martouf and Lantash took turns being in control, both wanting to spend time being the one holding their beloved.

"I look forward to when we are back in the cabin, in our shared bedroom," Lantash whispered into her ear. "I really wish it wasn't so cold here..."

Sam giggled. "You are naughty!" She kissed him. "But I agree."

He kissed her again. "You are wonderful, Samantha. Despite the threat from these Targs, Martouf and I have enjoyed this month here with you immensely. We, we love you so much!"

"You, you love me?" Sam asked, not sure she dared believe him.

"Yes, how could we not?" He hugged her closer to him again. "You are kind, intelligent, brave and beautiful - both a strong and capable warrior, and a very skilled scientist. On top of that, you accept us, both of us. You came to seek out the Tok'ra, even after what happened to you with Jolinar. When we went to Netu, even suffering as much as you did, you reached out to us as well." He glided his fingers over her cheek, caressing her. "Yes, we love you very much, and we hope you will allow us to be part of your future in some form, even after we hopefully free your world of the Targs."

Sam gave him a warm smile, feeling the love for him and Martouf very strongly. She kissed him, and took a deep breath. "For a long time I wasn't sure what I felt - or if it even was me who felt it, and not Jolinar. This month - together with the years I imagined living, years where you were, were dead. It has convinced me that I do feel very strongly for you, both of you." She kissed him again. "I love you, Lantash and Martouf - and as difficult as it may be to have a relationship with someone who is on another planet, we will figure something out!"

They kissed again, the kiss starting out warm and full of love, but soon turning passionate. Lantash slid his hands under Sam's jacket and pulled at her shirt, wanting to feel her soft warm skin directly against him.

Suddenly, the communicator in Lantash's pocket buzzed. He ignored it, and continued kissing and fondling Sam, though when the communicator buzzed for the third time he pulled it out and answered, hiding his annoyance.

"This is Lantash."

"Jacob here, why didn't you answer? We're here to pick you up!"

"We have taken cover in a cave, some quarter of a mile from the place where we were to meet. A thunderstorm was right overhead, and it was not safe to wait out in the open."

"Well the weather has cleared, so you can come back here now. Jacob out."

Sam shook her head. "Typically dad. We'd better get going."

Lantash nodded. "Yes. Besides, the sooner we get to the teltac, the sooner we get back to the our bedroom." He allowed his eyes to flash, as if to put emphasis on his words.

Sam smiled. "Good point." She took his hand, and they hurried back to the meeting place.

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