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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 20/21

20. Freeing the Prisoners


Next evening, they set out for the mission to free the prisoners from the mind-link facilities. If all went well, in four hours the aliens would be thrown into confusion and unable to masquerade as humans or communicate telepathically. By then, SG-1 and the Tok'ra intended to be ready to act.

There were three facilities; two large ones, including the one SG-1 had been held in, and one smaller one. They had split up in three groups for the mission; two with three people, and one with two people. Hopefully it would be enough, but unless the aliens had changed anything, there would be few guards at the facilities.

Of course, there was also the disruption devices, which would be placed around the mindlink facilities before they moved in, just as they had been placed on the bases the day before.

All together, SG-1 and the Tok'ra had high hopes it would go well.

"Jack - are you going to call Major Dixon and tell him to have his people stand ready?" Jacob said. "If we're lucky, the aliens in Colorado Springs will be so confused and think only on hiding or getting away from Earth, that Dixon should have a fair chance of capturing some of them, maybe even retake parts of the Cheyenne Mountain complex."

O'Neill nodded. "Yes, I'll call him as soon as we're on the ground in Alaska." He turned to Sam and Martouf/Lantash. "How precise will those devices of yours be? Can we count on the timer to activate them at exactly 0330 hours?"

"Yes, it'll work," Sam assured him.

"Okay. Jacob, let's fly Carter and Martouf to the facility in California first, then the rest of us go to the two larger ones in Alaska."

O'Neill shut off his communicator. "All right, I've told Dixon. He says he can have his people ready to move at 0330 hours."

"It's too bad we don't have anyone that can take care of the aliens in Washington," Daniel said.

"Yeah, well, I rather think they'll have more problems than the others, given that their base is inside the city. It'll be hard for them to avoid being seen in their natural form." O'Neill grinned.

"There does not seem to be any guards here, O'Neill," Teal'c said.

"Good, then let's plant those devices - just for safety, if guards do show up." O'Neill shuddered. "This place do bring back some unpleasant memories."

"Damn, someone's coming," Jacob said,indicating the two approaching cars.

"Guards, probably. It may be part of a routine round," Malek suggested.

All of them crouched down further behind the wall, making sure they were not seen.

"Probably, but then we'll just have to hope they're quick. There's only thirty minutes until the disruption devices go live," Jacob reminded them.

"It should not be too much of a problem, though, should it? Even if they are still here, then, I mean," Aldwin said. "They will probably be confused for a few minutes, at least, and that should be enough for us to take them out."

"Yeah, if they stay near each other and are not too heavily armed. Problem is if they're inside, some place we can't get to them. We don't know what kind of weaponry they've got hidden inside, and their base is close enough that they can call for reinforcements that'll be here in fifteen to twenty minutes," Jacob said. "It's not like they would need to worry about not looking human out here!"

"It would be best if we and our plan remained undetected until we have freed the prisoners. If that is not an option, perhaps we should consider neutralizing the guards," Malek suggested. "It is unlikely there are humans among them, and if there are, they are collaborators."

Jacob nodded slowly. "Yes, I tend to agree. I wonder if stun grenades work on them? If we shoot them we risk one or more of them sending an alarm signal to their base."

"Zat'nik'tels does not work. I doubt stun grenades do either. It is too risky," Malek said.

By now the two cars had parked on the lot in front of the entrance to the main building.

Jacob sighed. "We wait. If it's just a routine check, they'll be out of here quickly. In any case, it'll be easier to take them out when they're unable to communicate telepathically."

Malek risked a quick glance at the guards. "Three people in each car. They are all similarly dressed. Probably guards, as you said. They are entering the building now."

Jacob nodded. "Okay." He looked at his watch. "Twenty-five minutes."

The minutes ticked by, and the guards did not come back out.

"What if they have discovered something is amiss?" Aldwin suggested, nervously.

"None of the devices are inside. There is nothing suspicious for them to discover there," Malek reminded him.

They continued waiting in silence, with all three symbiotes working at keeping their hosts - and themselves - calm.

"Sixty seconds," Jacob informed them.

Just then, they heard the entrance door to the building being opened. Malek stole a quick look, before whispering to the others. "They are leaving. All six of them."

They waited, well aware that the devices would activate in seconds, and that the aliens would not have time to get far away.

Indeed, the guards had only just entered their cars, when the distortion-blocking combo devices activated. A guttural cry was heard.

"They all look like Targs now - and they seem to be unsure of what to do," Aldwin said. "The devices work."

Wanting to take maximum advantage of any confusion, the three Tok'ra jumped up and fired at the aliens who had exited the cars again and was now standing around, making strange noises - or more likely, talking.

Since zat'nik'tels did not work on the Targs, all the Tok'ra were armed with Tau'ri weapons, which they had trained in using over the last several weeks.

The first three aliens fell in the initial attack, but the three others recovered from their shock quickly enough to draw their weapons and fire back.

"Get down!" Jacob ordered, but it was not necessary - the two other Tok'ra dove for safety as fast as he did.

"I will to crawl to the end of the wall. That should enable me to shoot at the Targs from a more opportune angle," Gerim said, having gotten control from Aldwin.

"Okay, sounds good," Jacob said. "Malek? You go with Gerim."

Symbiotes had faster reactions than humans, even human hosts, and Jacob relinquished control to Selmak.

"We will throw a stun grenade, in the hopes that it will at least confuse them," Selmak said. "That should hopefully get their attention so you can shoot them."

Malek and Gerim nodded, and started crawling.

Selmak waited until they had reached the end of the wall, now and then firing a few shots at the aliens to make sure they did not have time to do anything else. When she saw her friends were in place, she gave them a sign and then looped a stun grenade at the aliens.

The grenade exploded, and the Tok'ra made sure to keep behind the cover of the wall, so as not to be affected. When Malek and Gerim looked out, the Targs were still standing, but they were all looking towards where Selmak were.

She stuck a hand up with her M5, and shot a few times in the general direction of the aliens.

Taking the opportunity while their enemies were occupied, Malek and Gerim both rose from their position and fired at them, hitting two of them. The third turned with a guttural cry and shot wildly at Malek and Gerim, who had to jump for their life.

Gerim cried out, but made it to safety. "They hit my leg," he told Malek. "I, I will be fine."

Malek gave his friend a concerned look, then nodded once. "We will get the last Targ, and then I will get my healing device."

They heard weapons fire from where Selmak was located.

"All the Targs are down," Selmak shouted. She ran to check on the aliens, approaching them hesitantly and with her weapon aimed.

Malek joined her, and they made sure all the aliens were dead.

"Aldwin and Gerim?" Selmak wondered.

"He is wounded, but it is not serious, I think. I will go and help him," Malek said.

Selmak dipped her head, letting Jacob take control.

Gerim had gotten up and was leaning against the low wall, making sure not to put weight on his left leg. "The bullet went straight through. The injury will heal on its own," he insisted.

"You're bleeding a lot, though," Jacob said. "Let Malek help you."

Malek already had his healing device out, and activated it. The beam started playing over Gerim's lower leg, where the bullet had hit.

"We do not have the time. More Targs can be here soon," Gerim argued.

"This will only take a moment," Malek promised. He ran the healing device's beam over the wound a few more times, and it closed. "I have stopped the bleeding, but it is not completely healed yet."

"Thank you. I will do that myself. Go, free the prisoners," Gerim urged, sitting down.

"We'll be back soon," Jacob said, as he and Malek ran into the building.

"What is going on?" the man Sam had just helped down from the alien contraption wondered. "Where are we?"

"Why are we here?" another man asked, concern in his voice. "What is this place!?"

"It's a long story," Sam said. "Right now we need to hurry. Get you guys out of here."

Martouf was helping people out of the harnesses and down as well. Most of them were confused, and many of them were weak, just as SG-1 had been. That would take a while to pass - Sam, Daniel, and O'Neill had only recently begun to gain their strength back, and they were still some way from being back to normal.

"You're from the Air Force?" one woman asked Martouf, who - like the others - wore BDUs for the mission.

"Please, we will explain everything when we get out of here," Martouf said.

"I am Major Samantha Carter of the US Air Force. He's... Captain Martouf Lantash. We're here to free you."

"What is that thing?" a man asked, pointing at the multitude of connecting cables and harnesses, all running towards a large, strange looking apparatus.

"And why are we so weak?" another wondered.

"How did we get here? I, I was at a garden party," a woman said.

"So was I! I am Senator Orwell, and I demand to know what is going on!" a middle-aged man said angrily.

Sam groaned, really wishing she was at one of the two larger facilities instead. Most of the prisoners there knew about the Stargate project. The ones here knew nothing about aliens.

"You have all been captured by a, a crime syndicate, who wanted to learn your secrets," Sam wanted to roll her eyes at the cover story they had come up with the other day, but perhaps the people here were drugged enough to believe it.

"Yes, haven't you noticed that you are all, ah, people in important positions?" Martouf added. "This place is an advanced form of, ah, brainwashing."

"They are tapping your information, and using it against your country. We are part of a team sent here to free you, but you need to move fast," Sam said. "The enemy isn't completely neutralized yet, and may come here."

"Look at the place! Is it not obvious you were being held here against your will? Is it not advantageous for you to get away from here?" Martouf insisted, pointing at the harnesses and cables everywhere. "Regardless of what this place is or why you are here!"

"He's right," one of the men who had asked before said.

"Yeah. Come on, guys. Let's get out of here," another man added, this one still wearing most of a tuxedo.

The others slowly mumbled their agreement, and with relieved sighs, Sam and Martouf/Lantash led them out.

The underground facility was located a few miles to the north-west of the alien base. It was in an otherwise uninhabited area, just like the base, of course, but closer to a town. With all the humans freed, the aliens would have no mind-links to use, and so would probably not attempt to impersonate humans, or even try to come after them in such a large group.

That meant everyone they met would be human, and it would be safe to take the former prisoners to the town.

"Carter, here," Sam said into the communicator.

"This is Colonel O'Neill. We've freed all the prisoners at our site, and Jacob has reported success at their location as well."

"That's great to hear! Everyone is freed here too. We had no problems with the, ah, the enemy," Sam said, throwing a quick glance at the people walking close by.

"We heard from Dixon. He says they have secured most of the base at Cheyenne Mountain," O'Neill said, picking up on Sam's choice not to talk about anything not known to the public.

"That is good news! We are taking the people here to a place they can stay for now."

"General Hammond is here with us. He and a couple others from the top brass are working on figuring something out. Harriman is here too, I'll talk to him about arranging for buses for the prisoners where you are, and finding a safe place to take them. I'll call you back in a little while. O'Neill, out."

"I guess you heard?" Sam asked Martouf, who was walking beside her.

He nodded. "Yes. These people are very tired, very weakened from their experience, so it would be good to have transportation arranged for them."

"I agree, but the busses won't be here that soon, so they'll probably have to walk to the nearest city," Sam said.

"No we won't! I refuse to walk any further! We'll wait for the busses!" Senator Orwell insisted.

"The city isn't that far away. Look." Sam pointed in the direction of the street lights that could just barely be made out at the horizon.

"Not far away!" one of the other men snorted. "It's several miles, at least."

"Why are we so tired? I've never been this weak before!" a man angrily insisted.

"Yeah - did they drug us with something?" the man in the tuxedo said. He leaned against a tree, closing his eyes. "I can't walk any longer right now!"

"I agree, we're staying here!" a woman said, sitting down on a large rock.

Sam groaned, but Martouf put a calming hand on her shoulder. "Let them rest for a little while."

"What if the Targs come?" Sam whispered into his ear.

"I believe, as you pointed out earlier, that they have other problems."

Sam sighed. "You're probably right. Okay, we're waiting, for now."

It was a fairly warm night, but it still became chilly to sit still for a longer time. After almost an hour had passed, everyone was willing to continue walking.

After maybe ten minutes, they left the gravel road and came out onto a paved road. They had not walked far along it before they saw headlights approaching, and Sam's communicator buzzed.

"Major Carter here."

"Carter, this is Colonel O'Neill."


"Harriman got hold of some people he knows, and busses should be on the way. Arriving soon, actually."

"Yeah, we see them!" Sam grinned. "Tell him thanks!"

"I'll do that! He's also arranged for a place for them to stay, until we can talk to them. Explain what's been going on, and such. O'Neill, out!"

The busses stopped in front of them, and the tired people happily boarded.

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