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Fic, Stargate SG-1, Invasion, NC-17, 21/21

21. Success


"Dixon told us many of the aliens panicked when their mimetic devices no longer functioned," O'Neill said. "Some just stood there, others ran to hide, and some outright attacked people around them."

"Losing their telepathic connection to each other can't have helped," Sam said. "It must have been pretty scary for them, actually."

Jacob nodded. "It probably was. Not that I care one bit about their problems. Did General Hammond say anything?"

"He's gone directly to Washington, with a group of people he can trust. Though I guess the Targs who had infiltrated the government and top levels of the military probably doesn't dare try anything without a mind-link, even if they should have found a way to shut off the distortion devices," O'Neill told them. "That reminds me - he asked you guys to check out the devices and see if they're still working, and if not, to set up new ones."

"All right." Sam looked to Martouf. "We can do that."

He nodded. "Yes."

"Has there been any reports of sightings of the aliens?" Teal'c asked.

"Oh, yeah. Lots! Several people have called the police saying they've seen people in masks - and some report seeing monsters. I'm sure there are some conspiracy theories being created right now," O'Neill observed drily.

"I'm sure someone is already on that, preparing some story to explain it," Jacob said, rolling his eyes a little. "Can't say I usually give much for your cover stories."

"Well, Martouf and I should leave. Go check out that the devices still work and haven't been found," Sam said.

"I'll come with you," Jacob said, getting up.

"As will I," Malek added.

"Okay, guys. Report back as soon as you know anything," O'Neill said, as they left the room.

"That was Dixon," O'Neill said. "Seems like they've taken Stargate Command from the Targs."

"Really?" Daniel exclaimed. "Already?"

"Yeah, most of the aliens just ran away when their little scheme no longer worked, and those who were caught in Colorado Springs and couldn't get to the Stargate, blew themselves up, just like last time they attacked," O'Neill said. He looked grim. "Seems like there were a lot of damage, and a number of dead and wounded, from people being caught in the explosions."

"The situation will most likely be the same at the other alien bases," Teal'c said.

"Sam!" Daniel exclaimed. "She - and Jacob, Martouf, and Malek - are in Washington, checking on the distortion devices!"

O'Neill's communicator buzzed before he could reply. "O'Neill here."

"This is Jacob. It looks like some of the Targs have blown themselves up!"

"It's the same in Colorado Springs. Are you alright?"

"Yes, we're fine. We had just finished checking all the distortion devices and had returned to the teltac, when we began recording the explosions."

"About fits with the time when Dixon and his men took back Stargate Command and cut off the Targs from their only escape offworld."

"Looks like most of them had already gone into hiding, so there probably aren't too much collateral damage here."

"That's good."

"Another thing. It looks like they've found a way around the telepathic blocks. Didn't do them a lot of good - only meant they got the news about the way offworld being shut off."

"Okay. Got it."

"I'm assuming the bases in Alaska are still secure?" Jacob asked.

"They are. The people we left there have been relieved by fresh - vetted - men from Elmendorf and Eielson bases," O'Neill said.

"Good, we'll continue to the location of the alien base outside San Diego, then. Jacob out."

O'Neill turned off the communicator and put it down on the table. "Well, you heard what happened. It looks like we're about to win." He smiled.

"That is good," Teal'c said, smiling.

"Yeah, it is." Daniel nodded. "As long as we can be sure there aren't any of those Targs hiding out somewhere, waiting for us to forget about them."

It was early evening when Sam, Jacob/Selmak, Martouf/Lantash, and Malek returned to the cabin.

"How did it go?" O'Neill asked, as soon as they walked in through the door.

"Fairly well," Sam said. "The distortion devices were still working, just like in the other places, and the Targs at the base had not succeeded in overcoming the telepathic block."

Janet and Aldwin entered the room too, followed by Teal'c. Malek went directly to Janet and gave her a hug, which was warmly reciprocated.

"So, what did they do?" Daniel asked.

"Several of them had attempted to travel to Stargate Command, to get off Earth. They were captured by marines from Pendleton - seems General Hammond had thought to call someone at their base, and have a team be on alert," Jacob said, smiling.

"Awesome!" O'Neill grinned. "What about the rest?"

"A group of about ten were hiding when we arrived. When we discovered them, we were attacked and had to retreat at first," Sam explained. "However, when we went back in, we discovered they had barricaded themselves in the room with the diesel generator, and we decided to, ah, blow it up, sir."

"Blow it up?" O'Neill nodded. "Well, it's a remote area. No one else nearby. Sounds like a good plan, Carter. Quit the subtle!"

"Yes, sir. We placed Claymores and grenades in the room beside the one the aliens were in, up against the wall nearest to the generator. Then we set a timer and detonated by remote when we were in the teltac."

"Nice big explosion," Jacob said, sending his daughter a smile.

"I assume you went back and made sure the Targs were actually dead?" O'Neill asked.

"We did," Martouf confirmed. "They were. All of them. We spent time searching the area afterwards."

"Great! The bases in Alaska is under control too, and so is Stargate Command and Cheyenne Mountain. All the remaining aliens there - and in Washington - appears to have blown themselves up when they couldn't escape. Of course, it'll be a while before we can be sure - or reasonably sure - that there aren't any hiding somewhere."

"It doesn't seem to be their M.O., does it?" Daniel said.

"No, but it's better to be safe than sorry," O'Neill said.

"What about the ones that were building a facility in London?" Sam wondered.

"Blew themselves up. All of them. The British reported it to the public as an attack from a break-out group of the IRA, so there is no leaks to contain there," O'Neill remarked grimly.

"I gather the fallout of this will take a while to fix," Jacob said. "The aliens had gotten their hands on a lot of important people here in the US, and infiltrated many governmental organisations."

"Not to mention all the explosions, and all the people who saw the alien in their natural state." O'Neill nodded. "Yeah, I'm glad I'm not one of those who has to handle that."

Several weeks later, at Stargate Command.

"So, are we expected to do something?" Martouf asked in a low voice, pulling at his tie. He looked decidedly uncomfortable.

Sam shook her head. "No, just wait for General Hammond to arrive. We then go stand on the platform in the order I explained earlier." She smiled and adjusted his tie that had almost come undone. "And please just leave it like that."

"It is unpleasant," Martouf complained.

Jacob grinned. "I've had to wear one almost every day for years, as a General."

Malek shuddered, touching his own tie, then pulling at the jacket. "It is good the Tok'ra does not have such an unpleasant type of clothing."

"Goa'uld clothing can be unpleasant, though," Aldwin remarked. "I am glad I am rarely undercover."

"If the stories I hear is true, I'd like to see you in certain types of Goa'uld clothing..." Janet whispered in Malek's ear.

He grinned at her. "For you, that can certainly be arranged."

"Why couldn't we just wear our Tok'ra uniforms?" Martouf sighed, stopping himself from pulling at his tie again.

"Because pinning a medal on that hard leather would probably break the pin, and that would just be embarrassing, don't you think?" O'Neill said, grinning.

Martouf made a noncommittal sound, and looked around at the people present. Everyone was wearing either dress uniforms or suits.

Sam smiled at Martouf, and gave him a kiss, then quickly stepped back as the room started to fill with their colleagues who had come to see them get their medals for saving the planet from the aliens.

"By the way, what cover story did you run with?" Jacob asked.

"Terrorists. Who used some sort of hallucinogen as part of their attack - nicely explaining why people saw what they thought were monsters," Sam said.

Jacob nodded. "I guess that works."

A few moments later, Hammond entered the gateroom and walked up to stand behind the lectern. A lieutenant went up to Hammond, holding out a large tray with many medals.

Hammond smiled happily at SG-1 and the Tok'ra, who had now gone to stand on the platform. "General Jacob Carter - and Selmak, Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Major Janet Fraiser, Teal'c, Doctor Daniel Jackson, Malek and Johan, Martouf and Lantash, Aldwin and Gerim... did I get everyone?" He smiled again. "You have all distinguished yourself by heroism involving voluntary risk of life. Against completely impossible odds, you have succeeded in saving this planet from an alien occupation, and freed hundreds of people from an alien simulation."

He picked up the first of the medals and went to stand before Jacob. "General Jacob Carter, it is with great pleasure I award you the Distinguished Flying Cross." He pinned the medal on Jacob and saluted him.

Jacob returned the salute. "Thank you, sir."

Hammond turned to the young lieutenant with the tray of medals, and took the next medal, then went to O'Neill.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill, it is with..."

Martouf looked at the shiny medal on his chest, then up at the members of SG-1 who was approaching him.

"Come on - now comes the good part!" O'Neill said.

"The good part?" Martouf asked, confused.

"Cake," Sam whispered to him, smiling.

"I saw Jacob and the rest of your Tok'ra friends leave for the mess hall. If we want there to be any cake left for us, I think we'd better hurry," O'Neill said.

"In that case I shall make haste," Martouf said, smiling.

Together, they went to the mess hall, to celebrate the success against the aliens - and the great success of the Tok'ra-Tauri cooperation. Hopefully the first of many such shared successes.



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