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Update. Computer trouble.

I know there are several people who are waiting on the next screencaps of Stargate Atlantis. I promise I will get to them, but on top of having been very busy at work, I have now gotten computer problems.

My computer has been hanging regularly, and running checkdisk again and again - it turns out there are bad sectors on the harddisk. I have tried telling the operating system to avoid those sectors, but it doesn't seem to work correctly for Windows. It keeps hitting those sectors and hanging for minutes or hours :( Often needing reboots to get out of it.

As it is, I am not able to do screencaps, and barely able to get online before the computer decides to start hanging. Yes, I have a Virus scanner and have checked - no virus, just the damn bad sectors on the harddisk.

For added fun my computer has deleted a bunch of my files, that apparently was in the bad sectors - including family photos. Joy.

Anyway, I need to get a new harddisk and transfer everything I can - and probably get a new computer as well, because it's 5 years old and has other issues. Maybe/hopefully next month.

In other news; it has become warmer again outside. The temperature is no longer -25 C (-13 F), but only -16 C (about 3 F). So it has been snowing a fair lot, maybe 8-10 inches. Which is really nice, because when the sun sets at 2PM it gets dark when there is no snow. Fortunately, they have (mostly) cleared the bicycle lanes, because even if the snow is fluffy, it gets a bit hard bicycling through that much (but when it's only a few inches it's fun - fluffy snow flying from the bicycle tires. Weee!).

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