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"I am Jolinar of Malkshur. Kneel before your god!" Jolinar insisted.

"Right! Like that is going to happen!" O'Neill snorted.

"Human slave! You will obey me!" Jolinar demanded.

"Do you even know where you are?" Daniel asked.

"It is of no consequence!"

"You are a prisoner of the Tok'ra. You would be wise not to anger them," Teal'c said.

"Teal'c!" Jolinar said. "Traitor to your god, Apophis!" She scoffed. "Fool as he is!"

"Do you remember who we are?" Daniel asked, curiously.

Jolinar scoffed. "Why would I care? If I need any information, I can take it from my host's mind. It would seem she knew you."

"She knows us!" O'Neill pointed out. "Present time! She's still there."

"Nothing of the host remains," Jolinar said disdainfully. She turned as Anise entered. "Pathetic excuse for a Goa'uld! Release me immediately!"

Anise raised an eyebrow. "That attitude will not help you."

"How dare you!" Jolinar exclaimed. "You should be happy if I made you my underling!"

"Silence, Goa'uld!" Lantash ordered, as he came into the room. "You will give us the information about the Ancient weapon, or we will have you extracted and executed immediately!"

Jolinar raised an eyebrow. "Lantash." She sneered. "It would seem my host had feelings for you. More interestingly, you would seem to hold an interest in her. A mere human! There is no accounting for taste, I suppose."

"Can you make her talk?" Lantash asked Anise, ignoring Jolinar's attempt at baiting him.

"Right now we'd be happy if you could make her shut up!" O'Neill said, throwing her an unhappy look.

"I think it would be best if I am the one to interrogate her," Anise said. "Given the relationship the rest of you have with Major Carter, I mean."

"Martouf?" Daniel looked at the other man, who had a completely blank expression.

"I am Lantash."

"Lantash," Daniel corrected. "Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Daniel rolled his eyes. "It has got to be hard to see your girlfriend like that - even if you say she's not really her."

Lantash sighed. "It is... uncomfortable, yes. Martouf and I ask ourselves if she will turn Tok'ra again, if given the chance. Of course, our main concern is Samantha, who is currently suffering as host to a Goa'uld."

Daniel nodded. "I'm worried about her too."

They looked up as Anise entered, followed by Teal'c and a grim looking O'Neill.

"Did she say anything?" Lantash wondered.

"Not very much," O'Neill said.

"She did, however, give us the name of the planet where the weapon is located," Anise added. "She will not tell us further, unless we take her there."

"Smart. She knows we'll just have her extracted immediately if she tells us everything now," Daniel said,

"We are leaving immediately, I presume?" Lantash asked.

O'Neill nodded. "We are. A whole day has passed already, leaving us with only two before Sokar's fleet reaches Earth."

"Fortunately, the world we are going to is not too far out of the way for the ha'tak travelling to Earth. If Jolinar is to be believed, the weapon is considerably larger than we thought, and cannot be transported through the chaapa'ai," Anise said.

"Has anyone told Jacob that he's going there?" O'Neill asked.

"Not yet. I will ask to have the information brought to him together with the team that leaves to meet him on the planet Severinnus," Anise said.

"Why are they going to meet him instead of just sending the information by, uh, radio, or whatever?"

"Radio would not reach them in time." Anise gave him an amused look. "However, we have long range communication devices which can do so - and which are reasonably secure. Still, in a situation such as this, it is safer to meet in person. In any case, that is not the only reason. We are sending a team of scientists to attempt to increase the speed of the ha'tak, hopefully rising the likelihood of arriving in time to defeat Sokar, even if loading and installing the weapon should take longer than we hope."

O'Neill nodded. "Okay, that makes sense, I guess. Let's hope they succeed."

"Um, has anyone told Jacob that Sam's a host?" Daniel wondered.

"No, not yet - and I do not believe anyone look forward to doing so," Anise said, getting a hesitant look.

"All right. We're here. Where's the damn weapon?" O'Neill asked.

"In here," Jolinar said, walking over to what looked like a completely normal mountainside.

She studied the rock face for a few moments, then touched a tiny outcropping. A rumbling was heard, and moments later a large opening appeared.

"Nice!" O'Neill said. "Come on, guys."

"Not so fast!" Jolinar said, quickly stepping inside and hitting something on the wall beside the doorway. The opening immediately disappeared.

"Damn it! Get that thing open again, now!" O'Neill ordered.

"I'm not sure where..." Daniel began, studying the rock face which again seemed completely like a normal rock, with no openings.

"I believe she touched it here," Martouf said, placing his hand on the same outcropping Jolinar had. The opening again appeared.

"Okay, let's find her and the damn weapon!" O'Neill ordered, stepping into the darkness.

"Wait. I will go first," Teal'c insisted.

The others followed. When they had taken a few steps inside, light came on. As they hurried through underground corridors, light came on and went out again as they left each segment of the tunnel.

"I had not expected such a large underground complex," Anise said, when they again stood at an intersection.

"What way?" O'Neill asked.

They heard a cry and a thump from somewhere ahead, making the decision for them. They all hurried on.

"Samantha!" Martouf exclaimed, seeing Sam lying on the floor, unconscious. He ran to her and kneeled down beside her.

"Is she alive?" O'Neill asked, immediately.

"Yes." Martouf nodded. "She appears unharmed and is merely unconscious."

"What about the snake?" O'Neill asked.

He held his hand over her forehead, judging the energy signature. "The symbiote is unconscious as well, I believe." He rose, giving Sam another concerned look.

"What happened?" Daniel wondered.

"There does not seem to have been an explosion. Maybe she activated some protective device?" Martouf suggested.

"Teal'c - keep an eye on Carter. Or rather, on the snake, if she should wake up," O'Neill ordered.

"Certainly, O'Neill."

"Perhaps she touched something that was protected by a forceshield," Anise said, walking over to a huge, strange-looking oblong device. In each end of it were a kind of seat, with pads on each side that seemed to be for placing your hands. On the device, in front of each seat, was a low, circular hole with what looked like gel-filled sacks on each side.

"Careful!" O'Neill exclaimed. "That thing looks really weird - we don't want any more accidents!"

Anise carefully approached, and then touched the large apparatus. Nothing happened. Then she touched one of the seats, and one of the hand-rests. Still nothing happened. "I think the device itself is harmless. There may have been some sort of residual energy running through it, which affected Major Carter and Jolinar."

Daniel touched the seat. "Maybe. It seems inert now. Nothing happens." He sat down and put his hand on the pads on the sides. He then looked at the low, circular hole right before him. "It looks like you can rest your head in that indentation."

"Wait, Daniel... I've got a bad feeling about this!" O'Neill said, alarmed.

"It's all right, Jack. I'm pretty sure it's safe." Daniel touched the gel-filled sacks. When nothing happened, he leaned his head against them and put his hands on the pads. "It's pretty comfortable, actually, but it doesn't seem to do anything."

"Good, then get up and away from that thing!" O'Neill told him.

Martouf curiously slipped into the seat at the other end of the device, and placed his head and hands like Daniel had. The area above his head immediately lighted up, and the device itself started humming. Then blue light started spreading across the whole apparatus.

"Whoa!" O'Neill exclaimed.

"Maybe it has some sort of anti-symbiote property," Daniel suggested. "Like Thor's hammer."

Martouf let go of the pads and stood up. "I do not believe so. The device is Ancient, not Asgard, and even if it did have something like that, then the behaviour was different. It seemed to... activate, when I touched it."

The device powered down.

"I agree. The whole thing lighted up like a Christmas tree," O'Neill said. "Well, half of it did."

"We have encountered some things made by the Ancients which will only activate or function when certain people touch them," Anise said. "After studying the code of life of these people we have found that there is a certain - I believe your people call it 'gene' - that these people all have."

"Okay, but that doesn't explain what happened to Carter," O'Neill said. "Does it?"

"Probably not. It didn't do anything to me," Daniel said. "Granted, I touched the other pad, but..." He shrugged.

Anise studied the device closely. "It does not truly look like an Ancient construction. There are some elements which appear Furling."

"Furling?" Daniel wondered, frowning. He approached the device again, looking closer.

"Yes, they were an advanced civilization, allied with the Ancients," Anise explained.

"We know about the Furling. So that thing is Furling, you say?" O'Neill asked.

Anise slowly shook her head. "No, I believe it has aspects of both cultures. It may have been produced jointly."

"I agree," Daniel said. "I don't know a lot about the Furling, but look at these engravings. I think they're inspired by the Furling writing we found on Ernest's planet."

O'Neill sent him a warning look, not wanting a lecture. "Okay, then. So you think that thingie is the big honkin' weapon we've been promised?"

Anise nodded. "Yes. I am confident that is so."

"Great." O'Neill smiled with relief.

"I cannot say how it works, though. I need to study it further," Anise added.

"Wait! Check out the entire room first. No one else is to touch the big thingie in the middle until we're a bit more sure how it works," O'Neill ordered.

Sam woke up, feeling slightly groggy. She immediately found that she could not move, not even open her eyes. *Jolinar!* she called out to her symbiote.

She got no response, and 'poked' at her. There was still no response, and Sam realized that Jolinar was probably still unconscious. Having been the one in control, Jolinar had been more strongly affected by the shock from the device than Sam.

She sighed inaudibly, and decided to spend the time trying to think of a way to get Jolinar to talk to her. Perhaps the symbiote could be made to turn Tok'ra - it had happened once, why not again? While this Goa'uld-Jolinar had ignored Sam, and sometimes suppressed her, she had not punished her. Sam took that as a good sign that the symbiote could more easily be turned than the average Goa'uld.

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