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"We have studied everything. There are no indications as to how the weapon functions. I am convinced we need to interface with it in order to learn of its function," Anise said.

"Interface with it?" O'Neill asked. "You mean like when Marty got it to light up?" Reacting to a spur of the moment, he sat down in one of the two seats, located at either end of the weapon. The device immediately lighted up again, like it had when Martouf touched it - just the other half of it this time. "Whoa - seems I got the gene too." He grinned. "So - this really is the weapon. I wonder what it does? Carter only said something vague about bolts of lightning that could take down ships, or something such."

"There are stories about weapons made by the Ancients, which fired swarms of a kind of energy bolts, which could somehow be controlled, and which could take down entire fleets," Anise explained.

O'Neill nodded. "That sounds awesome. Let's hope this one does the same - and that we can get it to work."

"I believe this may be a variation of that, and that it is perhaps controlled from the two seats," Anise said. "Supposedly, the other Ancient weapons are controlled from a single chair."

"Then let's see if we can figure out how to use it. Marty - why don't you sit down in the other seat, then I stay in this one," O'Neill said.

Martouf nodded. "Certainly."

They both took their places and now the entire device became active.

"I believe we are indeed connected through a neural interface," Martouf said. "When I concentrate, I can see the surface of the planet, the building, or mountain that we are inside, and the area around it."

"Yes, I see it too!" O'Neill exclaimed. "I wonder what happens if... whoa!"

Suddenly a glowing missile sprang from the middle of the device, and flew around the room in a circle.

"Jack!" Daniel cried, and threw himself to the ground.

Anise and Teal'c let themselves fall flat as well, looking worriedly at the danger.

After the missile had circled the room once more, it went straight for the corridor they had entered the room through, and disappeared. A few moments later they heard an explosion, and the ground shook.

O'Neill and Martouf/Lantash both let go of the pads with their hands, and sat up straight, looking somewhat shaky. When they rose, the weapon powered down.

"It would seem you found out how to make it work," Anise observed drily, as she picked herself up from the floor.

"Yes. I apologize for the small... mishap," Lantash said.

"Everyone okay?" O'Neill asked.

"Yeah, I think so." Daniel took a deep breath as he, too, rose.

"I am well," Teal'c said. "Major Carter is still unconscious, but is otherwise unharmed."

If Sam had been in control, she would have jumped when the missile flew above her with a whooshing sound.

As it was, she could do nothing, not even open her eyes and see what was going on. She could listen to their discussions, though.

Moments later, she sensed Jolinar waking up. She did not know whether the symbiote had been awakened by the sound, her host's shock, or if she would have awakened by then in any case.

Jolinar lay completely still, listening, trying to figure out what was going on.

*You could always ask me,* Sam suggested,

*You! You do not exist! If I want something from you, I will just take it!*

Sam 'rolled' her eyes. *If I don't exist, how come I've been awake, listening to what's been going on, while you've just been sleeping away?*

Jolinar was silent for a moment. *In that case I shall take the information you so kindly has gathered for me and use it against your friends!*

*No need to take it - I give it to you. Freely. Because it'll make it quite clear to you that there's no way you can use the weapon!*

Jolinar surged through Sam's memories of the events. *So I need a special.. gene as you call it,* she finally concluded. *Well, since two of your friends have it, that should not be a problem. I just need to convince them I am you. Since they also seem to hold affection for you, it should not be hard.*

Sam mentally 'snorted'. *Right. You can't even convince them you're you.*

*What kind of ridiculous statement is that!* Jolinar 'scoffed'. *A clear sign of why humans are inferior!*

*You're talking to me, aren't you?* Sam observed. *Anyway, I guess I wasn't clear - I meant you can't convince them you're the real you.*

*You mean the Tok'ra who owned your body previously. Yes, do not be so surprised. I do know you were a host to some creature calling herself Jolinar. I have also learned who the Tok'ra are, from you. It will be their undoing! Weak heretics!*

*There is nothing weak about the Tok'ra, but never mind that. They would listen to her, but not to you. Oh,well, it is good you are too much of a fool to see that,* Sam told her, hoping it would lure Jolinar to her plan.

Sam knew from a scan Anise had made some time ago, that she carried all of Jolinar's memories, even if she could not access them. If she could make Jolinar absorb them, she hoped it would mean she became the same Jolinar again.

Of course, she could not say that - it would probably assure that Jolinar did not absorb the memories.

*You have her memories! If I took those, I would easily be able to fool your stupid friends!* Her satisfaction and overconfidence overflowed the connection between them. *Did you think I would not realize this?* She 'laughed'. *I will take her memories. All of them! And then I will use them to fool your gullible friends! They will help me conquer your world - after I have taken control of Sokar's army! I will be the most powerful system lord in the Galaxy!*

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