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Anise looked at the device. "Since we now know how to activate the weapon, we should prepare it to be moved outside. Jacob will soon arrive with the ha'tak."

"Agreed." O'Neill looked thoughtfully at the large device. "Not sure how we're going to do that without taking it apart, and we can't do that quickly."

"You can't, uh, transport it aboard? I mean, using transportation rings?" Daniel suggested.

"They are not large enough for something like this," Teal'c said, from where he was keeping guard of Jolinar.

"Teal'c is correct. However, the Tok'ra have equipment to move large and heavy objects, using anti-gravity. I expect it will work in this instance," Anise said.

"Okay, neat. What do we need to do to prepare it?" O'Neill asked.

"It is connected to some of the machinery along the walls. We must determine which are needed, and pack up those too, then disconnect unneeded devices. The missiles must have come from somewhere, and we need to find out where, so we can bring them as well," Anise said.

"O'Neill - we could see this building from the outside, the area around it, and indeed the entire planet, when we were connected. I sensed your presence there as well, so I assume you saw it too?" Lantash said.

"Yeah. I did."

"It must clearly mean the weapon is connected to some sort of detection system, which we must either bring with us or disconnect and replace with what we have on the ha'tak. I suspect it would be beneficial to our success to bring it along."

O'Neill sighed. "Unfortunately, I agree. We'll bring it."

"While we were connected to the device, I noticed something just before the missile launch, something that I have been pondering. I believe it was the room where the missiles are stored."

"Right." O'Neill nodded slowly. "I think I saw that too. Lots and lots of those missile-thingies stored on racks. There's an opening under the weapon itself, and some sort of loading mechanism."

"Yes - and there is also some stairs down to the room, through that door over there," Lantash pointed.

"Go check it out - but be careful," O'Neill ordered.

Lantash nodded. "I will."

He had just left the room when a communicator made a sound, and Anise produced one from a small bag. "This is Anise."

"This is Jacob. We're approaching the planet now. We'll be there in fifteen minutes. Have you found the weapon?"

"We have, but it is not yet ready to be moved," Anise answered.

"Get it ready quick, then."

"We will," Anise assured him.

"What about Sam?" Jacob asked, his voice tense.

"She is here with us," Anise hesitated, "she is still host to the Goa'uld."

"I see," Jacob sounded frosty. "I will be there soon. Jacob out."

Anise turned off the communicator. "We need to make haste."

"Teal'c? Has Major Carter - or the snake - shown any signs of waking up?" O'Neill asked.

"They have not."

"All right, then we'll risk it and assume they won't for the next fifteen minutes. Help us with the weapon, Teal'c."

"These connections can be disconnected at no risk. They are unneeded," Anise said, indicating a large number of wires and cables. She went to the end of the weapon and began studying the connections there.

O'Neill, Daniel, and Teal'c approached the device, but Teal'c only got as far as a few feet from it before a forceshield flickered into view. A brilliant flash was seen, and Teal'c cried out as he was thrown back through the air.

"What the..." O'Neill began. "Teal'c!"

Teal'c landed with a hard bump on the floor, and his friends ran to check on him.

"Is he all right?" Daniel asked, worriedly, looking at O'Neill as he checked on their friend.

O'Neill nodded, relieved. "I think so. He's alive, at any rate."

"His symbiote will heal him," Anise said. She frowned. "If there is an anti-symbiote device protecting the weapon, why did it not react to Lantash or I?"

"Maybe it's something else?" Daniel said. "We agreed that parts of the technology wasn't Ancient, but Furling. Have you ever encountered something from them which behaved like this?"

Anise nodded slowly. "Perhaps. I believe there are stories about the Furling having a way of judging the heart of a being."

"Judging the heart? What does that even mean?" O'Neill asked.

"You mean they had devices that could tell if someone was good or evil?" Daniel asked.

"Yes," Anise confirmed.

"That's fascinating! It's also not so different from what the Ancients do on Kheb. You remember, Jack? Bra'tac was told he couldn't learn from the monk there as long as he had his symbiote - because it was 'an evil he carried'," Daniel said. "Maybe this is the same."

"So it can tell if it's good or bad snakes?" O'Neill asked.

"Good or bad people," Daniel corrected, throwing a glance at Anise - and then Lantash, who had entered the room a few moments before.

"Okay, so the thingie judges people and if it doesn't like them, it just shoves them aside. Neat!" He looked at Teal'c, and then Sam. "That's all it does, right? Gives them a push. They will wake up again, right?"

Anise nodded. "I believe so. There is no reason to think this is anything but some kind of forceshield, which gives unwanted persons a jolt when they approach too closely."

"I agree," Lantash said. He looked at Sam for several moments, then took a deep breath. "I have examined the room below the weapon. It contains a great many of the missiles we saw, and I believe I have determined how the loading mechanism works, so we will be able to replicate it on the ha'tak."

"Great!" O'Neill smiled. "Finally some good news!"

"Watch out! The... Goa'uld is awake!" Lantash exclaimed.

They all turned to stare at Jolinar - or Sam.

"Lantash - it's me. Samantha Carter," Sam said.

"I... dare not believe you," Lantash said, slowly.

"Neither do the rest of us," O'Neill told her. "How are you going to prove you're Carter and not Jolinar?"

"Good point, but I think I know how. You just discussed why Jolinar - and Teal'c - were given a jolt by a forceshield when they got too close to that weapon, right?"

"Yes." O'Neill said. "So?"

"You believe the device will not react to you if it's you in control, and not Jolinar?" Lantash asked, guardedly.

"No, I'm sure it will, since it reacted to Teal'c because of Junior. Or rather it would, but I don't think it will now. You see, Jolinar is herself again."

"Right. Just like that!" O'Neill said skeptically.

"If what you say is true, then the device should allow you to approach it unharmed," Lantash said, suspicion mixing with hope in his expression.

*Do you want to talk to them?* Sam asked.

Jolinar looked longingly at Lantash. *No, it would not serve any purpose other than to make them more suspicious. It is better you are in control. Besides, after how I behaved, I do not deserve it.*

*I won't dispute that, but on the other hand I guess you weren't truly to blame.* Sam sighed. "Here goes..."

She walked up to the alien weapon and gingerly touched it. Nothing happened, and she let out a sigh of relief. "Looks like I was right."

"Okay, how?" O'Neill asked.

"I... got her to absorb her memories, and that made her become herself again," Sam explained.

"Samantha..." Lantash began, clearly moved.

"You're not going to believe her just like that?" O'Neill asked, disbelief in his voice.

"If what Samantha says is true - and the fact that she can approach the weapon unchallenged seems to bear that out - then..."

Any further discussion was interrupted by Anise's communication device, alerting them to an incoming message.

"Jacob has arrived with the ha'tak," Anise informed them.

"Damn! Already! Okay - come on guys! We can figure out whether or not Jolly is herself later. Right now we've got to hurry!" O'Neill ordered. "Lantash - keep an eye on Carter. If it is her. Don't let her fool you!"

*We came out of hyperspace just now,* Jolinar observed.

*Yes, I felt it too. We must have arrived then. I wonder if Sokar is here already?" Sam wondered, very worried.

She and Jolinar were locked up in a holding cell onboard the ha'tak Jacob and a couple other Tok'ra had stolen. She knew the others had worked furiously to load, and then install, the weapon they had found, while the ha'tak had flown towards Earth at top speed.

It felt as if a shudder went through the ship. *Sokar has attacked,* Jolinar told her.

*Yes. I really hope they got that Ancient weapon installed correctly and that it works as well as you think it will.*

*I share your hope. Samantha, I really -*


*Sam,* Jolinar corrected. *I want to apologize for what I did. It was -*

*You already apologized. You weren't yourself. I understand that.*

*Yes, but what I was going to say was not that. What I want to apologize for is taking you as host in the first place. Back on Nasya. What I did was wrong.*

*You was desperate to survive - and you had important information to bring back to the Tok'ra. Information that could mean life and death.*

*Cordesh. Yes, but that still does not excuse my behaviour. I broke our highest law.*

The ship shook again, as if it was hit.

*I suppose that is true, and I won't lie and say I wasn't angry at you. I was. Furious. But that was a long time ago, and you did save me. Not only that, but me having been your host meant we met the Tok'ra. I'm not angry at you any more.*

*The Tok'ra may not be so quick to forgive me.*

*Well, we can discuss your crimes later. If there is a later. I suppose the fact that we're still here must mean the Ancient weapon is working.*

*Yes, I agree. I dearly hope it is as powerful as my queen-mother thought, and that Sokar's fleet will be destroyed.*

*A hope we all share,* Sam agreed, ruefully. She groaned. *It's just so frustrating! To be locked up in here, and not be able to help!*

*It is. I, too, much prefer to take action.* Jolinar 'sighed'.

With nothing else to do, they sat down to wait. Outside the battle raged - one ship against an entire fleet.

If they lost they would soon be dead and the people of Earth would be slaves of Sokar. A fate that the rest of the Galaxy might very probably share.

The weapon had better be as good or better than what they hoped for!

A/N: This story is meant to be open-ended.

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