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Rare Pair Fest letter 2016

This is an author/artist letter for the rarepairfest community, so anyone else, feel free to ignore :)

Dear RarePairFest writer/artist/creator!

Thank you so much for writing/creating something for me! This is my first year doing RarePairFest, and I am really enthusiastic about it! I very much look forward to seeing/reading whatever you choose to make for me! I am sure I will love it! I know we share at least one fairly rare ship - so yay for that too!

Now down to the boring part.


Likes: First, I have very few squicks, so you probably don't need to worry about that. I am fine with any rating from G to NC-17, and I love both plotty fic and PWPs. I love both art and fic, and I would be equally happy with both! For art, all ratings go as well - and I am fine with nudity and explicit sex. I prefer het, and moresomes, but I have no problems with slash or femslash as background pairings. I love a lot of tropes, like AMTDI ;) I also love apocafic, though I do prefer there to be some hope in there.

Dislikes: extreme angst, extreme gore, permanent death of my favourite characters, permanent injuries, songfic, syrup-y fluff, deathfics, genderswapped characters

Specific fandoms

Stargate SG-1

This is my favourite show. I love the Tok'ra more than any of the other characters in the show - yes, more so than the members of SG-1. The Goa'uld are wonderful villains, and I love them too! I prefer the earlier part of the show, where the Goa'uld are the villains. I never really liked the Ori. I read a lot of gen for this show, but also a lot of ship.

I love background stories, stories that take place before the show, stories about how someone became a host, stories about the early days of the Tok'ra, stories where you see some episode from a different pov, stories where the Tok'ra get a queen, fixits (there are a lot of Tok'ra I didn't want to die!), AUs as long as it is canon divergence, Tok'ra getting to experience Earth, Tok'ra going on missions with SG-1, daily life of the Tok'ra, funny stories, and many other kinds of stories.

I also love art, drawings as well as icons and banners and manips.

I don't ship any human/human pairings (I'm weird like that), but many human/Tok'ra and Tok'ra/Tok'ra combinations. I am fine with most background pairings (het/slash/femslash/moresomes...), except those pairings that breaks up my OTP. In particular, I do NOT like Sam/Jack.
Actually, I am not really fond of Jack O'Neill, particular in the later seasons when he seems more and more hateful of the Tok'ra, and more and more often are shown as a bit foolish/obtuse in a way that doesn't fit his character. However, I do like Jack O'Neill as he is in the first three seasons.

My OTP is Sam/Martouf|Lantash.

I don't like Martouf|Lantash being killed off, and I prefer to either ignore that they did so on the show, or bring them back to life again. In fact, I don't read fic that kill off Martouf and/or Lantash, or that unblend them, unless the situation is temporary.

Favourite characters: Lantash, Martouf, Jolinar, Malek, Egeria, Aldwin, Korra, Hathor, Apophis, Zipacna, Sam

Pairings I like:

Sam/Martouf|Lantash: I like hearing from both Martouf and Lantash - not just one of them. Martouf is good looking, wise, and cute, and I am sure he would be just the right match for Sam. They were adorable when they held hands in the desert, and the whole "we love as one thing" is romantic and sweet. Lantash seems more passionate, and we know he loves Sam as much as he loved Jolinar.

Sam|symbiote/Martouf|Lantash: Same as above, but with Sam host to Jolinar or another symbiote. If you write this, I want Sam's symbiote to speak/do things to, not just be there.

Rosha|Jolinar/Martouf|Lantash: Jolinar and Lantash were together for a hundred years. There must be a wonderful lovestory waiting to be told there!

Malek/Janet: This pairing may sound weird, but Janet was totally drooling over Malek in the episode "Allegiance", and I think they are cute together. I tend to write Janet as the dominating one in this pairing, but mixing it up is fun too ;)

Star Trek: TOS

This is the first fandom I read fic in. I love the Vulcans, and mainly ship Vulcans/Vulcans and Vulcans/humans. I really do like the Romulans as well. I don't really like the Klingons. I have no pairings I really dislike, so I am fine with any background pairing (het/slash/femslash/multiple).

I also like background stories for the characters, and hearing about their daily life before and during the time we see on the show.

Favourite characters: Spock, Sarek

Pairings I like:

Spock/Uhura: We got little on-screen ship, but Spock seemed to respect Uhura and he did give her a few compliments here and there. They also played/sang together, a scene that I loved :) I suspect Uhura would have to be the one to make a move on Spock, but either way would be fine with me.

Spock/T'Pring: Despire T'Pring being shown unfavourable on the show, I would really like an AU where she and Spock makes it work and comes to love each other.

Saavik/Spock: They clearly had sex in Star Trek: III, even if it was only to save Spock's life. They also hinted that Saavik was pregnant with his child at the end, and it could be interesting to run with that. Maybe see them try to make it work out because of the child, and then finding they really want each other. Or something like that ;)

Spock/Romulan Commander: It looked like they had real chemistry, and that they were both sad that they couldn't explore a relationship. I would like to see what would have happened if they got that opportunity - perhaps by letting them meet again later? Also, what happened in the days before the Romulan Commander could be released, while she was a captive on the Enterprise?

Amanda Grayson/Sarek: They are adorable together and clearly love each other deeply!

Christine Chapel/Spock: This seems mostly onesided from Christine Chapel, but I'd like to read a fic where Spock returns her feelings.

Teen Wolf

I am not normally fond of vampire or werewolf shows, but this one I really like, mainly for the humour. There are also very good friendship in this show, and that is awesome. I love the Scott/Stiles friendship. Also, Jr Bourne is in the show, and that would probably be enough to make me watch it ;)

As I mentioned before, I am weird ;) so I head-canon Chris Argent as Martouf's (Stargate SG-1) twin brother who was kidnapped by Jaffa out for slaves when he was a toddler. That ship then crashed on Earth and Martouf's brother was found by the Argents and became Chris Argent. And yes, I know this is irrelevant to the fic I request ;)

Pairings I like:

Chris Argent/Kate Argent: I don't normally like incest-pairings, but the tension between these two is really interesting, and I could see an interesting pairing between them. I can totally see her seduce him, maybe when they were younger. She would be the instigator, and I suspect she would not take no for an answer. He would maybe feel guilty pleasure/not dare say no/not really want to say no?

Chris Argent/Lydia Martin: I think she would be the instigator. He would probably not act on his own attraction unless she convinces him she is interested. Note that age-differences is not a kink of mine, I just don't mind/care about age differences. I think they would be interesting together. Maybe she would see something she wanted and seduce him ;) Or they were pretending to be a couple - or I guess they could always be affected by some sort of sex pollen.

Chris Argent/Laura Hale: There is a lot working against this pairing, but maybe they met without knowing who each other was? Or they had a secret relationship?

Chris Argent/Original Female Character

(Note: For TV/Movie fandoms, I generally haven't read more than a small number of any of the more or less official novels that are published, so I would prefer no canon from novels are included in fic, unless it is done in a way that requires no previous knowledge of said canon ;) )

I hope this was somewhat useful :) I guess you can take a look at my AO3 to see a little of what I like.

Regardless, I am sure anything you make for me will be great! I love fic and art equally, and I very much look forward to seeing what you make!

Thank you!

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