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Title: Operation Overlord
Category: Drama, adventure, apocafic
Summary: Daniel really does get Goa'uld genetic memories from Shifu and he becomes a megalomaniac. Teal'c escapes Earth and enlists Bra'tac, Martouf/Lantash, and Jacob/Selmak to help save his friends and Earth.
Characters: O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak, Bra'tac, others
Pairings: None
Beta: Skarpedin
Prompt: 056. SG-1, Daniel Jackson, Any Tok'Ra, The events of the episode "Absolute Power" are not all just a dream and Daniel Jackson really does become megalomaniacal from the Goa'uld knowledge given to him by Shifu. Before Daniel can stop him, Teal'c manages to make it off world and warn the Tok'Ra (& any other Earth allies who would listen) about what's going on. Now the Tok'Ra have to try & rescue what's left of SG-1 and stop Daniel before it's too late.

Written for Tok'ra Kree! Round 9.

Notes on the timeframe: On the episode "Absolute Power" they allude to something that has happened to Teal'c, but that it couldn't be proved Daniel was behind it. No timeframe. Just to work with something, I am assuming this was maybe two months before Sam is thrown in jail for being 'dangerous' to Daniel's plan. So, this fic starts maybe around late November/early December 2001, or so.

Also of interest for this story is that it is after Exodus/Enemies, which saw the Tok'ra move from Vorash. First episode is about a month after "Absolute Power", but second episode is four months later, and I will assume this was the time it happened in the Stargate universe. Thus it is likely things happened differently than in canon, since Daniel was probably focused on studying his genetic memory, and building a weapon with Sam. And we know he also mistrusted the Tok'ra. By the time Teal'c flees (late November 2001), there has likely been no contact with the Tok'ra for several months. The Tok'ra may have moved again, or perhaps they did not move directly to Revanna (We know they are on Revanna March 22nd 2002 in the main timeline, because of "Summit"). I am going to assume the Tok'ra has moved from Vorash, but were somewhere else before going to Revanna, but are there now. However, Teal'c has no idea where they are.

Also, the Tollan were destroyed in August 2001 in the canon timeline. I am going to assume this did not happen with the change to the timeline. Maybe Tanith did not escape from the Tok'ra, or something else happened differently :)

1. Escaping Earth


Teal'c stumbled through the gate, leaving heavily on his staff weapon. Reaching the DHD, he cast a fearful glance at the event horizon, expecting his pursuers to emerge at any moment.

As soon as the wormhole had shut down, he quickly dialed another address. He allowed himself a moment's rest, leaning heavily on the DHD. Blood was seeping through his uniform jacket from multiple bullets wounds.

He took a deep breath and walked to the event horizon and stepped through. Exiting on the other side he fell to his knees, then collapsed completely, unable to keep himself upright any longer.

Strong hands lifted him and carried him away, but Teal'c was already unconscious.

"Teal'c!" Bra'tac said, seeing his friend and apprentice starting to wake up.

"Bra'tac." Teal'c raised his head, but had to close his eyes for a moment before sitting up.

"Relax, old friend. You were gravely wounded, and your symbiote has not finished healing you yet." Bra'tac put a hand on Teal'c's shoulder and gently pushed him down.

"I am well enough to move, and I must. Time is of the essence," Teal'c insisted. "My symbiote will soon heal the rest of the damage."

Bra'tac nodded slowly, looking grim. "Your injuries were caused by Tau'ri weapons. You have not come here for many months, and now this. What has happened?"

"All is not as it should be with the Tau'ri." Teal'c paused to drink from the cup Bra'tac held out to him. He took a deep breath. "Daniel Jackson has become... power hungry. Insane."

"Daniel Jackson? I cannot believe that is so!" Bra'tac looked taken aback.

"Believe it! It was done by the Harcesis child."

"He gave Doctor Jackson his genetic memory. Yes, I remember hearings news of this ." Bra'tac shook his head. "It was a matter of great concern to me, but I was assured he would be able to control it. Assured that the Tau'ri would gain knowledge which would help them, help all of us, in the battle against the Goa'uld."

Teal'c nodded and took another drink of water. "Indeed, and so they have. They are building a weapon of great power to defend their world. That is not the concern."

"What is, then?"

"Daniel Jackson has acquired great powers, and few dare speak out against him. Major Carter has helped him construct this weapon, but she expressed her concern, and as a result he has relieved her of all responsibilities. She has begun speaking out against him, and I doubt it will be long before she is apprehended. Daniel Jackson's personality has changed, his behaviour has become... erratic. Those who disagree with him tends to... disappear."

"The Goa'uld genetic memory is affecting him," Bra'tac said.

"Yes," Teal'c confirmed. "For a long time I have been prevented from leaving, and recently I confronted Daniel Jackson about this, and about other concerns." He frowned. "He was not pleased, and it was not long after that when I knew my life was in danger. Since there did not seem to be anything I could do, I decided to leave the world of the Tau'ri."

"What of Colonel O'Neill? What of Hammond of Texas?" Bra'tac asked, clearly still shocked by what Teal'c told him.

"Colonel O'Neill was offered the position of overseeing the naquadah retrieval operation, since much naquadah is needed for the new weapon. He took the position, but I am certain he is concerned as well, even if his trust in Daniel Jackson is great." Teal'c paused for a moment. "Some months ago, General Hammond was transferred to a position in Washington, I have learned nothing knew about him since."

"The news you bring are indeed grave, my friend," Bra'tac said. "However, as unfortunate as this is to your friends, it sounds as if the Tau'ri may yet be instrumental in freeing the Galaxy from the Goa'uld."

Teal'c slowly shook his head. "I fear such will not be the case. Their focus seems to be their own world, but in the event that they do choose to venture out to confront the Goa'uld, I feel certain they would do so as a conquerer, and not as a liberator."

"You truly believe the Goa'uld genetic memory is controlling Daniel Jackson to the point where it will cause him to go down the same path as the Goa'uld?" Bra'tac asked.

"I do."

Bra'tac nodded. "Then they will be as yet another System Lord. Most unfortunate."

"We must do something." Teal'c swung his legs over the side of the bench where he had been lying, and carefully stood.

Bra'tac sighed. "What is your plan?"

"Contact the Asgard. They can help free Daniel Jackson of the effects of the Goa'uld genetic memory. I know of no others who can do so." He took his staff weapon and leaned against it, straightening. "I must go alone - to Cimmeria."

"It did not go as well as you had hoped," Bra'tac said, when he saw the expression Teal'c upon his return.

"No. The Asgard have no honour!" Teal'c exclaimed. "They insisted that this was an internal Tau'ri matter - despite the cause being Goa'uld genetic memory!"

"Though it was not the doing of the Goa'uld that it came to be in Doctor Jackson," Bra'tac reminded him gently.

Teal'c took a deep breath before answering. "True."

"The Asgard said nothing else?"

"They conveyed their regret as to the fate of Daniel Jackson - and the others of the Tau'ri," Teal'c said. He looked darkly at the horizon. "I was also given the impression that should Daniel Jackson go to them of his own volition, like Colonel O'Neill did, he would be helped. I do not believe that would happen."

"What else is there to do, then? I would accompany you to the world of the Tau'ri, but I fear not even our combined strength and cunning will be enough in a case such as this."

"It will not. Daniel Jackson now lives in a heavily fortified building, much like a small palace. There are many guards, outside and inside, as well as surveillance and electronic security. Some of the doors have been changed to open only if you have naquadah in the blood."

"He is now a host?" Bra'tac asked, surprised.

"No, but he has naquadah in the blood, naquadah which has been artificially added."

"I see." Bra'tac nodded. "Penetrating such a secure position will be difficult, unless we have superior forces."

"Which we do not." He turned to Bra'tac, his expression easing somewhat.

"You have another suggestion?"

He nodded. "Perhaps the Tok'ra has some technology which will help Daniel Jackson. If we find a way to reach him."

"They may have the knowledge, but do you know how to contact them?" Bra'tac asked.

"There has been no contact with them since several months, but I will try the most recent address. If that fails, the Tollan may be able to help us - or at least they may know how reach the Tok'ra."

"I apologize, but the Curia has rejected your plea for help," Narim said, looking apologetic.

"Did they say why?"

"As you know, the Tollan do not share their technology, nor do we interfere in what is clearly an internal Tau'ri matter," Narim explained. He hesitated. "Is there anything else I can do to help you?"

"Yes. Can you contact the Tok'ra?" Teal'c asked.

Narim hesitated, "I can, but I am not sure..."

"You know the Tau'ri are friends of the Tok'ra," Teal'c interrupted.

"Yes, but after what you told me..." He sighed. "I shall transmit the signal and have them send someone here, then you will get the chance to plead for their assistance."

"Thank you."

"Please understand that I cannot say when they will come. Or who they will send."

"It is of no consequence. Send the signal."

"Hello, Teal'c!" Jacob greeted him, then looked towards Bra'tac and nodded at him.

The two other Tok'ra with Jacob both made the standard Tok'ra greeting; a little half-bow with their hands held flat over each other just under the chest.

"Jacob." Teal'c nodded at him. "This is Master Bra'tac, my first teacher, and the greatest Jaffa master I have ever met."

"It's an honour to meet you," Jacob said, then added, urged by Selmak. "Master Bra'tac."

Bra'tac smiled, obviously pleased, earning Jacob a 'told you so' from his symbiote. He ignored her and instead turned back to Teal'c. "Why did you contact us through the Tollan? I know you were given a device to send a signal to us."

"True, but I did not have access to it."

Jacob nodded curtly. "I assume that is also why your team is not here with you. Where are they?" he demanded. "Where is my daughter?"

"On Earth. She was alive when I last saw her, and I do not expect that to have changed. More I cannot say." Teal'c hesitated. "I presume you remember the Harcesis child?"

"Yes. Aldwin went to help you extract the knowledge hidden in his genetic memory, but then the child transferred it to Doctor Jackson, and Aldwin was told you no longer needed our assistance."

"Correct." Teal'c nodded. "The memories affected Daniel Jackson much more than we had expected."

"The genetic memories control him," Jacob guessed.

"To some degree. More as time passes, I believe. Worse, due the knowledge he now holds, great power has been given to him. The leaders of your country believe the genetic memory holds the key to Earth's protection and eventual victory over the Goa'uld. Daniel Jackson has loyal guards, and supporters who does as he asks. Those who question anything disappear."

Jacob was quiet for a long time, clearly shaken. "It is worse than we had feared. When we did not hear from you for months, and our attempts at contact were rebuffed - we were told our visits were 'inconvenient' - we knew something was up. We hadn't thought it was that bad."

"I was hoping the Tok'ra could help us."

"I don't know if the Council will agree to help. To be honest, I don't really know what it is you want us to do. What we can do."

"Do you not have the technology to suppress Daniel Jackson's genetic memory?"

"Since it was given to him the way it was, maybe. Probably not without causing loss of some of his own memories, though. In any case, I'm guessing he wouldn't go with us willingly?"

"He would not."

"So it would have to be an assault. Go in, capture him, get out - with him." Jacob shook his head. "Aren't there anyone back on Earth that could help you?"

"Major Carter has spoken out against Daniel Jackson. At first he claimed it was due to what he called a 'nervous breakdown', but I fear she will soon be imprisoned, if she has not already. Colonel O'Neill has been less willing to believe his friend has changed, and were still supporting Daniel Jackson when I escaped."

"Escaped..." Jacob sighed. "It sounds like things have really become bad. Let's go sit down and then you can tell us what you know, Teal'c."

"That is all I can tell you," Teal'c said, ending his explanation.

"It's enough to convince me something must be done, and soon. From how it sounds, Sam is probably imprisoned by now!" Jacob exclaimed. "I just wish I knew how to convince the Council to let me take some people and go with you to Earth, and capture Doctor Jackson!"

"Teal'c and I will go, even if no one else comes," Bra'tac promised.

"No offense, but I'm not sure how good an idea that is," Jacob said.

"I will go! This is not something that can be argued against. What of you, Tok'ra?" Bra'tac asked. "Hm?"

Jacob gave him a dirty look. "What do you think? Sam is my daughter. Earth is - was - my planet. Of course I will do what I can. I just don't know how right now."

"There is one more thing you should know," Teal'c said. "Major Carter mentioned that Daniel Jackson seems to have developed an obsession with the time you were imprisoned on Netu, and were interrogated by Apophis."

"Interesting, but I do not see how that can help us."

"Major Carter believed that, more than anything else, was the reason why Daniel Jackson trusted her and Colonel O'Neill, and did not punish her even when she started opposing him. Because they were on Netu with him and suffered Apophis's wrath as well."

"And since you weren't on Netu with us, you would not be including in this... whatever it is. Shared victimhood or something." Jacob nodded. "I suppose it's possible, and if that's the case, it may prove to be to my advantage, since I was there on Netu with Doctor Jackson. Of course, it could also simply be because Apophis hated you more, due to your betrayal of him, and the memory of that feeling was stronger than Doctor Jackson's trust in you."

"Indeed, it is possible. I should also warn you that Daniel Jackson seems to have acquired a strong distrust of the Tok'ra."

"Probably because of the Goa'uld genetic memories. Of course." Jacob was quiet for some time, discussing it with Selmak. "Gambling that he'd trust me is probably our best bet anyway. It may help us get close enough to Doctor Jackson - if we can get past his guards. Do you think it's likely Jack is still on friendly terms with Doctor Jackson?"


"If we're a couple Tok'ra or more, we can probably confuse the guards with hara'kesh'es," Jacob suggested. "It would still be very difficult to get past all the security you mentioned, particularly without a plan over the place. Several more people would be good to have too."

"I believe Major Carter has been to Daniel Jackson's mansion a number of times, so she should be able to help us. If she is not imprisoned," Teal'c said.

Jacob sighed. "I guess we should go back to my base and see if I can convince the Council to send someone to help us, before we make any more plans."

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