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3. On Earth

"It's late December here," Jacob said as he landed the teltac in the forested, mountainous area west of Cheyenne Mountain. "Doesn't look like there's been much snow," he checked the gauges on the panel. "Just below freezing. Guess that's lucky - it's almost 30 klicks to the city, and the terrain is pretty rough. Would have been bad if it was colder, or a blizzard."

"Klicks?" Bra'tac asked.

"A Tau'ri measure of distance. It is approximately one met'nu'iteru," Teal'c explained.

"We should get going. Darkness has just fallen, and the nights are long at this time of year, but we want to get to the city and find some better clothing before dawn. What we're wearing doesn't exactly help us blend," Jacob said, looking at Martouf's Tok'ra uniform and the Jaffa clothing Teal'c and Bra'tac were wearing.

"We may be able to get help from Sergeant Harriman," Teal'c said. "He assisted my escape from Stargate Command."

"Good, that's making things much easier," Jacob said. "I had the impression that he was very much a man that did things by the book, but... do you think he'll help us move against Doctor Jackson?"

Teal'c hesitated before speaking, "I am not certain. While he was willing to help me escape, I believe he was not ready to accept that his leaders had made an error in permitting Daniel Jackson the amount of power they had."

"All right. We'll see what he says. He may at least be able to help us get some intel," Jacob decided.

It was long after midnight when they finally stood outside Sergeant Harriman's house.

"Let's hope he's not on the base," Jacob said, as they walked up to the front door. He knocked, then rang the bell and waited.

Teal'c stood nearby, while Bra'tac and Martouf/Lantash waited some distance away, in the shadow of a large bush.

After a few minutes the door opened, and Harriman looked out, appearing a bit sleepy. When he saw Jacob, he woke up quickly. "General Carter?" He looked at the other man walking up to the door. "Teal'c!"

"Yes. Can we talk?" Jacob asked, when he heard someone calling from inside the house.

"It's work!" Harriman called to her. "Go back to bed!" He closed the door behind him and pulled his robe more tightly together. "What can I do for you?"

"Is there somewhere private we can talk?" Jacob asked, looking around.

Harriman frowned, then nodded. "Yeah - go wait in the garage. I'll join you there in a little while. I just need to get dressed."

Jacob hesitated, "All right. Just don't tell anyone who we are, please!"

"General Carter?" Harriman asked into the darkness of the garage, when he had closed the door.

"I am here," Jacob flipped the light switch and stepped forward. "Come on, guys!"

Bra'tac, Teal'c, and Martouf/Lantash followed him.

Harriman looked at Bra'tac and Martouf/Lantash, surprised. "Master Bra'tac - and Martouf! I thought you were dead! Sorry. It's obvious you're not."

Martouf smiled a little. "I am quite alive and well, but from what I understand, it was long uncertain if that would be the case."

Harriman nodded, then looked to Teal'c. "You made it offworld, Teal'c. I was told you were badly wounded, possibly dead, but I am happy to see you're well."

"Indeed," Teal'c said. "I am well."

"Listen" Jacob said. "We should probably hurry up. So, I'll be direct - what is your opinion on Doctor Jackson and his current position?"

Harriman hesitated, "Well, we have all heard about someone who has... been relocated. Fired. Or simply disappeared. I helped Teal'c escape when it was clear he wasn't safe here any longer." He paused. "You are here to... to stop Doctor Jackson? Do you really think it will help? Sir."

"We're here to capture Doctor Jackson, yes. Hopefully help him - his behaviour is due to the Goa'uld genetic memory he was given," Jacob said.

After a few moments Harriman nodded. "I'll help you, General."

"Great." Jacob nodded. "Good to hear that - and you don't need to keep calling me 'General'. This isn't exactly official business."

"As you wish, sir. What do you need? I can get you some information, at least."

"That would be good. We'll also need suitable clothing, and some handguns," Jacob said.

Harriman looked surprised. "Handguns, sir? I thought you brought your own weapons? Zats, or something."

"The weapons are only for blending in. We're going to dress up as some of Doctor Jackson's guards - and take out the real ones," Jacob said bluntly. "What about my daughter? Where is she?"

"Major Carter had a falling out with Doctor Jackson a couple months ago. He informed everyone it was because she had been working too hard and had a nervous breakdown." Harriman looked apologetically at Jacob. "I didn't believe that, sir. Major Carter is not the type to crack." He took a deep breath. "A couple days ago we got word that she had been arrested."

"Samantha has been arrested?" Martouf asked, aghast.

"Yes. She's apparently in isolation. For her own good, I am told. I don't know where she's imprisoned, but I can make inquiries."

"Do that. What about Jack?" Jacob asked.

"He quit his position. He was in charge of procuring naquadah for the weapon, as Teal'c might have told you. He did so very successfully - so much so in fact that the stockpiles will last for a long time. No one has been going through the Stargate since Teal'c left."

"All right. Where's Jack now?" Jacob asked. "Here in Colorado Springs?"

"No, I think he's at his cabin. In Silver Creek, Minnesota. I can find the address," Harriman said.

"That will not be necessary. I have been to that location," Teal'c told them.

Jacob nodded. "Okay."

"I better get going," Harriman said. "I'll get you some BDUs too - what you wear right now isn't exactly inconspicuous." He looked at their Tok'ra uniforms and Jaffa clothing.

"Thank you for helping us," Martouf said. "And we apologize for waking you at this hour."

Harriman shook his head. "No problem. I had to get up and go to work in about an hour anyway."

"Where do we meet you? Here?" Bra'tac asked.

"No, you risk being discovered if you stay here." Harriman hesitated, trying to think of a place they could hide.

"Sam's house. It hasn't been confiscated, right? I know where she hides her spare key," Jacob said.

Harriman nodded. "That works. Do you have a car to get there?"

"We can walk. But we do need a car, for later. We have brought some valuables. Do you know of anyone who's selling? It doesn't have to be anything fancy."

"I'm not sure..." Harriman wrinkled his brow as he considered it. "Actually, I think Lieutenant Ritter has a car for sale. It's a Honda Accord, a sedan. Not sure how old, but I suspect it's more than 10 years old."

"That's fine - as long as it'll run. What does he want for it?" Jacob asked.

"No idea. Less than a thousand, I'm sure of that."

"Okay. We don't have any cash - do you think he'll accept jewelry?" Jacob opened one of the bags with valuables they had brought, and pulled out a handful. "A necklace, maybe?"

"Or a ring. He's selling the car to be able to afford an engagement ring for his girlfriend." Harriman grinned.

"I have no idea what the value is of any of this - take these and see if he'll swap." Jacob handed Harriman a necklace and three different rings - all with large gemstones. "He can always sell it and buy something that appeals to his girlfriend."

Harriman nodded. "Okay. I'll meet you at Major Carter's house around 8PM."

"Samantha will not mind?" Martouf asked, when they entered Sam's house.

"Nope, I'm sure she won't," Jacob said. "Just remember to take off your shoes - or she will get me for it!"

"Of course, Jacob." Martouf quickly took off his shoes and placed them nicely beside the other shoes standing on a rack just inside the door.

"This dwelling belongs only to Major Carter?" Bra'tac asked.

"What? Yes, she lives her alone, if that's what you mean," Jacob said.

"She is a person of higher position than I had thought," Bra'tac remarked.

Jacob laughed. "Actually, her house is on the smaller side - for this country."

"O'Neill has an even larger dwelling," Teal'c informed Bra'tac.

He nodded. "That is as it should be. He has higher rank."

Martouf had taken out some of the Tok'ra emergency rations, but Jacob stopped him.

"No, wait! I'll eat rations when I have to, but I'm sure Sam must have something better in the freezer!" Jacob went to check, and soon pulled several boxes out. "Hah! Frozen dinners! I knew she had some!" He looked some more. "And pizza! That's even better!"

"Most fortunate. I am quite hungry," Teal'c said.

"So are the rest of us..." Jacob raised an eyebrow. "But, I'm guessing, you can eat both a pizza and a frozen dinner?"

"Affirmative," Teal'c said, smiling a little.

Jacob nodded. "Okay. "Martouf? Bra'tac? What do you want? Pizza, or - some sort of chicken dinner."

The two Tok'ra had spent the day sleeping, and the two Jaffa had done their kel'no'reem and then taken turns keeping guard, despite how unlikely it was anyone would show up. They had been careful not to let anyone see them enter, and Sam had left the curtains drawn back when she left.

It was shortly after 8PM when Harriman knocked on the door, and Jacob let him in.

"I got the car, sir," Harriman said.

Jacob nodded. "Thanks. What about clothing? What does Doctor Jackson's guards wear?"

"Those outside wear a black uniform, similar to ones I've brought for you - they're in the car. Well, at least they used those types some months ago when I and some others were called to his, his mansion. The guards inside just wore dark suits and dark ties."

"Okay, very good. Can you give us a map of the place?" Jacob asked.

"I was only ever downstairs, in the room near the entrance. I've managed to get a house plan, but it's several years old, and I know he's rebuilt since." Harriman handed Jacob a roll of paper. "Here - and the address is on it too."

Jacob sighed. "Thanks. It'll be better than nothing, even if some things are different. We'll figure it out. What about my daughter?"

"Major Carter is in a prison in Denver, sir. Apparently she's more or less in isolation. I have the address for you, but no info on the layout of the building."

"Presumably she's in isolation because Doctor Jackson is afraid she'll manage to convince anyone she's innocent - and tell them what he's up to," Jacob mused.

"I've got some green BDUs for you too. It'll help you blend in better than what you currently wear." Harriman made a wry grin.

"Very true." Jacob grinned. "Alright, thanks for your help."

"No problem - oh, one more thing." Harriman took a cell phone from his pocket. "This is for you. I'll try to gather more information for you, but I can't promise how much I'll be able to get."

Jacob took the phone and nodded. "Thanks. You drove here in the car you bought for me, right?"

"Yes." He gave Jacob the keys to the car.

"Come on, then. I'll drive you home."

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