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7. Jack O'Neill's cabin

It was late afternoon on the eighth of January, when Teal'c parked their car on a forested path about a mile from O'Neill's cabin.

"This way," Teal'c said, after locking the car.

"Here - better bring weapons, in case he's not alone," Jacob said, handing each of them a zat'nik'tel.

They walked along a narrow path to O'Neill's cabin, staying away from the road. It was unlikely anyone would pass by and see them, but it was better to be careful.

A small layer of snow, perhaps a few inches, was covering the ground and the air was cold. The temperature was around 3-4 degrees Fahrenheit, and they all pulled their new coats closer together around them.

"We must circle the pond and enter from the front of the building," Teal'c said, when they had reached the small lake behind O'Neill's cabin.

The sun had now set completely, and it was getting darker. They hesitated for a few moments, listening, but all was quiet. They could now see there was a light in the cabin, so O'Neill was likely home.

"I don't see anyone inside, but I'm going to gamble Jack doesn't have any guests right now," Jacob said.

Teal'c nodded. "That would seem unlikely. As far as I know, he usually go here for the solitude, except for the few instances when he attempts to lure the rest of us with him."

"Poor you!" Jacob grinned. "Okay, let's assume he's alone then."

They walked around the pond, and arrived at the front of the cabin.

"One car. O'Neill's," Teal'c observed.

"I'll go first. Wait here," Jacob said.

The others stayed in the bushes by the corner of the building, while Jacob walked up to the front door and knocked.

It did not take long before the door was opened and O'Neill appeared. "Jacob?!" he exclaimed, obviously surprised. "What are you doing here?"

"It's... a long story. Are you alone?"

O'Neill nodded. "Yes." He shook his head but stepped aside. "Come on in."

"Thanks." Jacob smiled, relieved. "I'm not alone - are my friends welcome too?"

"Depending on who they are, I suppose." O'Neill looked concerned.

"Teal'c!" Jacob called.

"Hello, O'Neill." Teal'c bowed his head in greeting.

"Teal'c!" O'Neill looked at him, shocked. "Daniel told me you had betrayed us and escaped. I didn't believe you would betray us, but Harriman confirmed you had left through the Stargate - and that guards had tried to stop you."

"Indeed. They very nearly succeeded."

"He was badly injured when he was found," Jacob said.

O'Neill frowned, and nodded slowly. "I'm sorry to hear that, Teal'c - and very glad that you're okay. Come on in, both of you, so we can talk." O'Neill looked to Jacob, grinning. "And here I was afraid you'd brought the entire Tok'ra council or something when you mentioned friends."

"Not quite." Jacob smiled wryly. "Bra'tac! Martouf!"

The two others joined them, and O'Neill looked at them with his eyebrows raised. "Bra'tac - and Martouf!" He shook his head. "This is getting weirder and weirder. I thought for sure you were dead, Marty!"

"Not quite," Martouf said. "Though I shall admit I almost were, and probably would have been, had it not been for Jacob insisting I join him on this mission."

O'Neill looked to Jacob, who sighed.

"There were some... disagreements. Never mind, that's not why we're here," Jacob said.

"I think I know why you're here." O'Neill sighed. "Come on inside. It's not a discussion I want to risk anyone overhearing."

"I didn't know Carter was in prison," O'Neill admitted. "I guess I didn't want to know." He shook his head. "What did she do?"

"She realized that Daniel Jackson had become corrupted by his Goa'uld genetic memory and tried to make him see this. Failing that, she attempted to call the attention of others to that fact," Teal'c said.

"I must admit I've got a hard time accepting some of this. I mean, yeah, sure, I know Daniel's been acting a bit weird, but I can't believe he's actually behind throwing Carter in jail - or that he would have harmed you, Teal'c. It must have been someone acting without his knowledge."

"Believe it! Daniel Jackson is well aware what happens, and certainly gave the order himself!" Teal'c said. "O'Neill. I know he is your friend. He is my friend as well, but he is no longer the Daniel Jackson we knew."

Jacob dipped his head, giving Selmak control.

"Goa'uld genetic memory is very powerful, particularly when you are exposed to it without any protection or not gradually. I can only speculate on the horrific effect fully developed Goa'uld genetic memories would have on an unprepared human mind," Selmak said.

"Of course you can't imagine a mere human being able to handle it!" O'Neill rolled his eyes. "Typical Tok'ra arrogance!"

"Even symbiotes gain access to it slowly, over several years, as they mature. In addition, humans are likely not able to handle it nearly as well as a symbiote," Selmak said. "Those are facts, nothing else."

"It is a rare Goa'uld who can fight the accumulated genetic memory of their forebears. Combined with years of using the sarcophagus, it may not even be possible. The number of Goa'uld who has ever changed allegiance and become Tok'ra are no more than ten - the rest of us were born by Egeria," Lantash said. "We have the advantage of Egeria's wisdom and experiences, and also have not inherited all the genetic memories of her ancestors. We cannot claim to have conquered the effects of the Goa'uld genetic memory, since we were spared having to do so."

"Lantash is correct. I am certain many - if not most of us - would have failed, had we been forced to fight what your Doctor Jackson is fighting now," Selmak said.

"All right." O'Neill sighed, mollified. "So it really is that powerful." He was silent for some moments. "Okay, I guess Daniel may be losing this - and so will the rest of us, if he's allowed to continue. I just don't know what we can do. I really don't want to have to... stop him."

Jacob nodded. "Our plan is not to kill him. We're hoping we can help him."

"You have a plan?" O'Neill asked.

"Yes, but we need your help," Jacob said.

"Let me hear what you're going to do - and how you're going to get to Daniel. And fix him," O'Neill said.

"Do you have a beer or something? This is going to take a while," Jacob said.

"Sure." He looked to Teal'c. "I've got some orange juice too - for anyone who prefers that."

"You hope to bribe a few of the guards at Daniel's mansion, and then take the rest of them down, just the five of us?" O'Neill asked, disbelieving.

"Plus Sam," Jacob said.

"Right, you want me to bring Carter a drug that makes her sick, and then gamble they take her to a hospital or somewhere else where she can escape from." O'Neill shook his head. "Then, using her knowledge of Daniel's mansion, and with the guards hopefully incapacitated, we storm the place, grab Daniel, kidnap him, fly offworld with him, and take him to the Asgard who can hopefully fix him. Do you know how crazy and desperate your plan sounds? I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm all for crazy and desperate, but isn't this stretching it?"

Jacob gave him a wry grin. "Why, you think this is worse than some of the stuff SG-1 has done? From what Sam has told me, I'd think you were used to it."

O'Neill grinned. "Perhaps you're right. Okay, I still think this is crazy, and that we're probably going to be killed all of us, but the way things are going with Daniel, I guess something needs to be done. So - I'm in."

"Great!" Jacob smiled. "Oh, Harriman has sent a letter with schematics of the jail Sam's in - it should arrive tomorrow or the day after, then we can see if it helps our plan or not."

The letter arrived the next day, and the floor plans for the prison building where Sam was kept, was included.

"If they haven't changed it, it looks like there's a small clinic on the ground floor of this building," Jacob said, pointing to a smaller house connected to the larger one which was the prison itself. "Harriman says there is a fence around the building, which he has marked with the dashed lines on this map." He pulled over a piece of paper where the prison was seen from above, with doors and fence marked out.

"If that is correct, the clinic is partially outside the fence - with one door on the outside, at least," O'Neill said.

"Then, if Samantha is taken there, she may be able to escape. At least if we make a diversion," Martouf suggested.

"Yes, that's what I hope," Jacob said, thoughtfully. He looked through the floor plans and produced one for the building with the clinic. "It looks like there's two entrances - one from the prison, and one from the outside. Six rooms on the ground floor and a couple in the basement."

"Too bad we don't know which ones are used for treating the patients," O'Neil said. "Looks like four of the rooms on the ground floor are big enough to be either offices or examination rooms - I'm guessing the one by the door to the outside is the office, and the last one connects with the prison itself."

Jacob nodded. "That would make sense. One of the others also has windows to the outside, but I suspect they're barred, so it wouldn't matter much. No, if we're to get her out, one of us needs to be there to help her escape, but I still think it's the best way."

"I agree. Maybe we could pretend to be delivering something?" O'Neill suggested.

"Possibly. It would have to be timed very precisely, though." Jacob sighed. "Well, Selmak thinks we can make a drug which should take effect and wear off after known times, but the problem is that Sam isn't a normal human. The changes from Jolinar means she's more resistant to most drugs, but we don't know exactly how much more."

"Which means we may end up having to use force instead of diversion to get her out. Maybe even carry her, if she's still unconscious." O'Neill nodded. "Got it. We should wait until as shortly as possibly before we move on Daniel, or he'll suspect someone will make an attempt on him after freeing Carter."

"Agreed, but we're going to need her knowledge about the layout of the mansion," Jacob said. "As well as her help when we're trying to grab Doctor Jackson."

"I may be able to get you some more information about Daniel's place - I just need an excuse to visit him." O'Neill sighed. "It would have been easier if I hadn't quit working for him - or if I had just stopped by to say hi now and then, I guess."

Jacob shook his head. "You can always be wise in hindsight. When is the weapon he's building finished?"

"Soon. Two-three weeks, I think," O'Neill said. "I can easily find out."

"Then, that may be an occasion for you to visit, at least. To celebrate the completion," Teal'c suggested.

"I agree," Jacob said. "Since he'll probably be occupied with that then, we'll free Sam at the same time. Would you be able to visit her without it seeming suspicious?"

"Sure." O'Neill considered it. "Well, Daniel is pretty suspicious right now, but I can't imagine he would think it was strange for me to check up on one of my former team mates."

"Okay, in that case you should go visit her shortly before going to talk to Daniel. Just say hello, ask how she's doing - and if possible, appear as if you don't understand why she's behaving as she did, suspecting Doctor Jackson and so on," Jacob said.

O'Neill nodded. "I can do that. It won't even seem strange. I did tell her I didn't believe anything was wrong with Daniel, and that I thought she should stop talking to everyone about it. It'll be believable."

"Good. Then hopefully you can somehow hand her the drug and a short message without being discovered," Jacob said.

"Surreptitiously grab the cell bars while talking and then place it on the inside of them, perhaps?" Martouf suggested.

"Maybe - but it'll have to be small for that to work," O'Neill said.

"That should not be an issue," Jacob said. "Okay. Next problem - figuring out which of Daniel's guards to approach, and how to go about it. We also need to set up surveillance to learn their routines. At the prison too, I guess."

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