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8. Preparations for Freeing Sam

They had spent the next couple of weeks preparing. In order to keep a lookout on both the prison and on Daniel's mansion, they had rented a place in an apartment hotel outside Denver. Teal'c and Martouf kept surveillance on the prison, while the others staked out the mansion. They had also bought another car, since they had deemed it too dangerous to use O'Neill's for most things. It could be recognized.

After contacting Harriman, they had the date for Daniel's weapon's test. It would take place on January 21st, at 3PM.

That was now only four days away, and they were planning how to move forward.

"So, we have the schedules for the guards. We know when they are changed. We also know when supplies arrive," Jacob said.

"Indeed. We also know which pizza place they order from," Teal'c added. "Their pizza is most agreeable."

"I recognized one of the guards. He worked at Stargate Command before and I'm pretty sure he can be trusted. When I go to talk to Daniel, I'll strike up a conversation with him and see if I can tell if he's likely to help us," O'Neill said.

"There's another one who regularly sneaks off to smoke or grab a coke. I suspect we may be able to bribe him, but I don't know about the others."

"Well, one works outside and another inside. If we can get them to 'disappear' when it's time for us to move on Daniel, then it's fewer guards to take out."

"The guy you know, he works inside the building, right, Jack?" Jacob asked.

"He does, but if you're going where I think you are, then I don't know if he's willing. If we fail, Daniel is likely to punish anyone involved severely."

"Ask him anyway. We have constructed a jammer which should take out the cameras. If we can get him to turn off the alarms, or just give us more information about them, then that would help us a lot."

O'Neill nodded. "Allright. I'll see how it goes. Marty, how's the plan for freeing Carter coming along?"

"All is prepared. A drug has been made which will make Samantha violently ill after about 15 minutes. She should take it when her mid-day meal is served. She will soon lose consciousness, but will recover in about one to two hours. Hopefully, she will have been taken to the healer's room... I mean, the infirmary, by then. She should be placed in one of three rooms, all adjacent to either the office that has the entrance, or a corridor leading from it. Since no one should know Bra'tac and I, we will pretend to work for a delivery company, arriving while Samantha is in the infirmary. We have prepared a diversion, which should allow us to contact her and help her to escape."

O'Neill nodded. "Sounds good. I'll bring her the drug, together with a note. Did you find something that can be used to make it stick to the bars?"

"We did."

"Okay. Cameras?"

"Yes, unfortunately the area is under surveillance, but we have means to cause interference with the recording, so it should not be a problem. In fact, we have already tested it, and intend to do so again tomorrow, twice, in order to make them think there is some problem with the system."

"Great. Okay, so in three days I go and pay Carter a visit, and the day after that is when we want her to take the drug, right?" O'Neill asked.

"Yes," Jacob said. "Sam's illness will hopefully make them think of food poisoning, so they shouldn't be suspicious. Of course, you'll have to be careful when you talk to Sam. Don't give any indication you agree with her about Doctor Jackson, or you may not get out again when you go visit him later."

"Agreed. I will visit him while you free Carter, since that is when the weapon is ready. That should also delay any response from him if they call him from the prison," O'Neill said.

O'Neill took a deep breath, and then exited his car and walked up to the prison. He had the drug in a small capsule, which also contain a thin sliver of paper with instructions. The capsule would stick to one of the bars - how he did not know, since it did not seem sticky and they had denied it was magnetic, but the Tok'ra had assured him it would.

Now he just needed to carry this off and get it placed there without anyone becoming suspicious. The cell was almost certainly under surveillance, and they could not risk jamming the cameras. It would look suspicious if they stopped working just as he entered.

He would have to make it clear to whomever was watching - and possibly listening as well - that he did not agree with his former second in command when it came to Daniel.

Pushing aside all concerns, he walked up to the guards standing by the entrance. "Hello. I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill..."

Sam looked at the door as it closed behind her former commanding officer. She shook her head, not really understanding why he had come at all, if he felt she had screwed up so badly. Of course, she already knew that he had a hard time believing Daniel could do anything evil. Truth be told, she would never have thought so herself, had she not been working so closely with him, noticing his personality changing.

Even so, the Colonel had been outright antagonistic towards most everything she had said. It had been almost as if he had come there looking for a fight. It made no sense - unless he had to do it, in order to avoid Daniel's suspicion.

That made no sense either, not really. Not that she would not think Daniel was suspicious, and not that it was not probably the sensible thing to do, for O'Neill to distance himself from her completely. It almost certainly was, and she knew she was under surveillance - and a guard also stayed there during their talk - so perhaps that was it? A show for Daniel, so he could see O'Neill was not someone he had to make 'disappear'.

Except, that made no sense - O'Neill was not the kind of man who betrayed his friends and teammates for his own safety. No matter how logical it would have been, given that she was certainly going to 'disappear' soon.

She shook her head again, for a moment seeing Colonel O'Neill standing there, grabbing the bars as he shouted something about how she had betrayed her friends. He had left moments later.

That was when her gaze fell on something that stuck to the bars. Her first impulse was to go and see what it was, but her next thought made her change her mind.

What if it was something O'Neill had placed there? What if his visit was all a ruse, to bring her something? But why would he do that if he did not believe her?

She decided to wait until it was time for her to be fed. She could always go and grab the bars after they brought the food, and yell at the guard - and try to rattle the bars a little. It would not look suspicious, as she had done it before, and it would give her a chance to get whatever it was that was stuck there.

She hoped it was not just lint or something.

"...and tell Daniel I want to talk to him! He can't just keep me here like this, without even charging me with anything!" she shouted after the guard, pulling at the bars. Having made sure the small whatever-it-was was safely in her hand, she gave the bars an angry kick then turned and went to sit on the bench, glaring angrily at the barred door that had now closed behind the guard.

Listening to his steps receding, she surreptitiously felt the small capsule she now held in her hand, but decided she did not dare check it further here, in front of the camera. Instead she ate her food and waited for a suitable time. Since the toilet was in the cell with her, she could not even get privacy by going there.

She waited until it was almost time for lights out, and then climbed into bed and rolled over on her side, facing the wall. When she felt enough time had passed that anyone watching would have tired of it, she got out the small capsule and examined it under the blanket, making sure to make as few movements as possible.

When she pushed both ends of the capsule, it opened and folded out flat, immediately proving this was not Earth technology. She found a small pill and a rolled up piece of paper. The moment she had removed both from the now flat container, it fell apart between her fingers, turning to dust.

Now very curious, she unrolled the paper and read it. The message was short:

Sam. Take the drug tomorrow, at lunch. In 15 minutes it will make you sick and unconscious. We will attempt rescue from the infirmary. Dad.

That explained the technology! Her father had brought it from the Tok'ra, but could she really believe he was here, on Earth? To rescue her? It sounded unbelievable, but the handwriting was his.

Hoping this was not somehow a trick from Daniel, she decided to do as she was told, and take the drug tomorrow.

She had just taken a drink from her juice, when the first wave of dizziness hit her. They got the timing right, Sam mused, throwing a glance at the clock. It had been almost exactly 15 minutes since she took the small pill.

She ate another bite from her food, and drank some more of the juice they had given her. Not knowing how sick she would become, she did not want to fill up her stomach now.

Moments later, she felt nauseous and the dizziness got worse. She got up to go to the bed, but she had not taken many steps before she felt a throbbing in her head, followed by a strong pain in her stomach which caused her to double over and gasp out loud. Seconds later everything became black and she slid to the floor.

"She just fainted," the guard told the medics who had hurried to the cell in response to the call.

"Open the door," one of the medics ordered.

The guard hesitated, but when Sam did not move he nodded and complied. He remained outside the cell, his gun at the ready if she was faking it.

"She is completely unconscious. She also has a low temperature, and a rapid heart beat. We need to take her to the infirmary immediately."

"Wait while I call this in to my superiors."

"Be quick. I am sure they won't want her to die, and I can't promise she will not, if we don't get her there soon," one of the medics said.

"Put her in examination room two," the doctor said. "Do we know if she ate something that could have made her sick?"

"She was having her lunch, so that is possible," the medic told her.

"Make sure to bag the lunch so we can test it." She sighed, feeling her patient's forehead. "What about the other prisoners, did they get food from the same place?"

"They did, but none of the others have become sick." He hesitated. "Yet. That I know of."

"Find out!" the doctor ordered, and began taking out various instruments so she could examine Sam and find out what was going on.

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