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11. Attacking the Mansion

"Okay - everyone ready to roll?" O'Neill asked.

"Yup," Sam said as she finished buttoning her dark uniform.

They were all dressed in dark BDUs, resembling the ones worn by Daniel's security forces.

"You're sure you're well enough to go with us, Sam?" Jacob asked.

"Yes, I told you so, dad. Stop worrying."

"We are ready," Teal'c said.

The others all nodded.

"All right. Let's go then," O'Neill ordered. "Remember - there's probably more than fifteen guards in there now, and with things the way it is, we need to move quickly and silently, or Daniel or someone else will call for backup. Regrettably, that means we can't afford to be nice and leave the guards alive, unless the circumstances afford it. Understood?"

Sam checked her watch. "It's almost 2330 - what's taking Isaacs so long?" she whispered.

"Perhaps he cannot get to the controls for the alarm without rousing suspicion," Martouf suggested, keeping his voice low as well.

It had taken a long time to walk to Daniel's mansion, since they had had to watch out for patrols. They had not been discovered, but it had been very close more than once.

They had driven Bra'tac to the teltac earlier in the evening, and he was ready to pick them up as soon as they called for him.

Sam, Martouf/Lantash, Jacob/Selmak, and Teal'c waited another few minutes, then O'Neill signalled at them.

"Looks like Isaacs came through. The alarm is off," Jacob whispered.

They waited a few moments, while O'Neill snuck close and discreetly tried to catch the attention of the guard who had agreed to take a bribe.

As soon as the guard noticed him he immediately yawned and turned to his colleague, saying something whereupon he left, slowly, while lighting a cigarette. When he had turned the corner, O'Neill stepped up to him and handed him an envelope. He looked into it, nodded, and strolled further away.

With now only one guard at the entrance, Jacob pushed the button on the device that activated the jammers which took out the cameras and the radios outside the building. Those inside would be left on for now, to avoid causing suspicion. He signalled to O'Neill.

They all moved forward, quickly, taking the guard by surprise. Before he could do anything, Teal'c had broken his neck, and let him slide to the ground.

Martouf gave Lantash control, and he slipped the hara'kesh on. He nodded at Jacob, who had likewise armed himself.

Sam turned a small Tok'ra device at the lanterns flanking the gate, sending out a beam towards each in turn, causing the light to dim and then disappear.

They pushed the heavy gate open, relieved it was well oiled and did not make any noise. It was a very dark night with no moon and the clouds were heavy. The only light came from a few windows of the mansion.

Sounds could be heard from the guards, as they became alerted to the light at the gate going out.

The Tok'ra and Teal'c all had better night vision than humans, and walked silently ahead, with Sam and O'Neill following.

A low, half-strangled sound was heard, and when they came closer, they saw Teal'c let go of a guard. Several more came running, and Sam, O'Neill, Teal'c, and the Tok'ra quickly jumped behind a couple parked cars.

Lantash moved fast and grabbed the nearest sentry, pulling him down behind the car before he could shoot. O'Neill then slit the guard's throat, and rolled aside, following Lantash as he jumped behind some bushes, escaping the two other soldiers.

After taking care of those, they snuck towards the entrance, biding their time. A couple minutes later another group appeared. O'Neill, Teal'c, and Lantash were standing there, pretending to be guards, and the new sentries did not realize anything was wrong until they were almost on top of them. It did not take O'Neill, Teal'c, and Lantash long to dispatch them.

They silently walked around the mansion, finding only one more guard. Lantash had him in a strong grip, and was about to kill him when Sam stopped him.

"No - we need one of them to open the door!"

"Understood." Lantash instead activated his hara'kesh and directed the beam at the captured man. "He is highly receptive to suggestions now."

"Good, tell him to go to the door and tell the guards inside that there was a minor altercation with some people out on the street, but that it has been taken care of. Have him ask to get inside and use the bathroom or something," Sam said.

"I will." Lantash again focused the hara'kesh on the man, telling him what he should do. Meanwhile, Jacob adjusted the jammers to cover the inside of the building too, making sure they were not caught on camera, and disabling any radios.

Inside, they met two guards. Both were quickly and efficiently killed by Teal'c and O'Neill.

A man stepped out from a side room, and O'Neill quickly whispered at the others to stop.

"Isaacs!" O'Neill said in a low voice. "Are you trying to get killed?"

"Sorry. I heard someone speaking and wanted to see if it was you who had made it inside."

"How many sentries in the building?" Jacob asked.

"Ten, including me," Isaacs said. He looked at the two dead men on the floor. "Eight, now."

"Okay. Listen, you'd better get out of here if you want to live," O'Neill said.

"Understood." Isaacs nodded and left quickly.

O'Neill looked around the room. "All right, seven bad guys to watch out for. Let's move towards Daniel's private rooms - no need to go through the entire place, as long as we're paying attention to anyone sneaking up on us from behind."

"O'Neill, there is someone behind that door," Lantash pointed. "I heard someone move."

"I agree," Teal'c said. With a few long steps he was at the door and ripped it open, revealing a terrified looking guard. Not waiting for the man to react, Teal'c killed him on the spot.

They did not want any more surprises, and quickly searched the ground floor(1), finding and dispatching two more sentries.

They walked up the wooden staircase, getting to the first landing when Sam stopped them. "Wait - there's a pressure sensitive area just about here..."

Lantash took out a small device and activated it, scanning the area. "I believe it starts about 20 of your inches ahead of us and stretching all across for just over two and a half of your feet."

"Making it almost impossible to miss by coincidence - but possible to step over knowing it is there. And here I thought it was just a squeaky floorboard when I stepped on it earlier today! All right - you go first, Marty. Sorry, Lantash." O'Neill gave him a half smile.

They all made it across the pressure sensitive place, and continued up the stairs. Lantash got to the top first, followed by Sam. They froze almost immediately when someone called out to them from the other end of the corridor.

Turning, they saw a man dressed in the dark suits the inside guards wore. He had just stepped out from one of the doors and now called to them again, "What are you doing in here?"

"We went to use the facilities," Lantash said, using Martouf's voice. He hoped that would be an acceptable excuse.

"Facilities? If you need the bathroom, why didn't you use the one downstairs? You're not allowed up here, you know that!" the sentry told them angrily.

"I apologize. We'll leave immediately," Lantash said.

"Wait!" the guard had walked up to them and now looked closely at them. "I don't recognize either of you."

"We're new. Just started today," Lantash said.

"Yeah, with all the extra security needed, you know," Sam added.

"Let me see your ID, now!" the guard demanded.

"Certainly, sir." Lantash pretended to look for it in his pocket, then quickly lifted his left hand and activated his hara'kesh, focusing the beam on the guard's forehead.

The man got a distant look in his eyes, and meekly allowed himself to be moved aside.

"Do we really have to kill any more of them?" Sam asked in a low voice.

O'Neill had now joined them. He considered it, clearly not wanting to do so either, now when they perhaps had the opportunity not to. "Do you have any means of knocking him out for a significant amount of time?"

"I can make him confused and unresponsive for at least half an hour," Lantash said, lifting the hara'kesh again.

O'Neill listened for any sounds. "All right, do that - then quickly tie him up and dump him somewhere." He opened the closest door, finding a small office. "In here probably works just fine."

A few minutes later they had taken care of the guard and continued down the corridor, meeting no one.

"Forcefield," Sam warned in a low voice when they reached the door to Daniel's office. "Just inside the door."

O'Neill opened the door and carefully touched the force shield which prevented him from entering. "Right."

"There is something containing naquadah in there," Lantash remarked.

"Rings," O'Neill said. "Hidden in the floor, about halfway to the fireplace."

Lantash nodded. "That would explain it."

"Do you have any way of turning off the force shield?" O'Neill asked.

"I think I know where the control panel is - unfortunately it is on the inside," Sam said.

"Depending on how it is set up we can cut through the wall," Jacob said.

"Okay, set to work. Teal'c and I'll keep guard," O'Neill said. "We should not forget the remaining three guards."

Jacob took out a small device which quickly and efficiently cut through the wall in the place Sam said the control panel was located. Her memory was good, and they were able to access it from the back.

Lantash reached in and removed the small control crystal which kept the force shield functioning. "Daniel Jackson has copied this exactly from a standard Goa'uld force shield."

"Okay, we can enter now," Sam said, stepping into the room.

"Wait! Stand still!" Lantash exclaimed.

Sam did not move. "What?"

"See the small light by the fireplace?" He pointed into the dark room. "And the two on either side of the room?"

"Yes. What are they?"

"Possibly a type of tacluchnatagamuntoron. Some of them send out a weak light in a dark room, but only if there is a fairly large source of naquadah nearby. Like the ring transporter."

"Crap, he hadn't installed them before," Sam grumbled, slowly stepping back into the corridor.

"Just a moment," O'Neill went back to the room they had left the tied up guard in and returned moments later, carrying a lighter.

He activated it and threw it into the room. Laser beams immediately hit it from three sides, destroying it. "Wonderful! If we try to shoot them we make more noise than the damn things do, and if we leave them on we can't enter."

"It's too bad we don't have a shel'kesh," Jacob said.

"What's a shel'kesh?" O'Neill asked.

"A ring-like weapon, sometimes used by assassins. Like the one the zatarcs, including myself, used," Lantash explained.

"Ah," Sam said, looking unhappy at the memory.

"We should be able to use a zat'nik'tel instead," Lantash said, fishing one out of one of the large pockets in his BDU pants.

"Yeah - those works," O'Neill said, remembering when he and Teal'c had used them for that exact purpose. "Didn't know you'd brought a zat."

"You weren't supposed to," Jacob told him. "What if we're caught? With something like a ray gun? The hara'kesh'es can be explained away as jewelry, at least!"

"I think that would be the least of our concerns. Besides, it's not like this place isn't full of alien tech anyway," O'Neill insisted. "Go on, Lantash - shoot the damn tacs!"

He nodded. "Yes, sir." He fired the zat'nik'tel at the tacluchnatagamuntoron, hitting them and destroying them. "The path should be clear now."

He slowly stepped into the room. When nothing happened, he took another few steps, and the light came on. The others followed.

They all stopped when they heard angry shouts from outside the room. Teal'c quickly peeked outside. "Another one of the guards."

Lantash threw his zat'nik'tel at Teal'c, who caught it and smoothly turned and fired at the enemy, twice.

"He was probably alerted by the sounds from the zat," Sam mused.

"Okay, the rings should be about here," O'Neill said, looking around the room, trying to remember precisely where he had been standing when they had jumped up from the ground.

"Two more steps forward and you are in the center of them," Lantash said.

O'Neill bent down to look, spotting faint lines in the floor where the rings would come up. "I see them! Okay - you said you had some sort of mobile controls for them?"

(1) first floor in US and some other countries.

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