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Title: Wants and Desires
Rating: NC-17
Category: Drama, PWP
Characters: Chris Argent, Kate Argent
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairings: Chris Argent/Kate Argent
Summary: Chris Argent gets a surprise when he learns what his sister want from him.
Notes: For reeby10 ( http://reeby10.live journal.com/85671.html) for the rarepairfest 2016 exchange.

Some info:

Kate Argent was born in 1983 (according to a gravestone we see with her name).
Chris Argent: no info. Assuming here that he is about ten years older than his sister.
Allison Argent is born in Jan/Feb 1994.
This story takes place maybe in 2001, when Kate is 18 and Allison 7.

Sorry about the somewhat contrived first part/scene. The age difference between Kate and Chris, and the year Allison was born means I can't put it before Allison's birth. Since I didn't feel like writing Chris Argent betraying his wife, I came up with this as an explanation. Also, in this story Chris Argent was found abandoned as a small child and adopted by the Argents, so that's part of his backstory in this fic (but really of marginal importance for the story.)

You can just jump past chapter one to ignore that part - the rest can be read as plot-what-plot.

Note: I haven't watched anything after mid-season 4



"You have got to be kidding!" Argent exclaimed, staring at his sister.

Kate smiled and batted her eyes. "Why would I be kidding?" She let herself fall down in the sofa beside him and ran her hand lovingly up his arm before leaning in closer.

"Stop it! That's not funny!" He pushed her hand away.

"It's not meant to be funny! I mean it! It's been decided - you're going to impregnate me." Her smile turned predatory. "And I'm so going to enjoy it!"

"Our leaders decided it? They wouldn't do that! You're my sister - and I'm married! They can't ask me to betray Victoria!"

"They're not - she agreed to it," Kate told him, a slight triumph to her voice. "Ask her if you don't believe me."

"Oh, I will, you can be sure of that!" He shook his head. "But tell me anyway, why?"

"I'd have thought you could guess. You're always so smart, brother," she said with a light smirk. "The Argent bloodline is old and important. Without us the fight against evil would be severely weakened."

He rolled his eyes. "I still fail to see your point."

"You weren't born an Argent - father found you, abandoned, and made you one of us."

"I've never heard that this was a problem before! Besides, I married Victoria, and she's descended from the Argent family too."

"Not from the main line. Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's more about us having become few. What if we one day are too few to carry on the battle?"

"There are other families." He suddenly hesitated, realizing something. "You convinced them, didn't you?"

She smiled deprecatingly. "So maybe I had a small part in it. Still, it is true our leaders are worried because it's just the two of us. You've only got one kid - and I think we all know that I'm not cut out for family life, nor do I want anyone to arrange my marriage for me."

"It worked out well enough for Victoria and me. I love her." He sighed. "But we've agreed not to put Allison through that when she grows up. She'll be allowed to choose for herself. In every way."

"So you do have a little bit of rebellion in you." She laughed and put her hand on his leg. "Wonderful! Anyway, I offered to have a child now, as long as I didn't have to raise him or her. Our beloved leaders agreed to it."

"All right, good for you, but why have it with me?"

"You've apparently made quite an impression, would you believe that?" She grinned. "Meaning you'd provide good genes for future hunters. Also - I like you. A lot. I've been attracted to you for years - or hadn't you noticed?" She sidled up to him, putting an arm around his shoulders.

"Oh, I'd say I suspected. Like at my birthday a year ago, when you showed up in the shortest, most see-through dress I've ever seen before... and then proceeded to wiggle your ass at me when you bent to pick up something!"

"And you loved it! Don't try to deny it! I noticed how you looked." She leaned closer to whisper into his ear. "You, dear brother, is busted!" She licked along his ear, then sucked on the lobe.

He gasped and quickly rose. "I told you to stop that!"

Kate mock pouted. "Go talk to Victoria, then. Since you don't seem to believe me!"

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