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They all looked around at the imposing buildings standing around the plaza were the Stargate was located.

"This isn't Stargate Command," Daniel observed in a low voice.

"Obviously not. I wonder where we are?" O'Neill said, frowning at the Jaffa guards. "This place is strangely familiar."

"Washington," Sam said, half-turning and pointing. "See? It's the national mall. They just put tiles on much of the grass, removed some trees, and, well." She frowned. "It looks like they changed the front of some of the buildings and added some statues."

"Lots of very colourful statues." O'Neill shook his head. "You're right. It's crazy, but..."

"Silence!" Bra'tac bellowed, and gave O'Neill a hard thwack across the back with his staff weapon. He stepped up to the nearest guard. "Inform Lord Apophis that his servant Bra'tac-" He looked at Teal'c, frowning at his torn, dirty clothing. "And his apprentice Teal'c, are bringing prisoners."

"Yes, master Bra'tac." The guard bowed deeply, then turned to one of the other guards. "You have command." He took off running.

Bra'tac gave Martouf a shove. "Get walking!" He motioned at the others. "Move!"

"You don't think that is Apophis's palace here on Earth?" Daniel wondered, nodding in the direction of the building straight ahead.

"Oh, I feel confident that is the place. Unfortunately," O'Neill mumbled, looking at the Capitol Building.

"Ah, the ungrateful blasphemers," Apophis said, leaning back in his throne chair. "Kneel before your god, and beg for forgiveness and you may yet be shown mercy." He grinned, leering at Sam. "Very attractive! I may have a position for you."

Sam rolled her eyes and snorted. "Like that is going to happen!"

"Silence, human!" Apophis ordered, furious at the interruption.

"I apologize for their behaviour, my Lord," Bra'tac said, bowing.

"Let go of me!" Lantash suddenly exclaimed, pulling his arm free from the grip of the surprised Jaffa. He had talked it over with Martouf, and they had decided it was worth a try to see if they could trick Apophis into thinking they were Goa'uld. He would sense them anyway, so they had nothing to lose. "Your Jaffa are idiots! They refused to listen, and apprehended me when I was travelling with my human slaves. Now look at my clothes!"

"Indeed, they would not listen to me either," Selmak quickly added. "They should be punished severely!"

"My Lord! We did not know!" one of the Jaffa guards exclaimed, terrified. "We would never have treated a Goa'uld Lord like this!"

"Stupid Jaffa!" Apophis roared.

"I apologize, my Lord!" Bra'tac hurriedly said. "But I assure you, this is the first they have mentioned being Goa'uld."

"I wanted to see how stupid you would be," Lantash insisted. "It was amusing for a while, but it quickly became tiresome."

Apophis stared from one of the two 'Goa'uld' to the other, taking in their dirty, torn clothing, no different from what the others wore. Tau'ri clothing. A triumphant smile slowly spread across his face. "You are Tok'ra!"

"Tok'ra? How dare you!" Selmak exclaimed.

"Apophis smiled arrogantly. "Do not treat me as if I am a fool! It is obvious you are Tok'ra!" He raised his left hand with his hand device, and the red crystal in the middle began to glow menacingly. "It has been a long time since one of your kind attempted to interfere in my affairs. I look forward to learning all your secrets!"

"Apophis, have you forgotten the dinner with Zipacna, or am I to entertain him on my own?" a flanged voice said from the other end of the room.

Everyone turned to see a beautiful Goa'uld woman dressed in extravagant clothing, walking towards them from the entrance.

"Sha're!" Daniel exclaimed.

"Amaunet, my beloved. I apologize for being late. Important matters kept me," Apophis said.

"More important than dinner with me - and your closest ally?" Amaunet asked, smoothly.

Apophis hesitated for a moment. "Of course not. I shall be with you in a moment." He turned to Bra'tac. "You and your men will be richly rewarded for bringing me not only three insolent humans, but two Tok'ra as well!"

"Thank you, my Lord," Bra'tac said, bowing deeply.

Behind him, Teal'c, Fro'tak, and Ma'kar all bowed as well.

"Have them placed in a holding cell until I have time to interrogate them." Apophis began to leave. "Make sure they are searched and everything of value is removed from them."

"Yes, my Lord," Bra'tac promised.

"Well isn't this just swell!" O'Neill exclaimed, giving the door of the holding cell a kick.

"It was unfortunate our attempt to deceive Apophis did not work. It would be easier for one of us to free you than it will be for Teal'c, who has to make sure Bra'tac does not suspect him," Lantash said.

"Yeah, no offence, but you actually don't make a very convincing Goa'uld. Especially not dressed like that," O'Neill told him.

Lantash nodded. "That is no offence, quite on the contrary - though all things considered, it would have been easier if he had believed me."

"Right." O'Neill took a deep breath.

"Well, Teal'c will get us out, don't you think?" Daniel said. He had been silent, deep in thought, since he saw Sha're.

"I am sure he will try," Sam said.

"He's a resourceful fellow. He'll get us out," Jacob insisted.

Sam, Jacob, and Martouf began systematically checking the cell for any way to escape, while O'Neill and Daniel sat down on the bench.

"Did they really have to install cells that look exactly like those in a Goa'uld Ha'tak here on Earth, in the Capital Building!" O'Neill grumbled, glaring at the gold-covered walls.

"What did you expect," Jacob said, grinning a little.

"I just hope they feed us. We haven't eaten since - oh, two timelines ago," O'Neill complained. "It must have been yesterday... it's a bit confusing."

"It was yesterday," Daniel agreed.

"Any luck?" O'Neill asked.

Sam shook her head. "No, I can't find a way to short-circuit the lock from inside."

"The cell is new and well constructed," Lantash agreed with her.

"Great. Awesome." O'Neill made a low moan and leaned back against the wall. "Just typical!"

It was late evening, and they were trying to get some sleep when they were awoken by the sound of someone sliding back the small door set into the larger door. The opening were normally used for giving the prisoners food.

"What?" O'Neill mumbled. He woke up fully when he saw the opening. "Yes, they are finally feeding us!"

"I apologize, but I am not bringing food, O'Neill," Teal'c's voice said from the other side of the door.

"Teal'c! Open the door and get us out!" O'Neill insisted.

"I cannot. There is an alarm which will sound if it is opened without issuing a command which I do not know. This Apophis is of a quite suspicious nature."

"Bra'tac didn't give it to you?" Daniel asked.

"He does not seem to trust me. I do not know if it is a difference due to the timeline, or if it is caused by my clothing. He did not sound completely convinced when I explained it had been a ruse in order to capture you."

"Great," O'Neill grumbled. "Have you got any ideas on how to get us out?"

"I have. The plan may or may not make our situation better, but it will at least change it."

"The damn Furling device. Okay, I won't be sad to see this timeline go. Change it a bit and fire it up before anyone sees you." O'Neill motioned at the others who had woken up as well. "Get close to the door."

"Wait, Teal'c. Is there any way we can get Sha're to come down here?" Daniel said, hopeful.

"Queen Amaunet will not follow me anywhere, I am quite certain of that. If I did get her to come with me, she would bring several more guards," Teal'c said. "I am sorry, Daniel Jackson."

Daniel nodded sadly. "I know. I just had to ask." He took a deep breath. "Let me take a look at the settings on the device. Maybe I can suggest how to change it so it's only a small change."

"Sure. Go ahead," O'Neill said, moving aside so Daniel could look out through the small door.

Outside, Teal'c held the device in front of him so Daniel could look at it.

"Okay, I'm pretty sure turning the top left corner a nudge forward will make a small permutation - hopefully enough to free us without risking any other, more drastic changes," Daniel said.

"Understood," Teal'c said, turning a corner and pressing the crystal quickly.

"No! Wait, I meant seen from my persp..."

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