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"I really hope Jack is coming back soon," Daniel said, worried. "What if he's been captured?"

He had barely spoken the words, before the door opened and O'Neill was pushed inside by a Jaffa.

"Stay there, human, or you will regret it!" the Jaffa told him and shut the door after him.

"Jack! What happened?" Daniel asked.

"I found the kitchen." O'Neill grinned, taking half a bread, some dried meat, and a bottle with some kind of liquid from inside the bag he was holding. "I also took a peek at the flight deck. There's two teltacs. I'm sure they won't mind letting us borrow one of them."

"Where there no guards?" Teal'c asked, surprised.

"Well, I'm not sure. There were Jaffa running around everywhere, preparing the deathgliders, I think. They didn't really pay any attention to me, so that was good at least."

"That's not a good sign, is it?" Sam said, pulling at her skirt, which she found to be too short. "Them getting the deathgliders ready, I mean."

"It is not," Teal'c said. "They are clearly preparing for battle."

The door opened and Jacob|Selmak entered.

"Dad!" Sam exclaimed, then corrected herself. "Selmak. What's going on?"

Selmak closed the door. "Ba'al and Bastet are at war. Ba'al attacked Bastet's domains in the Americas, accusing her of hiding laboratories there where she is creating weapons of mass destruction with which to attack him - and the other vassals, even Ra. Or so Ba'al claims."

"Well, we know she has those labs, and we found the nasty weapons in the ring room, so he isn't completely wrong," O'Neill observed.

"Bastet is furious. He has not only accused her personally, but publicly. The other vassals are siding with him, most likely in the hopes of getting Bastet's territories," Selmak explained.

"So she's on the run?" Daniel asked.

Selmak shook her head. "No, not quite. She is going to bombard Ba'al's homeworld, killing as large a number of his Jaffa as possible. We are meeting up with seven more of her ha'taks, and a couple alkesh, but I believe Ba'al is on his way back to his homeworld, and from what we could find out, he may be able to get about as many ships there as Bastet brings."

"It will be a hell of a bloody battle," O'Neill realized.

"And we will be in the middle of it," Sam added. "Great." She pulled at her skirt again, then gave up. Goa'uld clearly liked dressing their slaves in about as much clothing as they wore themselves. Her only consolation was that they were all wearing ridiculous clothing. At least that meant they did not stand out from the rest of the servants on the ship.

It was only hours later when it suddenly felt as if something hit the ship hard. The light flickered and they dropped out of hyperspace. An alarm sounded almost immediately.

"I wonder what that was!" O'Neill said. "It felt almost like an explosion of some kind."

"Sabotage?" Sam wondered.

"Or else the engines just chose a really bad time to break down," Daniel suggested.

"One of Bastet's underlings may have decided Ba'al has a better chance of winning and decided to change allegiance," Teal'c said. "Sabotage is by far the most likely explanation."

"How do we escape, then? If Ba'al's ship is out there it's not likely we can sneak by in a teltac," Daniel said.

"Well, there's no time like the present. If we flee now, Bastet won't have time to look for us, and if Ba'al shows up he'll probably go after her instead of us. Come on, guys!" O'Neill said.

"Wait, what about my Dad and Martouf?" Sam said.

"We'll get them on the way. Couldn't one of us pretend to have a message for 'our Lord' and ask to be taken to him?" O'Neill wondered.

Sam nodded slowly. "Yes, I guess so?" She looked to Teal'c.

"Yes, though as suspicious as Bastet currently is, she may think we are involved. Certainly that Selmak or Lantash are."

"Which isn't what we want." Sam sighed.

"We'll think of something. Don't worry, we're not leaving anyone behind. Daniel, grab the cube! Come on, guys!" O'Neill had opened the door and was looking out. "People are running around looking busy. They won't have time to worry about us."

They had not walked far before an alarm sounded again, a different one this time.

"We are under attack. The alarm is notifying the Jaffa that they should go to their posts," Teal'c told them.

They jumped aside and into a niche which held a large statue, as a group of Jaffa hurried past them.

"Where would Jacob and Marty be?" O'Neill asked, looking after the armoured Jaffa.

"During an attack the Goa'uld will be at the post they are assigned to, or else on the peltak," Teal'c said.

"Dad is Bastet's 'procurer'. I have no idea what his position would be during a battle," Sam said. "I don't think she's given Lantash any position yet, so I'm guessing he's helping out with the defence?"

Teal'c nodded. "He may be on the peltak or perhaps overseeing the launch of the deathgliders. Of course, there are other parts of the defence he may have been assigned to assist with."

"In other words, you have no idea. Great," O'Neill grumbled.

At that moment the ship felt as if it shook. Then the shudder was felt again, and again. The light flickered, then stabilized.

"Another ship is shooting at us," Teal'c told them helpfully.

O'Neill nodded. "I got that. We can't stay here. Carter, find someone to ask about your Dad and Marty. Say we need to talk to our 'Lord'. I don't care what excuse you come up with. Just hurry up - and meet us outside the hangar deck."

Sam had been in luck and had run into Martouf|Lantash after only a short time of searching. He was on his way to the peltak, fortunately alone.

She looked around and hurried up to him. "Lantash! We're getting out of here on a teltac. We need you and Dad to come to the hangar deck as quickly as possible."

"Now? In the middle of the battle?" Lantash asked, then nodded. "If we time it correctly it may be to our advantage that they are occupied fighting each other. That is, as long as Ba'al do not think Bastet is using the teltac in an attempt to escape."

"You think it's possible?" Sam asked.

"I think it's highly dangerous, but that the alternative is worse." He sighed. "Go to your team mates. I will find Selmak and meet you - as quickly as possible."

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