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TITLE: Alone
RATING: PG-13 or R (for some gore)
CATEGORY: Apocafic, drama
WARNINGS: Lots of major and minor character deaths. Violence. Some amount of gore. Description of less-than pleasant human-to-alien transformations.
SUMMARY: Sam wakes up in the infirmary with no memory of what has happened. She finds the corridors and rooms of the base empty, and she fears no one else is left alive at the SGC. She will soon learn something that makes her wish that had been the case.
CHARACTERS: Sam, Jolinar, Teal'c
PROMPT: Sam. She wakes up in sickbay after some injury that left her unconscious for a couple days. She finds the SGC is completely empty, with no signs of fighting.
NOTES: Takes place early season 2, shortly after "In the Line of Duty" - maybe just under a week after. In this AU, Sam has been unconscious after the attack by the ashrak.

Written for Apocalypse Kree! 2016 on Livejournal.

1. Awakening


Sam slowly woke up and opened her eyes. She noticed she was somewhere with low light, and steady, soothing sounds. The infirmary, she realized. She tried to remember what had happened, why she was there. and she turned her head to look around. She groaned softly as a wave of dizziness washed over her, and her head began to hurt.

With the pain came a vague memory. Someone had tried to kill her with an energy weapon of some kind. After several minutes of trying, she had to accept that she did not remember anything further, but since she was alive he must have failed. However, it also explained why she was here, in the infirmary.

She tried to speak, to call out for someone to come and give her some information, but it just came out as a croak. She tried to clear her voice and looked to the table beside her, but there was no water for her to wet her dry mouth with.

Well, even if it was the middle of the night, someone would be on duty and would surely stop by to check on her soon. She could wait.

About an hour or so had passed when Sam decided that enough was enough. Someone should at least have peeked their head through the door and checked on her by now.

She slowly, carefully sat up. Her headache increased, and the room spun, but she closed her eyes and breathed deeply. When she was feeling a little better, she freed herself from the various tubes, IV lines, and sensors.

Sliding her legs over the side of the bed, she stood - and almost fell. She grasped for support, pulling a number of instruments and a lamp to the floor with a lot of noise as a result.

She frowned as she straightened and looked around in the half-dark room. Surely someone must have heard that, but no one came. Trailing her hand against the side of the bed, and then the wall for support, she made it to the door and opened it.

The room beyond was empty. Clearing her voice, she croaked, "Hello?"

There was no answer. Puzzled, and by now more than a little worried, Sam went to the nearest sink and filled a plastic cup, then took a big gulp. Remembering that she ought to drink slowly, she restrained herself and sipped the water while padding around the infirmary, looking for someone, anyone.

Her next destination was Janet's office. She walked on uncertain legs to the room, her heart beating fast, worried what she might find.

The office was as empty as the rest of the infirmary. Sam quickly checked the papers on the table, and then the computer which was on, not even having been locked. She found no indication of what might have happened. It was both curious and unsettling.

After finding the place completely abandoned, she went to the intercom. Her finger was inches from the activation button when she pulled it back like she had been burnt. If the SGC had been taken over by someone, the last she wanted was to tell them she was free!

Her headache was bothering her, and she found a couple of painkillers and washed them down with some more water. She looked down herself, at the hospital gown she was wearing, and decided she needed something else before she took on whatever it was that was wrong at the SGC.

She grabbed some clean scrubs and a pair of non-slip socks from a closet and disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up a little.

After a quick bath, she was feeling better - physically, at least. She was extremely worried about her friends and the rest of the personnel on the base, perhaps even the planet, depending on what had happened. Worrying about a possible foothold situation, she opened the door out into the corridor as silently as possible.

Seeing no one, she slipped out from the infirmary and walked along the corridor to the elevator. This was beyond creepy. The corridors were dark, with only the emergency lights on - and those, weirdly, seemed to be on an even dimmer setting than normal.

As she turned the corner, she saw something on the floor. An access card. She bent down to pick it up, and almost fell as her headache and dizziness grew worse. She cursed the inefficiency of the painkillers she had taken earlier, and took several deep breaths, steadying herself.

The card belonged to Teal'c, which was not exactly reassuring. She could not imagine him dropping it, but there was no blood visible anywhere so that was something, she thought.

Pocketing the card, she continued to the elevator, stopping herself just before she pressed the button to call the elevator. She stood for a few moments, listening intently, but heard nothing. The thought that she was the only one left on the base crossed her mind, and the thought scared and depressed her.

Then she had the even more scary thought that she was not the only living thing on the base - merely the only human.

Suddenly, she imagined hearing something and froze. What if invisible aliens were creeping around, just waiting to attack her? She quickly pushed the thought aside, assuring herself it was ridiculous.

She pushed the button and shortly after the elevator doors opened before her. The light in there was as dimly red as in the rest of the place, but she got on and pushed the button to level 19 where the secondary base armoury were. Whatever had happened, if someone hostile was on the base, she had better make sure she was ready for them.

She had armed herself and also taken a trip to her quarters for some BDUs instead of the scrubs.

After that, she had searched floors 15 to 21. They had all been empty. Giving in to her rumbling stomach, she was currently on level 22, in the mess hall.

Sam looked at the display cases and buffet tables. Little food remained, and what was there was clearly not prepared recently. She estimated it had been at least a whole day, maybe more. She looked around at the tables with mostly-empty trays and plates, and shook her head - carefully. Whatever it was that had happened had done so suddenly and seemingly without any fights.

She went to the kitchen and found something to eat in a refrigerator. Munching on a sandwich she sat down at a table, placing a glass of milk in front of her. She needed to think and plan.

Her head was still feeling as if it was filled with cotton, but the headache had diminished as had the dizziness. She tried to remember some more of what had happened to her - perhaps it was related to what had happened to the base and the people on it. Another question was, why had she been spared? Because she was unconscious? Possibly. Likely.

She remembered going to a planet. Nasya. There had been an attack. There had been death gliders. SG-1 had helped to evacuate the population through the Stargate. She recalled that she had gone to help a wounded man, and then something had happened. That much she remembered.

She frowned, rubbing her neck abstractedly. Suddenly she had a memory flash. She had become a host! She jumped back, tripping over her chair with a large crash. She froze in the spot and listened for a long time, but there were no other sounds. No one had heard her.

Taking a deep breath she raised up the chair and sat down on it again, picking up her sandwich. Yes, she had become a host, but she clearly was not one any longer. She had full control of her body.

She had vague memories of her body walking around without her control, doing things without her control. The Goa'uld talking to her about something. Then she - no the Goa'uld - had been discovered and thrown into a holding cell. That was where she had been attacked. By another Goa'uld. She gasped as she remembered the pain, then nothing. Nothing until she woke up in the infirmary.

Had that other Goa'uld killed the Goa'uld in her? Possibly, but why? She shook her head and ate the rest of the sandwich, then washed it down with the milk. There was no reason to think about it any further right now. What was important now was that other Goa'uld, and whether or not it was responsible for the current mess they were in.

She wiped perspiration from her forehead, noting that it was warmer than usual. Weird, but not something she would worry about now, because she had gotten an idea.

Much of the base was covered by surveillance cameras. She should be able to tell what had happened by looking through the recordings. The monitoring station on level 16 would be her next destination.

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