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Fanfic, Stargate SG-1, Alone, PG-13/R, 4/6

4. Overwhelmed

"All right, let's see if this has any effect," Sam said, after hooking up Siler to intravenous lines with the drugs.

He just shook his head, which made Sam more worried than anything. He was not usually this defeatist, but she could not exactly blame him. The prospect of being transformed into one of those creatures was terrifying. She shuddered and went back to look at the samples she had taken.

It was less than 15 minutes later when she was interrupted by the sound of weapon's fire and a scream, followed by a crash.

"Siler!" she shouted and ran for the other room, holding her zat'nik'tel ready, and cursing her carelessness in leaving the MP5 in the other room.

The sight that met them was heart wrenching. Siler was lying on the floor, clearly dead from multiple gunshots. He had shot himself, not wanting to risk the transformation.

Sam fell to her knees beside him. "I'm sorry! I should have listened to you." She shook her head. "You shouldn't have had to do this yourself."

*I am sorry about your colleague,* Jolinar offered, meaning it.

*Hm.* Sam looked sadly at the dead Siler.

*Samantha, we need to get away from this base.*

*Do you have to be so cold? And stop calling me 'Samantha'. Call me 'Sam', if you have to call me something.*

*I am not cold, but there need to be one person with a cool head in this body. Sam.*

Sam snorted and picked up her MP5. *I need more ammo - and more intel.* She wiped her forehead. *It's getting hot on this level too.*

*Yes. No doubt the intruders are increasing the temperature in order to get a better environment for their developing brothers and sisters.*

Sam had grabbed an assault shotgun in addition to her MP5, placing it in a holster on her back. She filled her pockets with ammunition and a few grenades, and tied a couple extra knives to her legs, should she need them. She had also found a small backpack that worked with the shotgun scabbard, and which she put some additional ammunition in, together with several blocks of C-4 and detonators. The zat'nik'tel she stuffed into a gun holster which it barely fit in, but it worked.

She felt sweat trickle down her back. The temperature was pretty high and so was the humidity, even here, several floors above the alien nest. She quickly divested herself of her jacket, before putting the backpack and holster on again and picking up the weapons.

She was ready.

Next point on her list was the monitoring station on level 16. Fortunately, all the aliens and brainwashed guards were on the lower levels - or the very top one - so she met no one.

*We'll never get past them on our own,* Sam concluded, watching the many guards - now also including two of the alien creatures - that were located in all the corridors on levels 27 and 28, as well as the gateroom.

*You have a Jaffa on your team, correct?*


*He may be immune - or at least more resistant to the alien virus.*

*Well, he is. At least to the weird gas they used to control people with to begin with. He's still captured, though, and I saw him being stung.*

*On the monitor, yes.*

*Several hours ago, so I don't know how he is.*

*I believe it is worth finding him. If he is alive, he may be able to assist us. The same is possibly the case for some of the humans, if they are recently stung, or not yet stung.*

*Maybe we could give them something strengthening?* Sam suggested. "The immune globulin combined with that strengthening drug of yours worked for a little while. It may work longer if given earlier - or in combination with something else.*

*Possibly. I need to see what kind of drugs you have.*

They looked at the feed from the infirmary. No one was there or nearby.

*All right. Let's get going.*

*Okay, I've got the samples we took, and the drugs we hope will help people.* Sam sighed, shouldering her backpack again. *Let's do this.*

Since they knew from the surveillance camera that there were many more aliens and alien-controlled guards about now, Sam|Jolinar worried about being heard if they used the elevator, and so they used the stairs to walk down two floors, to level 23.

*Damn, it's hot!* Sam moaned softly and fanned herself with her hand.

*I estimate it is around 110 Fahrenheit - unless I misunderstood how that strange temperature scale of yours work,* Jolinar informed her. *It would not be as bad if the humidity were not so high.*

Sam grumbled and pushed the door open a crack. She did not hear anyone nearby, so she peeked her head inside. There was no one in that part of the corridor at least. Relieved, she stepped through the door and closed it as silently as possible, before sneaking on ahead.

She froze in place when she heard a scraping sound, and stood for several moments, not even daring to breathe. Another scraping sound was heard, followed by a roar and then the sticky, ripping noise she had heard when the young Lieutenant transformed and ripped off his human skin. She shuddered and pressed herself against the wall, hoping the creature would not turn the corner and see her.

After almost five minutes, the terrible noises stopped and slow, dragging steps could be heard moving away from them. Finally a door was opened and then closed again, and then all was quiet.

Sam let out a sigh of relief and continued on towards the room where they had found Siler, taking care not to look at the discarded human skin lying in a corner.

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