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Fanfic, Stargate SG-1, Alone, PG-13/R, 5/6

5. Fighting Back

*Teal'c doesn't seem to be in here,* Sam observed, both frustrated and sad. *But a lot of other people are. I've counted 32, just in this room!*

*Yes. I am sorry, Saman... Sam.* Jolinar 'hugged' her host.

*What did you just do?*

*I gave you a mental 'embrace'.*

*Ah. I... I see.* Sam was silent for several moments. *It was... nice.*

*You are welcome.*

*Um.* Sam pushed the confusion she suddenly felt about the symbiote aside. *They're all unconscious. I fear it means they're well into the transformation, but I wish I knew if it would help to inject them. If we could still save them, somehow.*

*It may merely mean they have been given something that keeps them calm while the transformation happens. Perhaps it is a side-effect of the organic webbing in here. I sense some sort of relaxing pheromone that is slowly being released.*

*I see. Well, we had better get out of here and to the next room before they wake up and start transforming or calling for the creatures. Siler said he could hear them in his mind.*

*Yes, I remember. They may communicate telepathically. If that is the case, we cannot allow one of them to see us and escape. I wonder why the one we killed did not call for help, but perhaps it was not able to yet.*

*Possible. It wasn't, ah, completely out of the human skin yet.* Sam made a face as she left the dimness of the room and stepped out into the somewhat brighter corridor.

No one was there, so she slipped into the room next door unseen. This was part of the emergency engineering of the base, and was just as dim, hot, and humid as the other room.

As well, it was full of unconscious people entangled in the walls. People that were most likely all transforming into aliens.

She pushed the depressing thought aside and focused on the task of finding Teal'c.

After taking only a few steps into the room, Jolinar spoke to her, *Teal'c is about 40 feet away, to your right.*

*What? How can you know that?* Sam wondered.

*Naquadah. It resonates with itself, meaning you can sense the energy signature of another host - or Jaffa. I will teach you later.*

A roar brought them out of their discussion. Right before them stood one of the creatures, fully transformed and free of all remnants of human skin.

"Crap!" Sam exclaimed, and fired the shotgun directly at the alien. When it did not stop, she continued firing, pumping ten rounds into it.

It made a hoarse sound and stumbled to the ground, seemingly dead.

Sam took a deep breath and looked at her USAS-12 assault shotgun, before she poked at the fallen alien with her foot. She considered emptying the rest of the drum into it.

*Zat'nik'tel?* Jolinar suggested.

*No, we want the corpse to take with us. For study,* Sam insisted. *As long as we are certain it's dead.*

*Fire a couple shots into it's head, then. I am not carrying something like that around if it suddenly wakes up and infects me with something - even if it is something I can cure.*

*Agreed.* Sam fired several more shots into the brain of the creature - assuming the brain was in the head. *We better hurry. No way to know if that thing managed to send a warning to its fellows.*

She went to where Jolinar said Teal'c was - and as she was walking closer, she did sense something. A kind of tingling or humming in her blood.

She kneeled beside her teammate. "Teal'c?" She gently touched his shoulder.

When there was no reaction, she shook him a little harder. He instantly woke up and grabbed her arm.

"I will never let you take me over, you vile creature!"

Sam winced from the pain in her arm and hand. "Hi, Teal'c. Good to hear... and feel that you're still alive."

He immediately let go. "I apologize, Captain Carter. I believed it to be one of the creatures."

"No problem." She massaged her arm. "I understand." She frowned and tried to see how he looked in the darkness. "How are you?" She started tearing at the alien tendrils that were keeping him captive.

"I was infected with something virulent. My symbiote has been trying to fight it, but I fear it is only keeping it at bay."

*It may be too young to cure him without help. Try the drugs we brought - otherwise the Tok'ra will have something that can help him.*

"I've got something that might help you," Sam said, taking off her backpack and finding the injectors she had brought from the infirmary. She pressed them against his shoulder one at a time.

"Thank you, Captain Carter."

"Don't thank me yet. I don't know how long or how much it will help you," Sam said, thinking of Siler.

She held out her hand to help Teal'c stand, but he managed on his own, even if he was a little uncertain on his legs at first.

"Can you walk?" Sam asked, nervous.

"I can."

Sam nodded and handed him the assault shotgun, then dug out some ammunition for it from the backpack and handed it to him. "We need to hurry. The aliens are telepathic and may or may not have gotten warned by the one I killed."

She had barely spoken the words before the door opened and three of the alien creatures entered followed by four of the brainwashed human guards.

"Damn!" she exclaimed, raising her MP5 and starting to shoot.

Teal'c followed her example, firing at the human guards first, as they had weapons. All of them fell in short time, with only one of them having had time to shoot - and none of them had hit anyone.

Sam and Teal'c had both emptied their weapons before the first of the aliens had fallen. Sam had not wanted to use grenades - both because of the many humans stuck along the walls, and because there was little protection against the shockwave for themselves. Now she saw no choice. "Get behind the large pump or whatever it is!" She pulled the pins on two grenades and threw them behind the aliens, then ran to join Teal'c.

They only just made it, tumbling down behind the large piece of machinery as the grenades blew. Pieces of the organic webbing on the walls and alien goo splattered everywhere, but Sam|Jolinar and Teal'c were largely unharmed.

Sam took a quick look. It was hard to see through the dimness, but it looked as if one of the aliens was lying on the floor, another had fallen to its knees, and the third one was swaying dangerously.

She and Teal'c quickly reloaded and emptied their guns into the aliens, making sure all three were dead.

"All right, let's get out of here," Sam said, not wanting to look too closely at the people she knew would have been in the parts of the wall located close to the explosion. She could only hope the organic growths that held them in place had also protected them.

*Or maybe it is more merciful if the explosions killed them, compared to transforming into such beings as those.* She indicated the aliens that lay dead on the floor.

Sam did not answer, but she silently agreed with her symbiote. She searched the ground and plucked up two radios that looked relatively unharmed, handing one to Teal'c. "I don't know if they use these to receive orders, but if they do, it would be good to be able to hear it." She sighed. "Teal'c, can you carry one of the alien bodies? We should try to get it somewhere where it can be studied - and a countermeasure or cure found."

He inclined his head. "Of course. Where are we going?"

"Off world," Sam told him, unwilling to bring attention to the fact she was a host. He knew, of course, but perhaps he had forgotten, all things considered.

Teal'c sent her a long look, clearly remembering, but then just nodded and picked up the nearest body. Now was not the time.

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