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TITLE: Encounters on a Faraway Planet
CHARACTERS: O'Neill, Daniel, Teal'c, Sam, Martouf|Lantash, others
CATEGORY: Drama? Humour? Crack? Parody? Not sure, actually, but it's pretty much a rip-off of the idea in Star Trek: TNG Encounter at Farpoint. Some inspiration from other Star Trek episodes as well (TOS, mainly).
SUMMARY: An unexpected meeting brings promises of a great opportunity, but perhaps all is not as good as it seems.
NOTES: The Denebians are inspired by the Halkans (Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror), though the Denebians are a race of telepaths and empaths who does not use spoken words except with offworlders (which is why only those who have previous experience with offworlders speak more or less normally)

Written for reverse SG-1 Big Bang

PROMPT: I picked this great piece of fanart by carlyn7865: http://www.tokra.dk/stories/Roeskva/Encounters/ReverseSG-1.jpg

and wrote down the words that came to mind while looking at it, which were:

Teal'c: kel'no'reem, candles, fire, staff weapon, Jaffa

Daniel: archaeologist, hieroglyphs, study, action

O'Neill: sun glasses, death glider, zat'nik'tel, space

Sam: scientist, study, soldier, dhd

I then wrote the story inspired by (some of) these words ;)


1. A New Goa'uld

"So, as you can see, we definitely should check it out!" Daniel argued.

"Remind me again - where did we get this intel from?" O'Neill asked, a little suspiciously.

"SG-7 brought it back from P3X-321," Sam said. "It's the most distant planet we've gone through so far - with the exception of when you went to another Galaxy, Colonel."

"Right," O'Neill said, with a bored expression.

Daniel nodded. "A couple of the locals were trading with the people of Deneb IV and got an unpleasant surprise when the world had been taken over by this Goa'uld, Zorn."

"Why haven't we heard about him before?" Hammond asked.

"There are many minor Goa'uld. It is not unusual," Teal'c said.

"He's probably taken advantage of the upheaval caused by us and the Tok'ra," Sam suggested. "Sokar is gone, for instance."

Teal'c nodded. "In fact, I believe the planet in question is located within Sokar's former domain."

"All right, so we've got a newcomer who's hoping to make a name for himself. How dangerous can he be?" O'Neill asked.

"Um, according to these reports, he's taken over the planet and proclaimed himself Lord. If he's anything like most Goa'uld, he could be working the locals to death!" Daniel pointed out.

"I meant, how dangerous military wise. I'm aware he's a nasty villain, just like all Goa'uld," O'Neill rolled his eyes.

"Likely he has little power for now, but that could easily change," Teal'c said.

O'Neill nodded tiredly. "I do agree. We should probably check it out."

"I concur. You have a go, people," Hammond said.

"Typical green world with green forest. Yawn," O'Neill observed when they were all through the Stargate.

"The suns are a little different, though," Sam remarked as they began to follow the path that lead from the Stargate towards a forest.

They all looked up.

"Wow, one of the suns are pink, and the other looks almost green!" Daniel exclaimed. "I wonder how come the light is about as it is on Earth, then?"

"Probably the light from the two suns are scattered in such a way that they together give a light like that on Earth," Sam suggested. "I'm really looking forward to seeing how it looks when only one of them are in the sky!"

O'Neill shrugged. "They're both high in the sky right now, so that may be hours away." He looked around. "Seems peaceful enough here. No Jaffa guards."

"Or it could be even longer before only one is in the sky for any extended period of time. They may follow each other closely and rise and set about the same time right now - but may get out of sync during part of the year," Sam mused.

O'Neill snorted. "I don't intend to stay for that long. Let's continue. The nearest town should be just over one click away, if we go along the path that cross through the outskirts of the forest."

"No, I meant we should set up a research station," Sam argued.

"Suggest it to Hammond when we get back - now let's move!" O'Neill ordered.

They continued on, following the track through the nearby forest. Everything seemed peaceful and the birds were singing. They began to relax and strolled slowly ahead, enjoying the warmth.

"This is nice - especially after the last mission," Daniel observed.

"Yes, but I guess it's only to be expected we'll sometimes end up during the winter season like we did there," O'Neill said. "I actually wonder why it isn't more common."

"Chulak is quite cold during the winter," Teal'c reminded them. "But it is an abnormality compared to most worlds I have visited."

"It's reasonable to assume the Goa'uld prefer a climate that's a warm temperate, don't you think? When they were on Earth, most of them lived in places like southern Italy, along the North African coast, Mesoamerica, or southern China," Sam said.

"Well, that's also the places that held much of the civilization at the times the Goa'uld were there, so that could be the reason too." Daniel shrugged.

Sam nodded, conceding.

"The Stargate just activated! Teal'c warned, catching the now faint sound.

They all tensed, and withdrew to behind some bushes, waiting to see if someone would come. If it was enemies it would be safer to let them pass first instead of being caught from behind when they got to the town. After all, there would almost certainly be guards near the Goa'uld's palace.

"Jaffa, or what do you think, Teal'c?" O'Neill asked, when they had waited for a few minutes.

"I do not hear anyone approach at all, so that is doubtful," he answered, keeping his voice down.

"Okay, let's wait a little longer," O'Neill decided.

It was several more minutes before a single figure appeared around a bend in the path and could be seen from where SG-1 was hiding.

Seconds later, the person froze and stared directly at the bushes behind which they were hiding.

"Martouf!" Sam said in a low voice.

O'Neill stepped out from behind the bushes and looked at the Tok'ra. "How did you detect us? I was sure we couldn't be seen."

"I sensed the energy signature from Teal'c's symbiote," Martouf said. He bowed his head to O'Neill and the three other members of SG-1 who had now stepped out too. "Hello O'Neill. Samantha. Doctor Jackson, and Teal'c."

Sam smiled at him. "Hello, Martouf."

"What are you doing here?" Daniel wondered.

"I am examining the validity of certain rumours which have reached the Tok'ra," Martouf said, putting down a bag he was carrying.

"Might those rumours have something to do with the rise of a new, secretive Goa'uld?" O'Neill said.

Martouf raised an eyebrow, then nodded. "You are here for the same reason, of course. Yes, indeed, that is why I am here. Might I ask, what have you heard?"

"Only that there's a new Goa'uld in town and that he's hiding here on this rock." O'Neill shrugged.

Martouf seemed to ponder what was said a few times, then nodded. "That is the information we got as well. From some people that used to trade with this world."

"You haven't been here before?" Sam asked.

He shook his head. "No, but there are a many worlds the Tok'ra do not regularly visit. This planet - Deneb IV - belonged to Sokar before apparently being taken over by a Goa'uld named Zorn."

"We got the exact same info - also from some people who used to trade with the Denebians," Sam told him.

"Yes, it sounds that way," Martouf hesitated, frowning. "It makes sense, I suppose."

O'Neill grinned. "You're bothered by the fact that we got the same info as you did?"

"No, that was not my concern. I was merely surprised that you had received the exact same information at the same time - seemingly from the same people."

"Yes. I guess that does sound a little strange," O'Neill said, immediately getting worried there might be a trap.

"It also puzzled me that there were no guards at the chaapa'ai, but that is not always so, and this too may mean nothing," Martouf added.

"We've been to many planets where the Stargate isn't guarded, so why would you even expect that?" Daniel wondered.

"It is true that many Goa'uld do not guard the gates of the majority of their worlds, but most guard that of their homeworld," Martouf pointed out.

"So, what do you think? Is this some sort of deception?" O'Neill asked.

Martouf thought about it for a little while, discussing it with Lantash as well. "Not necessarily," he said finally. "If this really is a new Goa'uld, he may not have the troops yet to guard the chaapa'ai. Still, we should be careful when we approach the town. There likely will be some guards."

"Agreed." O'Neill nodded. He looked at the bag Martouf had just picked back up. "What's that?"

"I am pretending to be a trader, selling medicinal herbs. We were informed that it was something the locals were in need of."

"Okay. Well, let's get going," O'Neill said. "Time to find out what this Goa'uld is up to - or if he's even here."

"If I may, it is often not a good idea to carry weapons openly on a Goa'uld world," Martouf said. "Any Jaffa guards you meet may decide you are a potential threat, and if nothing else, it makes you stand out. Particularly with Tau'ri weapons such as those. In addition, Teal'c may get in trouble showing himself as a Jaffa from a rival Goa'uld."

"You don't have to walk with us if you don't want to! I am not walking into a possible trap without a weapon!" O'Neill insisted. He pulled a knitted hat out of one of his pant pockets. "But I guess you'd better put this on." He threw it at Teal'c who accepted it and put it on.

"Sir, he may be right," Sam said.

"It is not the way of the Jaffa, but I concur. This may be a situation where discretion is prudent," Teal'c suggested.

"I agree, Jack," Daniel said.

"What is this? A democracy?" O'Neill asked sourly. "All right, we hide the MP5s, but not until we're almost at the town - and at the first sign of trouble we're fetching them." He shook his head. "So help me God, I promise I will make you all regret it if we're caught because we couldn't defend ourselves!"

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