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So I finally went to see the new Star Trek movie...

I had been very worried what they were going to do to the fandom. What I had seen from trailers, it didn't look at all like Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. I watched TNG as a child, and didn't watch anything of TOS until later, but I found I like it, as we saw much more of the Vulcans than we did in TNG. They are by far my favourite Star Trek race...

Anyway, I saw the new Star Trek movie, and while it had a different feel, I think it was a very good movie - almost the whole way through. It could have been great, even, but (IMHO) only if they had fixed the timeline - at least fixed it so they had not destroyed Vulcan and killed off 6 billion Vulcans! If they don't make a sequel were they fix that, I am never going to forgive them - ever! And I will consider the movie to be non-canon (Grrrrr).

Yes, I realise it is an alternate universe Star Trek we are seeing - and they already had at least 285000 of those (from the TNG episode "Parallels" - that's the number of universes they are receiving hails from the Enterprise-D in). Yes, I know there are plenty of universes for the Vulcans to prosper (no pun intended) in - plenty of universes were the timeline is the same or nearly the same as the one we saw in TOS. But why couldn't they stick to THAT one for the movies/shows? Now we have a movie - and potentially a TV show - which takes place in a different universe/timeline than the rest of Star Trek. But I do hope the surviving Vulcans in this new timeline get a thriving colony up and running - they better get a breeding program set up quickly ;)

There wasn't too many continuity errors - most of the apparent ones were due to the timeline being different since around the birth of Kirk. The only ones I noticed that isn't explained by that, is the comment about Vulcan and Romulan being too similar to hear the differences (according to TOS: "Balance of Terror", Spock can't understand Romulan because it is much too different from Vulcan). And the fact that everyone seemed to already know how the Romulans looked and that they were descended from the Vulcans/resembled them in language/physiology. In TOS: "Balance of Terror" they haven't got a clue that they look like the Vulcans.

I liked the new Spock - I think he did a very good job. I also liked the Spock/Uhura 'ship. It was interesting to watch a movie were I recognized none of the actors, except for Leonard Nimoy as old Spock and Paul McGillion as an extra. Probably that is due to the fact that I don't watch TV and stick to buying movies/TV shows that I've heard of or seen some of before.
Apart from not liking that they killed off plenty of Vulcans, I thought they treated Scotty like a comic relief (and he even had his OWN comic relief as well...)

So, movie was generally good, if they had only saved Vulcan and her people. The Romulans is probably going to be scratched as well in the future, from that Supernova. I seem to always end up liking the races best that others don't, leading to them getting killed off. In Star Trek I like the Vulcans best, by far. Of the villains I prefer the Romulans. In Stargate I like the Tok'ra better than any of the others (including the main characters of SG-1) - and I adore the Goa'uld as villains. Of course, all four races get nearly killed off! *grumbles*


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May. 19th, 2009 10:29 pm (UTC)
The Vulcans were my favorite too, but I have a thing for races that are dying out (*coughTok'racough*). It adds a tragic gravity to them that's very appealing. And there's still plenty of them to be around as amazing characters, so I think the mythology is the only thing that will be missing anything.
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