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Various ramblings...

So, my mate and I are now at my parents place, in western Jutland (Denmark). We will stay with my parents most of the rest of June, before we move to northern Sweden. The weather here is the usual summer weather for this part of the country - 12-15 degrees Celsius and windy, sometimes rainy. It was nice today, though, around 18 degrees and sunny (though very windy). We found our bicycles and went for a ride, for the first time in 5 years (we were not used to heavy traffic and didn't dare bicycling in West Lafayette, Indiana). Even though we bicycled 12-15 km each day when we lived in Denmark, that was 5 years ago, and it will take some getting used to again! I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow *whines*

Anyway, the basement is full of stuff my parents have been storing for us, which we have to go through and see what we want to bring along to Sweden. On top of that we have about 50 boxes we sent from the US, with books, CD's, and some DVD's.

*sigh* Some of the books and DVD's have been thouroughly taxed now - many of them we have brought from Denmark to the US. We paid tax for them when we bought them in Denmark, and they were taxed again when we sent them back. Some of them I bought from UK or Germany originally, and they were first taxed when I bought them (because the companies like Amazon have an agreement with the Danish state and withhold Danish tax). That is fine, I LIKE paying tax. That is part of how we pay for civilization and wellfare.  However, the customs people apparently didn't believe the tax was paid and taxed the books again. And now they were taxed a THIRD time, when they again arrived at Danish customs when we sent them home. Oh, well...*sigh*

As usual, moving is joy...*sarcasm*

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