25 December
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I like sci-fi in general and Star Trek and Stargate SG-1 in particular. Especially the Tok'ra are interesting, with their dual personalities. I like to read/write fanfiction (it's on my webpage, http://www.tokra.dk). I prefer Star Trek fanfiction (with Vulcans in it) and Stargate fanfiction (with Tok'ra in it).

In Norse mythology, Røskva (the danish letter ø is usually transcribed oe in English) is the name of a girl who (together with her brother Tjalfe) became the servant of the god Thor. As the story goes, Thor and Loki stayed a night at a peasant's home. Thor slaughtered his two goats (who draws his chariot and who will rise alive again next morning) and everyone eats the meat. The peasants are told they are not allowed to break the bones to get to the marrow (which is a delicacy). Loki tempts Tjalfe into breaking one of the goats legs and eat the marrow. Next morning, when Thor resurrects his goats, one of them is limping. The peasants placates the angry god by giving him their children, Røskva and Tjalfe as servants and they leave with him.

I picked the name Roeskva because I really liked the character of Røskva in the children's movie Valhalla. The picture shows her (together with Tjalfe) from the movie.

Warning policy: Unless otherwise noted, I will warn for: explicit sex (het, slash, femslash, multiple), rape/non-con, dub-con, torture, graphic violence, character death

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